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Fix for CCL, again...

Turns out that this buglet is fixed in the forthcoming CCL1.9, not 1.8
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adlai committed Jun 19, 2012
1 parent f012b17 commit 5865e406fb99f75dcde48f62c617f9bdbdb86b8e
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
(print-unreadable-object (message stream :identity t)
(format stream "MESSAGE ~S" (message-name message))))
-#+:ccl #-:ccl-1.8
+#+:ccl #-:ccl-1.9
;; Work around a bug in certain Clozure CL versions where *PRINT-PPRINT-DISPATCH*
;; is NIL by default, which upsets SET-PPRINT-DISPATCH.

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