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Python script for converting coordinates used by (SVY221 Singapore) to coordinates used by google maps (WGS84) vise visa.
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Coordinate Converter For SVY21 and WGS84

A Python script to convert coordinates to and from 3414 SVY21 Singapore to 4326 WGS84.

This script uses '' service for conversion.

Input CSV File

  • Input file must be a cvs file with 2 columns heading X and Y or Lat and Lng.

  • The output file will contain original two columns and two result columns.

  • To convert WGS to SVY, use WGS2SVY as third argument.

  • To convert SVY to WGS, use SVY2WGS as third argument.


  • To convert from WGS84 to SVY21 INPUT_FILE.csv OUTPUT_FILE.csv WGS2SVY
  • To convert from SVY21 to WGS84 INPUT_FILE.csv OUTPUT_FILE.csv SVY2WGS
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