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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;;; This file is part of Sheeple
;;;; tests/reply-definition.lisp
;;;; Unit tests for reply-definition and replies
(in-package :sheeple)
(def-suite reply-definition :in messages)
(def-suite reply-objects :in reply-definition)
(in-suite reply-objects)
(defun %%make-reply (&key (message (allocate-message))
qualifiers lambda-list (function #'eq))
"Just for testing purposes!"
(make-reply message qualifiers lambda-list function))
(test make-reply
(let* ((message (allocate-message))
(qualifiers (list nil))
(lambda-list (list nil))
(test-reply (make-reply message qualifiers lambda-list #'eq)))
(is (replyp test-reply))
(is (eq 'reply (type-of test-reply)))
(is (eq message (reply-message test-reply)))
(is (eq qualifiers (reply-qualifiers test-reply)))
(is (eq lambda-list (reply-lambda-list test-reply)))
(is (eq #'eq (reply-function test-reply)))))
(test reply-name
(let* ((message (%make-message (gensym) nil))
(reply (%%make-reply :message message)))
(is (eq (message-name message) (reply-name reply)))))
(def-suite role-objects :in reply-definition)
(in-suite role-objects)
(test role-implementation
(let* ((dummy-reply (%%make-reply))
(dummy-position (random lambda-parameters-limit))
(role (make-role dummy-reply dummy-position)))
(is (eq dummy-reply (role-reply role)))
(is (= dummy-position (role-position role)))))
(test role-type
(let ((reply (%%make-reply))
(position (random lambda-parameters-limit)))
(is (typep (make-role reply position) 'role))
(is (rolep (make-role reply position)))))
(test role-message
(let ((message (allocate-message)))
(is (eq message (role-message (make-role (%%make-reply :message message) 0))))))
(test role-name
(let ((message (%make-message (gensym) nil)))
(is (eq (message-name message)
(role-name (make-role (%%make-reply :message message) 0))))))
(test participantp
(let ((object (smop:allocate-object =standard-metaobject=))
(reply (%%make-reply))
(position (random lambda-parameters-limit)))
(push (make-role reply position) (%object-roles object))
(is (not (null (participantp object reply))))))
(in-suite reply-definition)
(test ensure-reply)
(test reply-redefinition
(with-test-message foo
(defmessage foo (bar)
(:reply ((bar =t=)) 1))
(is (= 1 (foo 'x)))
(defreply foo ((bar =t=)) 2)
(is (= 2 (foo 'x)))))
(test add-reply-to-message)
(test add-reply-to-objects)
(test available-replies)
(test add-reader-to-object)
(test add-readers-to-object)
(test add-writer-to-object)
(test add-writers-to-object)
(def-suite reply-undefinition :in reply-definition)
(in-suite reply-undefinition)
(test undefine-reply)
(test remove-specific-reply)
(test remove-applicable-reply)
(test delete-reply)
(test delete-role)
(def-suite user-interface :in reply-definition)
(in-suite user-interface)
(test defreply
;; Test autoboxing
(with-test-message test-message
(Eos:finishes (handler-bind
((automatic-message-creation #'muffle-warning))
(defreply test-message ((n 3)))))))
(test defreply-bug
"Expected failure"
(with-test-message test-message
(defmessage test-message ())
(defreply test-message ((x =t=)))
(simple-error () (pass))
(:no-error (&rest values)
(declare (ignore values))
(fail "~@<DEFREPLY silently added a reply with an incompatible ~
~_lambda-list to a message with no replies~:>")))))
(test %defreply-expander)
(test make-reply-lambda)
(test parse-defreply)
(test extract-var-name)
(test confirm-var-name)
(test undefreply
(with-test-message test-message
(let ((object (object)) warned)
((automatic-message-creation (fun
(pass "Warned correctly.")
(setf warned t)
(muffle-warning _))))
(defreply test-message ((x object)) x))
(unless warned (fail "Didn't warn for automatic message creation."))
(is (not (null (undefreply test-message (object)))))
(signals no-applicable-reply (test-message object))
(is (null (undefreply test-message (object))))
(is (null (%object-roles object))))))
(test parse-undefreply)