Automatically scans SS game data and syncs it with SSherder user account.
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This program listens in on game data received while playing, then automatically exports it to your SSherder account, to eliminate having to do manual adjustments on the site whenever you make progress in-game.

Still in testing.



This program has to be running before you tap/click on title screen to transition to main menu. Nothing can be deciphered if you run it midway while you're already playing (not my choice, it's BB's method for sessions).

If your API Key is set in config (see below) and if a valid session has begun, the program will fetch your SSherder account's existing data (characters, chains, etc.) and it will use that data to determine what needs updating when latest game data is discovered, character data for example is tracked using your SSherder UserID and the BigballID of the character.

If you've already used SSherder before and have a bunch of manually added characters, you can remove them via (deletes characters which have no associated BigballID). If you want to remove them, it's possible and recommended to remove them after you do an initial sync, because the program may automatically match some of them (in this case it'll update that character instead of creating a new one) or just in case the program doesn't work for you, let me know if that's the case.

Config (config.json)

  • api
    • key: SSherder API key, keep the quotation marks
    • basecharacters: Toggle syncing chains/ownership info
    • characters: Toggle syncing characters
    • materials: Toggle syncing material counts
    • profile: Toggle syncing profile info
  • listener
    • server: 0 (Global), 1 (KR 대한민국), 2 (Galaxy), 3 (Universe/JP 日本)
    • port: 16230 has been used since 2014, only change if you know its been changed
    • snaplen: Max size of each packet, only change if you know more than 1600 is necessary


Does this scan/process any sensitive user information?

No. The specific scanned IP and port, which varies depending on which server you play on, is only responsible for game data. Authentication is handled on a different IP and it also occurs at a stage earlier than title screen.

Can my account be banned for using this?

It's impossible for SS server to directly detect it since it doesn't make any requests to it, it only scans responses from server. Only the game client could detect it and even then it'd be pretty hard and I think even impossible if SS is contained in emulator, as of 1.32.0, there's nothing implemented to attempt to detect it.

I think BB would make changes to break usage of the program and many other things before deciding to ban players using a harmless program, but who knows, no guarantees, blah blah blah.

Upcoming Features

  • Android version
  • Linux/Mac version, just gotta sort out pcap