Azure Web App Upload & Download Real-time Antivirus Concept
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Azure Web Apps Real-time Antivirus Concept

Repository objective: To provide affordable real-time malware upload/download scanning concept that requires no changes to be made to your application.

alt text

Setup Instructions

Step 1 - Create and Setup Azure VM

VM size and tier doesn't really matter at this stage (this is a proof of concept)

alt text

Enable HTTP port (this is a proof of concept)

alt text

Make sure "Install VM Agent" checkbox is ticked

alt text

Now that VM is up and running, RDP onto it and do the following:

Install Symantec, follow manual instructions & run the script

Install web server, run the script

Step 2 - Download and build this project

Step 3 - Publish AVFileReceiver onto the Azure VM

Step 4 - Configure AppExample

Update the following values in the AppExample:

    <add key="AVFilterIIS.Folder.TempUpload" value="C:\your\path\" />
    <add key="AVFilterIIS.FileReceiverAPIURL" value=""/>

Step 5 - Run AppExample