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This is the project home for ZK's data-attribute-handler contest. Once the candidate projects from all participants have being reviewed, they will be pushed into this repository.

Official Contest Page:

The Procedure

Please refer to the chartist sample under src/main/webapp/chartist to build your own.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create your own folder under webapp, naming convention follows Java variable naming convention, e..g appName. If you encounter a naming conflict, add your name as a prefix like authorNameAppName.
  3. Put all your required resources (js, css) under your own folder) to avoid affecting other participants'.
  4. Complete your handlers. Java package name convention is org.zkoss.handlers.authorname.appname.
  5. Create an index.zul under your folder to store your handler. Include your name and information on the 3rd party library on the index page as demonstrated in the chartist sample project.
  6. Create at least one screenshot for your application under appName/screenshot/. You can also submit a short video.
  7. Send a pull request of your result to us, and at the same time, submit your application form here:
  8. If you have successfully integrated a 3rd party library with ZK 8's data-handler and followed all the instructions to provide sufficient details and did not violate any rules, we will accept your pull request. Yours will then become one of the qualified candidate projects.


Never modify other contestants' files or configurations.


To get started with ZK 8's data attribute handler feature, check out the following resources:


License and Copyright

All 3rd party libraries and templates used in the project are owned by their copyright owners. Your example code that integrates ZK and the 3rd party libarary should be licensed under Apache License 2.0 or any other OSI-approved open source license specified in your project.

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