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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;;; This file is part of Sheeple.
;;;; tests/properties.lisp
;;;; Unit tests for src/properties.lisp
(in-package :sheeple)
;;; Properties
(def-suite properties :in sheeple)
(def-suite existential :in properties)
(in-suite existential)
(test direct-property-p
(let* ((object (object))
(property 'test))
(setf (property-value object property) 'value)
(is (direct-property-p object 'test))
(is (not (direct-property-p object 'something-else))))
(let* ((a (object))
(b (object :parents (list a))))
(setf (property-value a 'test) 'value)
(is (direct-property-p a 'test))
(is (not (direct-property-p b 'test)))))
(test property-makunbound
(let ((object (object)))
(signals error (property-makunbound object 'something))
(setf (property-value object 'test) 'value)
(is (eq object (property-makunbound object 'test)))
(is (not (direct-property-p object 'test)))
(signals error (property-makunbound object 'test))
(signals deprecated-feature (remove-property (object :properties '(x)) 'x))))
(test remove-all-direct-properties
(let ((object (object)))
(setf (property-value object 'test1) 'value)
(setf (property-value object 'test2) 'value)
(setf (property-value object 'test3) 'value)
(is (eq object (remove-all-direct-properties object)))
(is (not (or (direct-property-p object 'test1)
(direct-property-p object 'test2)
(direct-property-p object 'test3))))
(signals unbound-property (property-value object 'test1))
(signals unbound-property (property-value object 'test2))
(signals unbound-property (property-value object 'test3))))
(def-suite values :in properties)
(in-suite values)
(test direct-property-value
(let* ((a (object))
(b (object :parents (list a))))
(setf (property-value a 'test) 'value)
(is (eq 'value (direct-property-value a 'test)))
(signals unbound-property (direct-property-value a 'something-else))
(signals unbound-property (direct-property-value b 'test))))
(test property-value
(let* ((a (object))
(b (object :parents (list a)))
(c (object)))
(setf (property-value a 'test) 'value)
(is (eq 'value (property-value a 'test)))
(is (eq 'value (property-value b 'test)))
(signals unbound-property (property-value a 'something-else))
(signals unbound-property (property-value c 'test))))
(test setf-property-value
;; (setf property-value) should add the property directly if it does not already exist,
;; then it should set the value. It will add the property regardless of whether it already
;; exists in the hierarchy list or not.
(let* ((a (object))
(b (object :parents (list a))))
(is (eq 'new-value (setf (property-value a 'test) 'new-value)))
(is (eq 'new-value (direct-property-value a 'test)))
(is (eq 'new-value (property-value b 'test)))
(is (eq 'foo (setf (property-value b 'test) 'foo)))
(is (eq 'foo (property-value b 'test)))
(is (eq 'new-value (property-value a 'test)))))
(test hashprops
(let ((properties (loop repeat 20 collect (list (gensym) (gensym))))
(object (object)))
(symbol-macrolet ((verify-properties
(loop for (pname value) in properties do
(is (eq value (property-value object pname))))))
(loop for (var value) in properties
do (setf (property-value object var) value))
(loop for new-name = (gensym) and pair in properties do
(setf (property-value object (car pair)) new-name
(cadr pair) new-name))
(loop repeat 10 for (pname nil) in properties do
(property-makunbound object pname)
(pop properties))
(def-suite reflection :in properties)
(in-suite reflection)
(test property-owner
(let* ((parent (defobject () ((var "value"))))
(child (defobject (parent) ((child-var "child-value")))))
(is (eq parent (property-owner parent 'var)))
(is (eq parent (property-owner child 'var)))
(is (eq child (property-owner child 'child-var)))
(is (null (property-owner parent 'some-other-property)))))
(test direct-properties
(let ((object (defobject () ((var1 'val) (var2 'val) (var3 'val)))))
(is (= 3 (length (direct-properties object))))
(is (every 'symbolp (direct-properties object)))))
(test available-properties
(let* ((a (defobject () ((var1 'val))))
(b (defobject (a) ((var2 'val))))
(c (defobject (b) ((var3 'val)))))
(is (= 4 (length (available-properties c))))
(is (every 'symbolp (available-properties c)))))
;; ugh. I don't want to write tests for these.
(test property-summary)
(test direct-property-summary)
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