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build - a tool to build or clean up Java projects
Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Potix Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
build [command] [a=b] [project...]
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build.debug build the debug version (default)
build.release build the release version (br: shortcut)
clean clean up both debug and release
clean.debug clean up the debug versin (cd: shortcut)
clean.release clean up the debug versin (cr: shortcut)
utest.debug unit-test the debug version (ud: shortcut)
utest.release unit-test the release version (ur: shortcut)
javadoc generates javadoc (doc: shortcut)
verbose make ant in verbose mode
continue allow unit test to continue even encountering failures
unzip unzip ear/war into the deploy directory (as if unzip=true is specified)
a=b any pair of definitions. It is useful to control unit test.
* If no project specified, all projects in targetList are processed.
* If no command specified, build.debug is assumed.
* All arguments are case-sensitive
* Projects cannot be named with any space
* noear, verbose and continue, if specified, must be the first
arguments, and the sequence is important.
Files located under .:
build.setting or build.setting.local
Controls how to build. build.setting is ignored if build.setting.local
exists. build.setting is part of SVN, while buil.setting.local is not.
D.ON=true or D.ON=false
Controls whether to turn on D.ON
Specifies where to store Java apidocs.
Optional. Default false.
Controls whether to compress the JavaScript files.
Note: a JavaScript file is compress only if zipjs=true AND
it matches zipjs specified in the deploy file
Optional. Default: false.
Controls whether to unzip files when deploying ear/war.
The files to unzip are specified in the deploy file (see below)
This flag cannot be overriden by specify the unzip command (see above)
Optinal. Default: true if and only if D.ON is true
Controls whether to generate debug info.
Optinal. Default: true if and only if D.ON is false
Controls whether to optimize code generation.
Files located under the project directory:
Secifies the classpath to run ant.
NOTE: it must be Unix format, i.e., separated by ':'
Specifies the version (only first line is used)
Specifies the resulted archive's format. It must be specified.
The result archive is an ear.
The result archive is a jar.
NOTE: Only src/archive/META-INF and src/archive/metainfo is included!
The result archive is a war.
NOTE: src/archive/META-INF and src/arhive/metainfo is excluded!
deploy (Optional)
Specifies how to deploy the result. If omitted, no deployment occurs.
Deploy the result to dist/lib as a shared library.
They are copied to server's lib if specified in server.libs.
They are merged to ear if specified in earlib.libs.
Deploy the result to a server as a bean or web container.
You must also specify a line:
When deploying to server, you could place an extra line in this file
if you want to unzip ear into the deploy directory:
Notice: this unzip option is enabled only if build.release is targeted
or unzip=true is found in build.setting.local.
war.libs (Optional)
Specifies a list of libraries (one per line) under dist/lib/ext that
shall be packed to the result war (format must be war).
server.libs (Optional)
Specifies a list of libraries (one per line) under dist/lib and
dist/lib/ext that shall be copied to the server's lib directory.
Used only deploy: server.
ear.libs (Optional)
Specifies A list of libraries (one per line) under dist/lib
or dist/lib/ext that shall be packed to the result ear (format must be ear).
Used only if format: ear.
class.test.local (Optional)
Specifies a list of classes (one per line) that the unit test must
test. If no classes specified at all, all classes registered in all files are tested.
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