Duet: static analysis for unbounded concurrency
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Duet is a static analysis tool designed for analyzing concurrent programs.



Duet depends on several software packages. The following dependencies need to be installed manually.

  • opam (with OCaml 4.01 & native compiler)
  • autotools
  • GMP and MPFR

On Ubuntu, you can install these packages (except Java) with:

 sudo apt-get install opam autotools-dev libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev

Next, add the sv-opam OPAM repository, and install the rest of duet's dependencies. These are built from source, so grab a coffee — this may take a long time.

 opam remote add sv git://github.com/zkincaid/sv-opam.git
 opam install ocamlgraph batteries cil.1.7.3 oasis deriving Z3 apron.0.9.10 ounit

Building Duet

After Duet's dependencies are installed, it can be built as follows:


Duet's makefile has the following targets:

  • make: Build duet
  • make ark: Build the ark library and test suite
  • make apak: Build the apak library and test suite
  • make doc: Build documentation
  • make test: Run test suite

Running Duet

There are three main program analyses implemented in Duet:

  • Data flow graphs (POPL'12): duet -coarsen FILE
  • Heap data flow graphs: duet -hdfg FILE
  • Compositional recurrence analysis: duet -cra FILE

Duet supports two file types (and guesses which to use by file extension): C programs (.c), Boolean programs (.bp).

By default, Duet checks user-defined assertions. Alternatively, it can also instrument assertions as follows:

duet -check-array-bounds -check-null-deref -coarsen FILE


Duet is split into several packages:

  • apak

    Algebraic program analysis kit. This is a collection of utilities for implementing program analyzers. It contains various graph algorithms (e.g., fixpoint computation, path expression algorithms) and utilities for constructing algebraic structures.

  • ark

    Arithmetic reasoning kit. This is a high-level interface over Z3 and Apron. Most of the work of compositional recurrence analysis lives in ark.

  • duet

    Implements program analyses, frontends, and anything programming-language specific.