Si4463 Radio Library for AVR and Arduino
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Si4463 Radio Library for AVR and Arduino

This is a library for use with the Si4463 radio IC from Silicon Labs. The Si4463 is used in a number of pre-made modules like the HopeRF RFM26W and Dorji_Com DRF4463F. The whole range of Si446x transceivers should also work with this library.


Doxygen pages



Copy the arduino/Si446x/ folder to your Arduino libraries folder.


#include <Si446x.h>

to the top of the sketches that use the library.

Also have a look at Si446x_config.h, that's where you can change which pins are used and stuff.


Copy the ./Si446x folder to your project and add

#include "Si446x/Si446x.h"

to the source files that use the library.

Check out the examples in the examples folder.

Zak Kemble