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This file has some random useful info that could be used later. Any random thoughts
can be added in here when it's not relevant to have them in the source files.
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+<sykopomp> tcr: is there a way to add custom indentation/highlighting rules to slime? custom
+ inspection stuff?
+<tcr> sykopomp: Depends on what you mean by that. For inspection, you can specialize on
+ SWANK::EMACS-INSPECT. It uses a very easy sexp-based markup scheme
+<tcr> sykopomp: There's some initial work for setting indentation information from Common
+ Lisp in contrib/swank-indentation.lisp.
+<tcr> sykopomp: No you implementation should provide such a hook for M-. See
+<tcr> sykopomp: if you use slime-fontifying-fu, all form beginning with a symbol like
+ define-foo are fontified the same as defun is fontified

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