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@@ -563,6 +563,7 @@ of all kinds@comma{} and it has @code{=NUMBER=} as its only parent}
* childp::
* descendantp::
* object-parents::
+* object-precedence-list::
@end menu
@node object, clone, Objects Dictionary, Objects Dictionary
@@ -880,7 +881,7 @@ otherwise.
@end smallformat
@end defun
-@node object-parents, , descendantp, Objects Dictionary
+@node object-parents, object-precedence-list, descendantp, Objects Dictionary
@unnumberedsubsubsec object-parents
@defun {object-parents} object => parents
@@ -903,6 +904,29 @@ list returned by @code{OBJECT-PARENTS}.
@end defun
+@node object-precedence-list, , object-parents, Objects Dictionary
+@unnumberedsubsubsec object-precedence-list
+@defun {object-precedence-list} object => precedence-list
+@strong{Arguments and Values:}
+@var{object} --- an object.
+@var{precedence-list} --- a list of objects
+Returns a list of objects representing an ordered set of @var{object} and its
+ancestors. This same ordering of objects will be traversed by Sheeple when
+behavior that involves delegation is triggered, such as delegated property
+access or reply dispatch.
+@strong{Exceptional Situations:}
+The consequences are undefined if the user directly side-effects @var{precedence-list}.
+@end defun
@node Properties, Messages, Objects, API Documentation
@section Properties

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