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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;;; This file is part of Sheeple.
;;;; tests/setup-tests.lisp
;;;; Initial setup for sheeple unit tests.
(in-package :sheeple)
;;; This is a bad situation -- the :SHEEPLE package gets cluttered with useless garbage
;;; after running the tests. Maybe tests should happen in a :SHEEPLE-TESTS package, which
;;; automatigally imports all symbols in the :SHEEPLE package?
;;; Setting up the :SHEEPLE package to include :Eos stuff
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(import '(Eos:def-suite Eos:run! Eos:is Eos:in-suite Eos:signals))
(export 'run-all-tests))
(defmacro test (name &body body)
`(Eos:test ,name ,@body))
(macrolet ((import-Eos-test-macros (&rest names)
,@(mapcar #'(lambda (name)
`(defmacro ,name (&rest message-args)
`(,(intern (symbol-name ',name) :Eos)
(import-Eos-test-macros pass fail skip))
;;; Preparing the test suite
(def-suite sheeple)
(defun run-all-tests ()
(run! 'sheeple))
(in-suite sheeple)
;;; Hooking into ASDF
(defmethod asdf:perform ((o asdf:test-op) (c (eql (asdf:find-system :sheeple-tests))))
(format t "~&~%*******************~%~
** Starting test **~%~
(format t "~&*****************************************~%~
** Tests finished **~%~
** If there were any failures on your **~%~
** platform, please report them to me: **~%~
** (zkat at sykosomatic dot org) **~%~
** or just file a bugreport on github: **~%~
** **~%~