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In agile software development, developers modify their codes frequently for requirement change or refactoring, they therefore also perform unit tests frequently to ensure the software quality. In ZK-based applications, it is hard to perform an unit test on the composer which is tightly-coupled to ZUL because it is instantiated when a ZUL is requested by a browser. The same problem arises if you want to verify a ZUL's zkbind expression with ViewModel. Hence TDD (Test-Driven Development) cannot proceed under this situation.

In some cases, agile developers may deploy their web applications to a server and test it within a browser. However, writing an automation test to control a browser is an issue, and testing for different browsers is also a trouble. Not to mention that running an unit test in an application server is time-consuming and can be an agile developer's darkest moment.

ZATS (ZK Application Test Suite) Mimic is going to solve this problem.

For latest ZATS Mimic document, please refer to ZATS Essentials

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