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ZK 9.6.1
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4995: signature component on tablet/mobile cutting off image
ZK-5003: External resources with browser attribute are not loaded
ZK-4997: button with autodisable doesn't trigger popup
* Upgrade Notes
+ Reverted and Reopened ZK-4979 (to fix ZK-4997).
ZK 9.6.0
Aug 10, 2021
* Features
ZK-4761: MVVM provide option to disable viewmodel annotation caches
ZK-4330: provide select-all checkbox in tree component
ZK-4524: blocking all user keyboard input during processing message showing
ZK-4751: provide a built-in cryptographically random (desktop) id generator
ZK-4631: Add option to choose toolbar overflow icon
ZK-4771: Provide a way to add theme-uri without extends any existing ThemeProvider
ZK-4795: Grid/Listbox/Tree supports sticky column headers
ZK-4783: Modify error message box CSS design (provide scrollbar while word-break fail)
ZK-4745: Datebox supports to display with custom calendar system (e.g. Minguo) year
ZK-1209: Proxying ViewModel breaks binder annotations
ZK-4595: support a way to re-sort a ListModel under MVVM pattern
ZK-2299: Frozen column support on tablet device
ZK-4844: Replace spacer.gif by a base64 encoded string
ZK-4672: borderlayout keyboard resizing movement speed
ZK-4797: Supporting Jakarta EE namespace
ZK-4777: signature can have a background image
ZK-4864: Add datebox attribute to enable or disable close on timeZone change
ZK-4838: searchbox and cascader support onFocus and onBlur
ZK-4836: tree - avoid scroll timeout/delay to improve user experience
ZK-4894: A popup can move upon scrolling inside any element
ZK-4875: Implement media onEnded event
ZK-4779: audio supports to fire an event upon its playing state
ZK-4866: Allow focussing arbitrary components/elements
ZK-4674: Atlantic: always use HTTPS scheme for
ZK-4874: navitem supports badgeText
ZK-4918: support a configuration to disable touch behavior
ZK-4917: set zoom level with fit-page-width or fit-page-height in Java
ZK-4934: ListModelList (Map/Set/Array) supports Form binding
ZK-4925: zEmbedded support for zul-declared stylesheet and script components
ZK-4926: zEmbedded support for images
ZK-4914: Add toggleable debug / error trace for Clients EvalJavascript
ZK-4863: constraint supports user-defined flags
ZK-4943: Provide a before destroy callback / event when replacing an embedded instance for cleanup
ZK-4273: Colorbox add keyboard support for cancelling
ZK-4938: Textbox can fire an onChanging event when users enter a predictive text on iPhone
ZK-4950: Improve accessibility of the buttons in a caption
ZK-4810: Radiogroup should offer setDisabled(..)/isDisabled(..), esp. when used with model & renderer
* Bugs
ZK-4762: listbox with frozen columns cannot show all headers under non-100% zoom level(non-smooth)
ZK-4813: WCAG splitter/splitlayout (collapse="after")
ZK-3563: Children binding causes load binding to stop firing
ZK-4814: WCAG splitter/splitlayout not updating (aria-valuenow/-valuelabel) when using mouse
ZK-4791: VM ID map not cleared when parent of VM is detached
ZK-4803: tree update model performance
ZK-4800: Tree NPE when adding/removing model
ZK-4597: Disabled Combobutton should not be able to focus or controlled by keyboard
ZK-4808: menu click listener ignored (unexpectedly)
ZK-4804: tree: incorrect scroll position, after model replace (renders incomplete)
ZK-4636: Slider curpos might be larger then maxpos while dragging
ZK-4784: detached Radio(Group) memory leak
ZK-4778: Memory Leak: DesktopEventQueue$ListenerInfo
ZK-4805: org.zkoss.json.JavaScriptValue not serializable
ZK-4700: chosenbox inplace influence other chosenbox
ZK-4827: Fail to load JSP with ZK Components
ZK-4819: Chosenbox performance (with za11y.jar)
ZK-4820: Chosenbox aria-activedescendant out of sync (za11y.jar)
ZK-4763: Radiogroup selectedIndex error after radio moved
ZK-4825: Websockets NPE during encodeURL
ZK-4701: chosenbox initial width too short to display emptyMessage
ZK-4801: Atlantic: adds google-font for all themes
ZK-4824: radiogroup inappropriate aria-owns (confuses screen-reader)
ZK-4839: za11y: hover navitem without children (JS Error)
ZK-4833: CKEditor fails to initialized if added to a closed detail component
ZK-4845: notified @load binding not updating inside shadow element
ZK-4809: NPE with comet server push (servlet 3) reconnect on Tomcat
ZK-4793: IndexOutOfBoundsException Tree.renderItemByPath
ZK-4792: Chosenbox getSelectedIndex() return wrong index with ListModelList
ZK-4828: remove externally loaded resources with internal refs.
ZK-4835: Browsers supporting both touch and mouse fails to register mouse events following ZK-4301
ZK-4817: listgroup open/close triggers selection (mobile)
ZK-4843: combobox checkPopupPosition performance
ZK-4840: navbar navitem icon/text alignment
ZK-4782: vflex on goldenpanel doesn't work as expected
ZK-4851: Datebox fails with default DateFormat from Java 11.0.2+
ZK-4831: parseStyle splits css string incorrectly
ZK-4806: borderlayout region with whitespace title
ZK-4846: Select all checkbox ignores click (tree/listbox)
ZK-4707: 2nd popup open by click menu item on 1st popup will close immediiate (on fast bandwidth)
ZK-4832: map property bindings loading inconsistently
ZK-4789: The header of PerformanceMeter is missing in rmDesktop
ZK-4858: slider knob styles contain invalid css property
ZK-4857: Missing right click and double click in hybrid touch mouse mode
ZK-4821: tri-state checkmark still checks while disable when clicking in the border
ZK-4850: Autopaging row height calculation incorrect by 1px
ZK-4860: zkmax/zkex project build failing under maven 3.8.1
ZK-4842: Comet NPE during encodeURL (Jetty)
ZK-4854: navbar opening animation needs fine tuning
ZK-4853: Treeitems removed by ROD after receiving onOpen still try to render, cause issues if accessing DOM
ZK-4852: JS errors swallowed during widget class initialization
ZK-4855: some ListProxy methods set _dirty directly instead of calling setDirty, missing updates
ZK-4872: Listbox selects a wrong item with listgroup
ZK-4893: The last item of ForEachStatus.last is false if end can't be reached by step
ZK-4896: A misleading error message in <when>
ZK-4897: <forEach> doesn't support a primitive array
ZK-4888: listheader width shrinks to minimal size unexpectedly after reloading a model
ZK-4834: tree scroll pos + latency errors
ZK-4787: Loading combobox model from serverpush cause popup to fail to resize
ZK-4877: ZKBind still use illegal reflective access which is not allowed anymore with JDK 16
ZK-4884: Menuitem addActive adds hover style to ancestor menu, doesn't clean it
ZK-4898: za11y navigation in listbox/tree intercept events in input-based components, cause lost focus
ZK-4879: navbar jumping focus
ZK-4890: EE ROD on listbox override scrollToIndex
ZK-4867: listbox with auxhead (hflex vs span conflict)
ZK-4903: Goldenlayout sets incorect vflex following ZK-4776
ZK-4905: ListModelList clear cause listbox to not add new listitems
ZK-4873: Theme build process fails in windows due to escaping
ZK-4906: menubar autodrop=true closing when still hovering other menu items
ZK-4883: Clients.submitForm does not submit form
ZK-4870: borderlayout region caption misaligned
ZK-4909: navbar popup not closing popup when switching to collapsed false
ZK-4910: tree jumping up back when scrolling down on touch devices
ZK-4862: open an error message box when its input component is not in viewport
ZK-4876: Column layout causes white-space no-wrap on every descendant
ZK-3770: source map produces a wrong line number
ZK-4912: listbox sends onClick event for listitem with mold="select" in firefox
ZK-4859: a specific text "$z!t#d:" makes ZK AU failed
ZK-4848: Sorting failed message is not clear when using ListModelMap in Listbox/Grid
ZK-4865: button stealing focus
ZK-4837: Searchbox doesn't render items for a ListModelList change in an onOpen listener
ZK-4921: listbox with a SimpleGroupsModel doesn't fire an expected onSelect event
ZK-4916: tbeditor setValue only sets source, doesn't affect display without rerender
ZK-4728: Treeitem with visible="false" is not rendered, cause null on treeItem.$n() when toggling parent open status
ZK-4929: keyboardevent with keyCode 0 (invalid key) closes popups
ZK-4915: The badgeText misaligned in Nav
ZK-4920: listbox (autopaging) listitem height incorrect between iceblue/iceblue_c
ZK-4932: Datebox with constraint sending unnecessary onChange Event
ZK-4933: Video using RepeatableInputStream loads very long, Byte[] is instant
ZK-4432: Server error if the message in an AU request was too large
ZK-4922: zEmbedded upload fails
ZK-4923: zEmbedded download fails
ZK-4937: incorrect content-type response header of a request to fontawesome-webfont.eot
ZK-4748: Bandpopup should close while bandbox lost focus with TAB key
ZK-4869: borderlayout keeps resizing
ZK-4496: The result of a native HTML5 template tag is missing
ZK-4780: Decimalbox has no value in Germany-locale in mobile
ZK-4781: No error message appreared in invalid Longbox in mobile
ZK-4525: A tooltip makes toggle type Popups closed
ZK-4889: @Default not working correctly with simplified command
ZK-4543: Calendar should respect the constraint while Month changing
ZK-4387: The popup of Chosenbox not updated after ZK-3986
ZK-4283: The sort icon direction is not synchronized in model
ZK-4282: SimpleGroupsModel selection synchronizing is working only in multiple mode
ZK-4798: setMold("paging") causes exception while checkbox is selected
ZK-4948: URL forwarding/redirection in zEmbedded
ZK-4788: setCols(0) causes exception for InputElement
ZK-4945: FormIdCache in AnnotateBinderEx causing memory leak with shadow elements
ZK-4535: Combobutton toolbar mold has a border
ZK-4944: zEmbedded doesn't clean client-side object and references on destroy
ZK-4953: zEmbedded unable load <include> correctly in defer mode
ZK-4949: zjq undoVparent may cause error if detached / missing element
ZK-4868: signature background color should be white while setBackgroundColor(null)
ZK-4880: zjq.clearStyles performance
ZK-4892: Binding annotation @Immutable not working properly
ZK-4908: Navbar autoclose not working if the navitem is already selected
ZK-4939: zk built-in icons have inconsistent size by default
ZK-4856: undefined msgzk properties is used
ZK-4977: Triggering @MatchMedia by immediate resizing is not working in Desktop since Chrome 92
* Upgrade Notes
+ The default desktop ID generator was replaced by a more secured one.
If you prefer to use the previous generator, use org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl.LegacyDesktopIdGenerator.
+ Due to ZK-4783, the hbox of message box is substituted by DIV.
+ Deprecated the method of isEditionValid() and encodeWithZK() of org.zkoss.zk.fn.ZkFns and core.dsp.tld.
+ Datebox format with a single y pattern letter will not be truncated to 2 digits year according to the Unicode specification.
+ For Jakarta EE 9 support, please use 9.6.0-jakarta version instead.
+ Since 9.6.0, the transitive dependency of jasperreports was removed in zkex.
If you want to use the jasperreport component, please add it manually.
+ In order to be more in line with WCAG specifications,
the icon element in the Rating component has changed from the Anchor element to the Idiomatic Text element.
ZK 9.5.1
Mar 9, 2021
* Features
ZK-4118: Add zk.edge_legacy for old version Microsoft Edge
ZK-4679: tree remove non breaking spaces (&nbsp;) from dom structure
ZK-3269: uploader / dropupload feature to disabled specific error message
ZK-3289: Monthly / yearly options for datebox.
ZK-4418: specify charset for filedownload
ZK-555: allow to register "#tab" in setCtrlKeys() to allow implementation of own focus switching
ZK-4423: Kanban missing options to listen to portallayout onPortalMove without affecting the UI
ZK-4727: Drop the dependency commons-codec for Base64
ZK-4739: Improve pdfviewer component by making each promise level override-accessible
ZK-4740: Provide an "auto rotate" feature to support landscapes PDF files
* Bugs
ZK-4689: portal layout detach js error
ZK-4690: za11y portallayout popup styles missing for classic themes
ZK-4688: A null parameter passed to a global command causes ClassCastException
ZK-4661: Portallayout dragging position miscalculated sometimes
ZK-4695: Tabbox could be undefined on tab setSelected
ZK-4694: ClientInfo trigger an infinite fireSized loop with tabbox
ZK-4660: Panel toggle maximize button cause line break
ZK-4580: CSS Flex calculation is affected by <script>
ZK-4592: Coachmark mask should not remain after detach
ZK-4588: Combobox losing focus after performing autocomplete in IE
ZK-4320: Grid columns shrink after sorting
ZK-4698: It detects the parameter name too early in MVVM Params
ZK-4635: rangeslider/multislider jumping drag position
ZK-4665: Using percent width in Columnlayout cause line break in firefox and edge
ZK-4263: The listgroup is abnormal after component being cloned by serialization
ZK-4696: An unchanged ClientInfo makes the infinite processing loop
ZK-4681: inconsistent listgroup checkmark size
ZK-4281: Cloning a paging mold Tree by serialization throws NPE
ZK-4692: a combobox' button is mis-aligned with its input element
ZK-4697: Modal width would enlarge and shrink when opened
ZK-4664: Duplicate DOM id in Listbox with pagingPosition="both"
ZK-4676: panel-touch incorrect height calculation
ZK-4668: combo inputs paddings are incorrect in tablet
ZK-4669: Incorrect size in horizontal splitter when resizing window by using css flex
ZK-4684: menuitem icon alignment
ZK-4705: Missing insertChildHTML_ in nested Borderlayout
ZK-4644: Rendering Stepbar dynamically causes error
ZK-4645: Stepbar Error - render dynamically with model
ZK-4650: click on an imagemap doesn't send an onclick event
ZK-4677: Unexpected scrollTop when loading the page in edge/safari
ZK-4568: alert during onClientInfo cause disabled request and UI stuck
ZK-4575: Browser zoom cause mesh header / body column borders mismatch
ZK-4534: wrong modal window drag styles in compact theme
ZK-4691: zk recreates injected page unexpectedly
ZK-4718: PerformanceMeter breaks zkau requests communication
ZK-4517: Listheader update issues with invalidatePartial
ZK-4719: tablet-ui disabled applies only partially
ZK-4574: Clients.resize() doesn't work for hflex="min"
ZK-4712: closure-compiler.jar in binary download package conflicts with gson.jar
ZK-4628: Toggle Popup with onOpen doesn't close
ZK-4642: onRightClick on <html> doesn't stop context menu
ZK-4723: simplified MVVM binding cause non-command method with same name in different VM to trigger on @global-command
ZK-4731: Fix the warning [JSC_CONSTANT_REASSIGNED_VALUE_ERROR] constant self assigned a value more than once in domtouch.js
ZK-4658: decimalbox with "locale:"-format and constraint causes WrongValueException
ZK-4670: groupbox incorrect vflex height in vlayout
ZK-4301: ZK doesn't listen for touch events on desktop browsers
ZK-4715: multiple parallel embeds failing (without error)
ZK-4678: mobile touch-drag window causing console errors
ZK-4703: tabpanel resize flicker (and disappear)
ZK-4685: Form property not removed from _saveFormFields when template is updated
ZK-4641: Datebox doesn't clean beginning and end at client when removing constraint
ZK-4722: _assocFormSaveBindings not always cleaned (causing memory leak + NPEs)
ZK-4699: single selection listbox has multiple selected items
ZK-4659: tree rod loading animation doesn't show
ZK-4567: Treechildren with frozen onResponse trigger unexpected resize
ZK-4714: race condition with dynamic widget loading/mounting
ZK-4713: listbox flickers with autopaging in a specific height
ZK-4743: Frozen scroll position is incorrect after redrawing
ZK-4724: combowidget button icon alignment
ZK-4717: Interrupted Fileupload cause further createComponents without parent to fail
ZK-4720: show a hidden panel causes Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
ZK-4738: cannot drop draggable div ios
ZK-4686: MVVM loadBinding component detached will cause sub bean binding stop working
ZK-4721: Timebox with tablet-ui disabled discard virtual keyboard value on mobile
ZK-4733: a scroll thumb keeps moving itself during scrolling
ZK-4729: z-errorbox disappears after clicking
ZK-4505: resize() doesn't reduce a groupbox height with title
ZK-4735: zkcomet prevents sessions from expiring
ZK-3316: Grid with hflex="min" produces a horizontal scrollbar
ZK-3317: Listbox with hflex="min" produces a horizontal scrollbar
ZK-3318: Tree with hflex="min" produces a horizontal scrollbar
ZK-4744: Modal window cause scroll position changed
ZK-4741: The selection focus of Tree is not updated in Firefox
ZK-4754: JavaScript error when PDF Viewer is closed while it's loading a huge page
ZK-4749: @ref bindings on form objects only update partially
ZK-4753: navbar doesn't get focussed
ZK-4732: disable org.zkoss.zul.client.rod in the page scope doesn't work
ZK-4756: Property activePage is reset by src or content in PDFViewer while in initializing
ZK-4084: New added header is invisible when all headers have fixed width
ZK-4746: Selectbox component doesn't implement Disable interface
ZK-4758: resize browser window cause heavy rendering with hflex=1
ZK-4742: client side http error handling not reachable
ZK-4747: upload button (hidden input should not be focussable)
ZK-4619: The radiogroup of cloned radio is not updated
ZK-4759: CSS Flex should not reset when resizing
ZK-4765: splitter/splitlayout freezes after click on disabled collapse button
ZK-4766: splitter aria-valuenow /-valuetext don't update on collapse
ZK-4767: splitter aria-controls wrong for collapse="after"
ZK-4768: splitlayout aria-controls wrong for collapse="after"
ZK-4769: splitter aria-valuenow reversed for collapse="after"
ZK-4770: splitlayout aria-valuenow reversed collapse="after"
ZK-4764: Hflex calcutation error when using CSS Flex
ZK-4322: Listbox position is wrong after calling setSelectied in Safari
ZK-4068: datebox failing date format
ZK-4774: ZK-4754 follow-up javascript error if pdfviewer detach before content loaded
ZK-4775: ZK client engine stops, after single connection failure
ZK-4776: "UI can't be modified in the rendering phase" happens when initializing a new goldenlayout
ZK-4760: default error message box hard coded width (too small)
ZK-4786: memory leak with MVVM data binding
* Upgrade Notes
+ Now the "zk.edge" is true only in the new Edge (Chromium-based), and we provide zk.edge_legacy for compatibility.
+ Now the "onPortalMove" event will no longer be fired from client side.
Nov 24, 2020
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4698: It detects the parameter name too early in MVVM Params
ZK-4718: PerformanceMeter breaks zkau requests communication
ZK-4719: tablet-ui disabled applies only partially
ZK-4723: simplified MVVM binding cause non-command method with same name in different VM to trigger on @global-command
* Upgrade Notes
Oct 13, 2020
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4689: portal layout detach js error
ZK-4690: za11y portallayout popup styles missing for classic themes
ZK-4688: A null parameter passed to a global command causes ClassCastException
ZK-4695: Tabbox could be undefined on tab setSelected
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 9.5.0
Sep 29, 2020
* Features
ZK-4508: The value of @BindingParam can be omitted
ZK-4501: Add SimpleForm back for compatibility
ZK-4523: Support a Bean creation from @BindingParams
ZK-4551: Support ref override for position of Popup/Tooltip/Context
ZK-4451: iOS 13 cause iPad to set "request desktop mode" for all website by default
ZK-4552: Simplify MVVM syntax
ZK-4560: Theme customization improvement - avoid patch.less
ZK-4562: Introduce OWASP Dependency-Check
ZK-4569: MVVM support calling commands in other view model
ZK-4175: replace XHR with the fetch() API to allow SSO redirect handling
ZK-4544: Radio/Checkbox provide a status class name for more easier theme customization
ZK-4582: Simplify BindUtils.postNotifyChange API
ZK-4564: split zkau servlet into dedicated au and resource servlets
ZK-4598: Enhance the accessibility of components by following WCAG 2.0
ZK-4630: Implement a keyboard trap util for components in modal
ZK-4497: searchbox: improve clearing selection, key shortcut / clear icon
ZK-4624: Clients API support scrollIntoView and focus by using selector string
ZK-4618: replace deprecated jquery functions (bind/unbind -> on/off)
ZK-4530: Provide a "heart beat"/"ping pong" mechanism for websocket connections
ZK-4425: Allow to drag button when MouseDown on any position in Rangeslider/Multislider
ZK-4648: Audio supports to add tracks
ZK-4649: Video supports to add tracks
ZK-4653: Provide a collection of constants for Keys and provide isPressed API
ZK-4546: Caching of EL method invocations
ZK-4622: Remove header border div in listbox/grid/tree
ZK-4657: update bom versions
* Bugs
ZK-4480: Remove JUL implementation of SLF4J to avoid leaking into consumer projects
ZK-4531: overridden jquery causes prime faces components to work incorrectly
ZK-4556: modal window with border layout doesn't resize correctly
ZK-4557: re-add fix for ZK-3724
ZK-4561: upgrade google.* dependencies
ZK-4578: Performance issue since ZK 9 using css flex
ZK-4581: Unexpected exception in Embedded ZK callback function
ZK-4550: an inner tab disappears when using nested tabbox with different orients
ZK-4554: classloading issues with multiple war files (using shared zkbind-api.jar)
ZK-4537: Chosenbox clear and add selected items cause js error
ZK-4555: remove zkbind-api -> zul dependency
ZK-4593: Calling Navseparator method getNavbar throws an error
ZK-4583: Listbox renders unexpected blank listitems when specifying "rows" attribute
ZK-4601: tabbox accordion mold -> inaccessible tabs
ZK-4613: ThreadLocalsManager not cleaned up after pageDefinition transactions
ZK-4410: cannot use array of Class as listbox or grid model
ZK-4566: Tablelayout chidrens with v/hflex set don't render when flex css activate
ZK-4615: Duplicated DOM id in biglistbox
ZK-4621: Invalid dom autocomplete value in searchbox
ZK-4476: Height calculation error when using vFlex = "min" in hlayout and borderlayout
ZK-4633: Rangeslider and Multislider can't be disabled initially
ZK-4637: Initially disabled Searchbox has a wrong style
ZK-4549: Adding items then clear() a ListModel linked to a Grid during afterCompose cause IndexOutOfBoundsException
ZK-4514: AuUploader and AuDropUploader exceptions are suppressed, need logging
ZK-4632: Re-rendering a listbox produces a javascript error
ZK-4610: Listbox Partial invalidate breaks popup ROD
ZK-4589: hidden file upload input obstructing other widgets
ZK-4591: invalidate a tabbox produces infinite javascript errors
ZK-4640: Nested dynamic Drawers - DOM not cleaned up
ZK-4558: hide resize show listheader remains invisible
ZK-4606: clicking select-all checkbox in a Listbox doesn't select all items
ZK-4538: error with client-rod
ZK-4394: atlantic theme - cursor style for sortable/sizable columns
ZK-4563: JS errors : frozen with auxheaders (+ rowspan)
ZK-4614: MeshWidget _cpCellWd tries to access unloaded rows if tree has footer but no treecol
ZK-4629: Avoid exposing technical internal error details (allow custom error handling)
ZK-4643: Resending request is broken after ZK-3709
ZK-4634: Classic themes don't handle toolbar overflowPopup and align="end"
ZK-4623: iceblue_c combobox/datebox... right-padding without button
ZK-4646: make a treeitem invisible causes a javascript error
ZK-4518: Negative percent parsing in decimalbox
ZK-4515: ListProxy dirty status not cleaned after save
ZK-4585: iceblue_c misaligned switch/toggle labels
ZK-4584: iceblue tablet spinner styles
ZK-4545: Zk9 osgi jar is not usable
* Upgrade Notes
+ The classes of org.zkoss.bind.SimpleForm, org.zkoss.bind.impl.FormImpl is back for compatibility.
+ Since 9.5.0, the transitive dependency of slf4j-jdk14 was removed.
Please choose the desired SLF4J binding instead.
+ Since 9.5.0, the transitive dependency of closure-compiler-unshaded was removed.
If you want to enable source maps, please add it manually.
+ Due to ZK-4569, there is syntax sugar for calling commands in other viewmodel.
E.g. @command('$pvm.doClick') would trigger the 'doClick' command in the viewModel whose id is 'pvm'.
+ zAu.onError API was changed since we are using fetch() API instead XHR.
+ Due to ZK-4622, the DIV of grid/listbox/tree header border is removed.
ZK 9.1.0
Jun 16, 2020
* Features
ZK-4565: Upgrade jQuery version to 3.5.1
* Bugs
* Upgrade Notes
+ jQuery is upgraded from 1.12.4 to 3.5.1, please refer to the upgrade guides and .
May 19, 2020
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4557: re-add fix for ZK-3724
ZK-4531: overridden jquery causes prime faces components to work incorrectly
* Upgrade Notes
May 5, 2020
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4531: overridden jquery causes prime faces components to work incorrectly
* Upgrade Notes
May 5, 2020
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4557: re-add fix for ZK-3724
ZK-4556: modal window with border layout doesn't resize correctly
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 9.0.1
Apr 21, 2020
* Features
ZK-4458: provide a maven BOM (bill of materials)
ZK-4472: Using fileupload in MVVM Client-side binding
ZK-4481: Configure repositories to use HTTPS
ZK-4470: Improve the performance of textSize()
ZK-4414: scrolling can change pages in a pdfviewer at any zoom level
ZK-4474: Support client attributes including prefix
ZK-4504: Merge successive setAttrs in one zAu response
ZK-4500: Support absolute url loading in embedded ZK
ZK-4421: toast style improvement
ZK-4499: Support callback function after loading embedded ZK
ZK-4529: Provide root widget embedded ZK callback
* Bugs
ZK-4456: cascader icon (open/clear) not updated when setting selection in model
ZK-4462: Rangeslider and Multislider minor style issue
ZK-4463: Rangeslider and Multislider buttons position calculation
ZK-4455: Failed to load the resource: /html/alert.dsp
ZK-4466: toast covered by borderlayout
ZK-4475: Combobox causes overflow after ZK-4227
ZK-4471: The line-break of message in Messagebox is wrong in IE
ZK-4439: Widget.domListen_ binds proxied functions wrongly
ZK-4467: vflex inside closed groupbox has no effect
ZK-4465: vflex inside drawer has no effect
ZK-4408: notification cause parent/children issues after ZK-4130
ZK-4293: The fake parent mechanism in Notification causes setVisible issue
ZK-4482: zkbinder $doAfterCommand get javascript error
ZK-4493: hflex doesn't work as design in columnlayout
ZK-4381: BinderImpl with MatchMedia not Serializable
ZK-4389: Groupbox ROD fails to initialize desktop on visible=false children
ZK-4495: Embedded ZK should support queryparam
ZK-4502: zk reload embedded element missing rmDesktop
ZK-4447: grid skips interval added / interval removed in onListDataChange, cause consistency exception
ZK-4507: Widget not found in Embedded ZK
ZK-4460: websocket failing when desktop recycle is enabled
ZK-4513: listbox issues with invalidatePartial
ZK-4409: combobutton misaligned vertically
ZK-4383: Combobox losing input characters
ZK-4468: ImportHandler fails to import correct class after cached "NotFound"
ZK-4457: coachmark width doesn't fit the content by default
ZK-4519: datebox constraint parsing errors if there are numbers in message
ZK-4434: websockets causing console error with wildfly
ZK-4521: coachmark setWidth/Height CSS issue
ZK-4444: toolbarbutton vertical alignment
ZK-4522: websockets not working on WildFly after ZK-4429
ZK-4309: CSS Performance when adding multiple components
ZK-4473: nodom issues at root level
ZK-4452: ZK9 input-based components error style border is wrong
ZK-4438: After ZK-3179, toolbar expects popup nodes, cause NPE if not rendered
ZK-4479: chosenbox incorrect input width calculation
ZK-4339: browser inconsistent popup/tooltip behavior
ZK-4362: a grid can't fit into a page when printing a page
ZK-4385: avoid sending an AU request after a session timeout
ZK-4527: LeapDay missing getter/setter for Minutes cause JS error
ZK-4464: comet implementations inconsistent configuration/behavior
ZK-4469: zul xsd doesn't define the attribute "open" for nav
ZK-4520: errorbox incorrect overlap(detection/avoidance)
ZK-4483: modal mask not covering whole scrollable area
ZK-4445: toolbarbutton with fixed width cut off
ZK-4503: barcode-scanner: quagga reduced scan resolution
ZK-4485: Should return 404 when the sourceMappingURL is not found
ZK-4261: Decimalbox can paste content copy from excel cell
ZK-4526: VM init multiple times with Choose/When
ZK-4397: Goldenlayout child triggers "UI can't be modified in the rendering phase"
ZK-4498: BarcodeReader accepts type codebar, internal use codabar, fails to init
ZK-4246: Grid detail is invisible with ZK 8.6.1
ZK-4478: chosenbox unintended code execution
ZK-4486: invisible listheader with no width still show if another header have flex
ZK-4489: Listbox columns slightly out of line when using breeze theme
ZK-4491: css-flex: inconsistent browser behavior for hflex="min" (chrome vs ie)
ZK-3861: ListModelList setActivePage doesn't change Grid paging in MVVM pattern
ZK-4361: Missing onShow event from borderregion to popups when expanding
ZK-4446: chosenbox problems with initially empty model
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.6.4
Feb 4, 2020
* Features
ZK-4481: Configure repositories to use HTTPS
* Bugs
ZK-4429: websockets not working on Glassfish (5)
ZK-4408: notification cause parent/children issues after ZK-4130
ZK-4293: The fake parent mechanism in Notification causes setVisible issue
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 9.0.0
Dec 10, 2019
* Features
ZK-4328: Change Java compiler source/target to 8
ZK-317: Support CSS3 flex that allows developer to specify the flexibility easier and more flexible
ZK-4343: Separate deprecated data-binding classes in zkplus
ZK-4358: Use newer zkless-engine
ZK-3550: Externalize dsp servlet from zweb to separate dependency
ZK-4347: support jdk8 date/time API Datebox/Calendar/Timebox/Timepicker
ZK-3769: Specify a default time for Datebox
ZK-4352: provide a built-in date format converter that accepts LocalDate
ZK-3719: upgrade jquery version to 1.12.4
ZK-3658: Listbox invalidates the whole widget instead of the items
ZK-4365: Provide a drawer component
ZK-4371: Provide a Toast utility
ZK-4372: Extract Notification functionalities from Clients
ZK-4349: Throw an error indicating incorrect usage when using both vflex and rows
ZK-4380: Provide a Searchbox component
ZK-4363: beautify selectbox with CSS
ZK-4373: Provide a rangeslider component
ZK-4374: Provide a multislider component
ZK-4391: Provide an inputgroup component
ZK-4386: Provide a anchronav component
ZK-4379: Provide a Loadingbar utility
ZK-4395: Provide a pdfviewer component
ZK-4334: provide the localized timezone ID in the onClientInfo event
ZK-4375: Provide a stepbar component
ZK-4398: Provide PortalChildren title and frame design
ZK-4377: Provide a Linelayout component
ZK-4382: Provide a Coachmark component
ZK-4392: Provide a cascader component
ZK-4390: Embed zul pages by script tag
* Bugs
ZK-4227: Combobox is flickering when resizing
ZK-4297: Listbox hover and selected style are the same, makes it hard to be distinguished in mobile
ZK-3942: AJAX commands execute before Initial page response
ZK-4299: drag and drop doesn't work mobile FF on android
ZK-4180: Remove IE < 9 workarounds
ZK-4376: ZK evaluates an expression of ternary operator "?:" with @MatchMedia
ZK-4327: Barcodescanner doesn't close camera API or JS scanner object when unloading
ZK-4400: A disabled Barcodescanner keeps scanning
ZK-4218: Grid columns onChildAdded removes the scrollbar faker column, cause desync with content
ZK-4329: TreeModel setAllSelected not updating the UI
ZK-4340: background component creation resulting in NPE
ZK-4341: space key handed down to calendar while typing a date
ZK-4344: Nested tabbox doesn't select the expected tab under client render-on-demand
ZK-4318: simultaneious fileupload media lost
ZK-4401: nodom JS errors and wrong insertion points
* Upgrade Notes
+ The Java binary-compatible level is Java 8 since ZK 9.
+ ZK Databinding 1 is moved to a legacy module "zkplus-legacy".
+ ZK DSP Library is moved to a new module "zweb-dsp".
+ SimpleLocalTimeConstraint is used by default instead of SimpleConstraint in Timebox and Timepicker.
+ It is advised to use instead of Clients.showNotification,
as the former follows single responsibility principle.
ZK 8.6.3
Sep 24, 2019
* Features
ZK-4316: Improve component wiring performance (avoid NoSuchFieldException)
ZK-4203: improve renderChildren() by getChild() later and better way to calculate a path
ZK-4351: Update translation of messages in Catalan language
ZK-4256: retry a comet request when it's aborted
ZK-4294: restore focus after showBusy/clearBusy
ZK-4193: avoid synchronization blocks with ConcurrentLinkedQueue
ZK-4222: Replace deprecated CSS property clip:rect(...)
* Bugs
ZK-4336: iframe not sizing correctly on ios
ZK-4313: load moment js scripts statically
ZK-4345: XSD doesn't define hflex and vflex for charts
ZK-4348: zul XSD declares the attribute "badgeText" in wrong case
ZK-4350: zul XSD doesn't declare onCreate for charts
ZK-4356: missing "text" attribute on timebox in zul XSD
ZK-4321: avoid illegal reflective access WARNINGS/ERRORS for future JDK versions
ZK-4353: nav renders a too large image loaded by "imageContent"
ZK-4357: missing "onOK" and "onCancel" for HtmlBasedComponent in zul XSD
ZK-4333: Combobox grows its width for opening its popup each time
ZK-4342: timebox can't be cleared
ZK-4332: Using short format in Datebox results in the wrong year after ZK-4242 in Thai locale
ZK-4354: a nodom sibling causes hflex=1 calculate the wrong size
ZK-4359: mesh header sorting style out of sync
ZK-4360: Missing onRestore for CKEditor on tabbox accordion specifically
ZK-4346: datebox constraint parsing errors
ZK-4312: leaking request/response into wpd cache
ZK-4323: a listbox scrolls to the bottom when all item selected
ZK-4366: org.zkoss.zk.ui.UiException: view model of 'vm' is null
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.6.2
June 25, 2019
* Features
ZK-4132: Add Manifest to OSGI source bundle
ZK-4212: Frozen support right columns freeze
ZK-4235: Datefmt parseDate always return date between 1930-2029 when using yy format
ZK-4296: Error indicating incorrect usage when using both vflex and rows
ZK-4304: Bandbox button's icon can be changed
ZK-4314: DnD: Provide an optional switch to handle detached dragged
* Bugs
ZK-4230: Signature toolbarVisible not work
ZK-4204: future chrome feature currently preventing "rmDesktop" (causing non cleaned up desktops)
ZK-4247: MeshWidget has unwanted margin when zoom in
ZK-4232: tabbox tabs border missing in breeze
ZK-4228: spinner button icon misaligned (iceblue_c)
ZK-4275: Include in defer mode fail when composing in async (server push)
ZK-4269: cropper component ignores inital x,y=0
ZK-4236: leaking variable resolvers when using programmatic templates
ZK-4219: column width headers out of sync with cells (safari)
ZK-4210: column resizing ghost doesn't check for scroll when calculating snap position
ZK-4234: updated sclass on combobox doesn't update popup
ZK-4284: Tabbox is not scrollable under safari 9
ZK-4205: inconsistent parameter names (dead/obsolete code?)
ZK-4289: Fix recovering desktop (FailoverManager)
ZK-4287: resource caching broken when hiding zk version
ZK-4199: Improve AU response parse error message
ZK-4239: Weird animation in Calendar
ZK-4271: native fileupload flag ignored for button/menuitem
ZK-4220: UploadEvent.getMedia().getByteData() throws an unexpected exception when uploading
ZK-4224: listheader sortDirection not working when template is used
ZK-4240: Vertical tabbox in invisible comp has big height when onShow
ZK-4231: XSD contains incorrect option for tabbox orientation
ZK-4251: menu arrow not centered in breeze
ZK-4201: selecting an item of a Listbox scrolls back to the top
ZK-4208: Can't close a notification
ZK-4233: Messagebox show called inside include in defer mode doesn't show if include is refreshed
ZK-4255: MVVM constraints output Expectable exceptions to log
ZK-4292: Dates.newInstance() returns an incorrect year when the year is less than 100
ZK-4285: vflex min causes an unnecessary vertical scrollbar on a listbox
ZK-4241: The position of popup is changed after a ROD loading
ZK-4244: Dropupload: $img is undefined after ZK-2332
ZK-4270: vertical tabbox, toolbar causing JS error
ZK-4245: ZK-2804 regression since 8.6.1
ZK-4278: ZK animation uses "complete" callback. should use always instead
ZK-4266: smooth frozen scroll-click issues
ZK-4295: a listbox doesn't update selectedItem for a specific item at the first time
ZK-4280: databinding EL3 expression with multiple members fails after detached
ZK-4277: Negative values in NumberInputWidgets (JDK >=9)
ZK-4288: infinite recursion during session deserialization with redis
ZK-4242: Using short format in Datebox results in the wrong year
ZK-4248: Performance issue when ROD adds listcells to body
ZK-4258: Broken Slider pageIncrement
ZK-4221: load binding order/cleanup problem
ZK-4252: Paste still broken on a Timebox component after ZK-1749
ZK-4279: popup in no-dom element initialize in the wrong place, doesn't clean up
ZK-4290: update moment.js and moment-timezones-with-data.js
ZK-4211: listbox selection causes invalidate
ZK-4300: Choosing Jan 1st, 1900 results in wrong year in format yy Datebox
ZK-4308: Calendar should respect Data-AnimationSpeed
ZK-4254: Wrong position of vertical custom scrollbar if horizontal scroll position was changed
ZK-4253: Horizontal custom scrollbar of Listbox covers the last item in Iceblue
ZK-4306: SourceMapManager should be serializable
* Upgrade Notes
+ Due to ZK-4296 the mixing usage of vflex/height/rows is deprecated since 8.6.2 and will throw an exception in next major version
ZK 8.6.1
Mar 5, 2019
* Features
ZK-4122: Organigram support client ROD
ZK-4040: Add an export file name property for JasperReport
ZK-3532: HtmlBasedComponent supports addSclass() removeSclass()
ZK-4047: a xsd file for zk.xml
ZK-4059: Add option to keep menupopup=auto open after setting column visibility
ZK-4052: add a warning in javadoc of Clients.showNotification() about not escaped content
ZK-4131: make menupopups with many menuitems scrollable
ZK-4121: Add the error acceptance median as a settable attribute in barcodescanner
ZK-4179: Add a library property to disable ZK history API
ZK-4185: Combobox: provide option to reduce onSelect/onChange events when using keyboard
ZK-4184: improve iterating a list to fail fast in a children binding
ZK-4192: camera component: improve recording time accuracy
ZK-4191: add possibility to handle camera unavailability
ZK-3629: Indeterminate progressmeter
ZK-3540: FormProxy - ignore whole class hierarchies
ZK-4200: Improve ZEL ImportHandler performance
ZK-4223: grid with vflex has unwanted margin
* Bugs
ZK-4114: orgnode label missing font styles
ZK-4097: nativebar=false causes "after mounting error"
ZK-3763: Clients.showNotification will not show even the target component is in the viewport
ZK-4103: video.setContent() doesn't show an uploaded video
ZK-4126: Open/Collapse Panel and Groupbox cause js error in console
ZK-4079: progressmeter animation not catching up with actual value
ZK-4127: Rendering performance listbox in borderlayout
ZK-3876: combobox does not provide proper placeholder style
ZK-4129: typo in barcodescanner component getter
ZK-4124: console warnings/errors with camera component
ZK-4075: Combobox browser inconsistent autocomplete behavior
ZK-4140: The height of chosenbox should be the same as other input components
ZK-4102: Slider flex sizing does not update the default 200px
ZK-4048: chosenbox doesn't have consistent vertical align with other input components
ZK-4116: Spinner/Timebox button active style not working
ZK-4134: Chosenbox - remove interval doesn't remove the last selection
ZK-3860: Chosenbox - Createable does disable Select
ZK-4133: menuitem doesn't pass an UploadEvent for onUpload
ZK-4099: ProxyHandler on method "set" causes error
ZK-4086: knob paddings wasting space
ZK-3787: Tbeditor vflex overlapped other elements
ZK-4109: listbox changes scroll position on selection (huge ROD)
ZK-3197: Listbox Scroll down automatically
Zk-4098: button icon size alignment (iceblue_c)
ZK-3985: Listbox size change when click the listitem
ZK-4147: Comboitem icon display issue in Iceblue Compact
ZK-4161: Change return type of hasVScroll and hasHScroll
ZK-4125: Vertical slider area is not aligned with button
ZK-4149: slider JS when calling setCurpos
ZK-4158: bad render performance when using themepack themes
ZK-4115: listbox + frozen column widths resetting when scrolling
ZK-3989: Firefox default document-level mouseUp event sometime prevents selection in input
ZK-4123: Listbox renders a horizontal scrollbar unexpectedly
ZK-4130: menu popup closes when scrolling
ZK-4072: selected tab not scrolling into view
ZK-4110: OSGI conflict between imports after ZK-3878
ZK-4151: Inconsistent drag message in grid with masterdetail
ZK-4154: css reflows caused by old fix for IE8
ZK-4159: listbox (mold="select") re-renders after first au response
ZK-4128: overriding zkbind listbox model converter doesn't work
ZK-4152: FF drag from inside div with overflow:auto fails to drop
ZK-4137: redirect + confirmClose = client engine stops
ZK-4146: form set to dirty if a save binding point to same bean as a previous load binding
ZK-4142: slider knob text selection issues
ZK-4066: forced CSS reflow loop in MeshWidget
ZK-4034: IE11 file download triggers onBeforeUnload
ZK-4074: Applet method invoke errors (IE)
ZK-4100: strictDate evaluated too early in ZK-4023
ZK-4178: "Aug 32, 2018" became valid in lenient datebox after ZK-4023
ZK-4076: update JS polyfills for String prototype functions
ZK-4157: contentEditable is not working on ios mobile device
ZK-4170: Slider in knob mold default height is calculated from the parent component, breaks layout
ZK-4120: Upgrade/Align Fontawesome versions for all themes
ZK-4144: Groupbox doesn't register content onScroll if closed during bind
ZK-4163: file cancel link missing in fileupload dialog
ZK-4143: all columns hidden become visible in chrome
ZK-4063: hard coded timeout for zk.endProcessing
ZK-4141: Desktop.setBookmark escapes slash symbols wrongly
ZK-4091: Collapsing a Groupbox with invalidate causes a JavaScript error
ZK-4145: nested menupopup opening direction
ZK-4174: java component creation performance (unnecessary exception handling)
ZK-4162: select-all checkmark puts selected items in a reversed order
ZK-4108: can't use mouse wheel to control slider knob in some browser
ZK-4067: Header sort icon not cleared on model change
ZK-4169: number formatter adds prefix if format suffix is longer than format string
ZK-4176: frozen scrollbar flickering when dragging
ZK-4117: Timebox using flex will cause page error on touch devices
ZK-4177: slider knob mousewheel issues
ZK-4077: sizedByContent and sizabled trigger delayed rerender breaking UI on next event
ZK-4183: grid with hflex=min columns renders invisible
ZK-4135: JS error when detaching frozen component
ZK-3609: Wrong rendering of collapsed navbar with pre-selected menuitem
ZK-4182: zul.inp.Errorbox is shown regardless the component visibility
ZK-4148: comboitem + popupwidth: hover style too short (also chosenbox)
ZK-4090: Opening a groupbox takes unexpected long time
ZK-4085: knob slider rendering artifacts in extreme cases
ZK-4189: slider input looks ugly on FF
ZK-4160: Tree _initPadSizes while not visible cause tree height to shink to 2 treeitems
ZK-4188: enabling etag produces 304 with non empty response body
ZK-4166: Abstract renderer stores rendered item index indefinitely
ZK-4105: Combobox upper/lowercase to selected item trigger too late before onChange
ZK-2700: Textbox with multiple rows allows to input more symbols when define in textbox property 'maxlength'
ZK-4195: global command binding causes NPE
ZK-4172: ROD grid rerender cause scroll jumps and scroll size desync
ZK-4198: Decimalbox implementation broken when using languages with comma as decimal separator
ZK-4106: ZK flex calculation rounding error on subpx with chrome with zoom
ZK-4190: SimpleConstraint created by flag causes JS error
ZK-4196: camera component not stopping streams when detaching
ZK-4197: getAnimationSpeed in anima.js always return +1 value
ZK-4029: memory leak (during desktop lifetime) with method binding
ZK-4069: Can't resize an area with a splitter inside a vbox
ZK-4153: additional slow hover styles in bigger listboxes (IE11)
ZK-3764: Button renders a stacked font awesome icon incorrectly
ZK-3922: binder reloads binded values due to wrong dependency detection
ZK-4164: 8.6 grid rod render performance impact
ZK-4156: listbox rod performance
ZK-4213: rod grid sizing problem with hflex=min & span
* Upgrade Notes
+ Change return type of hasVScroll() and hasHScroll() to boolean in dom.js and Scrollbar.js,
to get real scrollbar width, use jq.scrollbarWidth() instead.
Nov 20, 2018
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4103: video.setContent() doesn't show an uploaded video
ZK-4127: Rendering performance listbox in borderlayout
ZK-4133: menuitem doesn't pass an UploadEvent for onUpload
ZK-4129: typo in barcodescanner component getter
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.6.0
Nov 7, 2018
* Features
ZK-3845: Provide a video component
ZK-3930: Provide a camera component
ZK-3923: Provide a barcode scanner
ZK-3913: Provide a barcode/QR code component
ZK-3941: upgrade jasperreport for the latest japerreport version 6.5
ZK-3958: Checkbox new molds (switch, toggle)
ZK-3960: A rating component
ZK-3961: Slider new mold (knob)
ZK-3978: tree rod open node performance
ZK-4036: @ScopeParam with scopes = Scope.AUTO would look up an attribute in Execution scope
ZK-2756: Listbox supports listgroup like optgroup in select mold
ZK-3954: GoldenLayout component
ZK-3963: Organigram component
ZK-136: Three status checkbox support
ZK-3959: A new component for signing a signature
ZK-3998: org.zkoss.zel.Util outputs exceptions to the console directly - change to logger
ZK-3288: Borderlayout not resizing content after toggling autoscroll
ZK-3719: Toolbar can have an overflow button that contains those buttons weren't able to fit in the toolbar
ZK-3992: InputWidget uses setSelectionRange instead of select in
ZK-4046: a property for reloading Labels when one desktop is created
ZK-3986: chsenbox updates only the necessary DOM elements
ZK-4028: Add Navigation Model
ZK-3551: Menupopup active/highlight position from serverside
ZK-3964: Iceblue theme compact version
ZK-3277: Implement a Fileupload (using modern APIs)
ZK-3962: A new component that can select a range of image
ZK-3138: Data loading indicator for ROD
ZK-4096: LabelLoaderImpl: fine tune logging
ZK-4094: camera should provide default recording status indicator
ZK-4092: Add option to select front-facing or user-facing camera to video-enabled components
* Bugs
ZK-4008: Grid renders its column width incorrectly with span=true
ZK-3996: fragment can't parse Chinese characters
ZK-4015: Bandbox popup doesn't close when it lose focus
ZK-3981: shrink a width with a splitter doesn't work
ZK-3983: a component doesn't resize correctly with a splitter in a vbox
ZK-4014: Fragment doesn't support forEach with iterative variable
ZK-4017: Grid renders nothing after clear() and addAll()
ZK-4025: fragment-component parser fails to parse string-literals with special chars
ZK-4010: invisible listheaders are still visible in IE
ZK-4011: invisible columns are still visible in IE
ZK-4019: z-columns-bar doesn't have correct width when a scrollbar appears
ZK-3997: Listbox items not resized after ROD triggers zk.Widget.prototype.replaceCavedChildren_
ZK-3879: listbox autopaging does not work with external paginal
ZK-4033: tree items cause JS error with radiogroup
ZK-3760: Navbar submenu appears in the wrong position
ZK-4026: shadow <if> re-renders too eagerly
ZK-4030: popup loading overlay in wrong position
ZK-3994: Header visibility cause missing cells after 3604
ZK-4031: fragment-component table/tr/td problems on IE
ZK-3735: Listbox.getVisibleItemCount() does not reset its value after Listbox.setModel()
ZK-3826: Datebox does not display correct range of years
ZK-3938: Support screen scaling (chrome) to align column headers
ZK-3993: selecting an item doesn't deselect others with a mobile device
ZK-4039: a caption inside a borderlayout causes a javascript error
ZK-4023: Add strict valid date support to Datebox without lenient mode
ZK-3588: frozen + added listheader doesn't update UI properly
ZK-4035: Failing to set slider hflex in hlayout
ZK-4007: position="nocenter" is ignored after moving modal window
ZK-3877: modal window shadow gets removed after clicking to border
ZK-4021: TypeError: ref is undefined after ZK-3943
ZK-3987: a label in a cell has a different default color
ZK-4004: Invisible columns affect mesh column span width count with flex
ZK-3869: IE11 stackup iframe initially in wrong position
ZK-4032: zul.sel.ItemIter will return non-item object if all items are visible(false) during init
ZK-4038: hbox's children shrinks their height unexpectedly after dragging a splitter
ZK-4016: HtmlMacroComponent doesn't listen to onCreate event with @Listen
ZK-3647: Listbox scroll bug after sort with ROD
ZK-4041: Menubar menupopup display position if height below button is too small is always to the left
ZK-3977: ListModel listdatalistener not cleared when component is destroyed
ZK-4020: Grid creates more row than expected
ZK-3977: ListModel listdatalistener not cleared when component is destroyed
ZK-4053: open a bandbox but isOpen() still returns false
ZK-4054: setOpen() should not change open state of an invisible bandbox
ZK-3679: a custom checked exception is wrapped as OperationException
ZK-3883: The Grid/Listbox header and context are misaligned after resized
ZK-4055: conditional native rendering problems
ZK-4043: Client error with MessageBox / duplicate UUIDs and script elements
ZK-4027: setCheckmark and setMultiple are sequential on client side
ZK-3995: colobox doesn't allow "id" attribute
ZK-4056: InputElement select() setSelectionRange() not working in chrome
ZK-4061: @HistoryPopState called multiple times
ZK-3990: Datebox throws a javascript error when opening it with a mobile browser
ZK-3982: opened group scrolled out of view
ZK-3940: Websockets (error) handling larger incoming messages
ZK-4051: scrollable tabbox tabs breaking in classic themes
ZK-4003: can't get selected item correctly
ZK-3752: browser can't download source map after reloading a page
ZK-4083: IE performance - border-radius styles in iceblue
ZK-4044: 1px column header misalignment on zoomed displays
ZK-4095: Add a false positive check threshold on the barcode scanner
ZK-4113: orgitem and orgnode trigger bind / unbind even if not in the dom, cause errors
ZK-4119: grid columns misaligned
ZK-4112: Listbox ROD is empty when scroll down
* Upgrade Notes
Aug 28, 2018
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-4026: shadow <if> re-renders too eagerly
ZK-4030: popup loading overlay in wrong position
ZK-4001: new feature title on collapse borderlayout region missing style in some themes
ZK-4039: a caption inside a borderlayout causes a javascript error
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.5.2
Jul 31, 2018
* Features
ZK-1148: Able to handle the destroyed of a ViewModel.
ZK-3875: Multiline Textbox fires onOK event when pressing enter key which is configurable
ZK-3844: Include the latest 4.x font awesome icon
ZK-3329: Collapsible Borderlayout region in slide or open mode only
ZK-3538: Do not change focus when opening a Treeitem
ZK-3619: Calendar supports those constraints as Datebox
ZK-3181: redundant requests filtering with clientInfo listeners
ZK-3324: multiple ZKBIND annotations at a field undecided
ZK-3529: Add title label to collapsed borderlayout region if title is set
ZK-2459: Add BindUtils postNotifyChange method accepting multiple property names
ZK-3624: Spinner - improve initial value
ZK-3272: Display file size message with the most readable unit
ZK-3569: Popup slide-in direction change depending on position relative to input
ZK-3278: Dropupload can limit max uploading file count
ZK-3824: Provide a content-type control for AU response
ZK-3704: Decimalbox supports Indian numbering system format
ZK-3846: use date format in data constraint error messages and localize range separator
ZK-3852: chosenbox supports inplace edit
ZK-3955: Allow custom-attribute setting for checkmarkDeselectOthers
ZK-3953: update zel implementation
ZK-3564: Slider snap to multiple of step when dragging
ZK-3823: org.zkoss.lang.Library must not use synchronized blocks
ZK-3952: Grid/Listbox provide an API to scroll itself by item index
ZK-3979: WS support tomcat's request recycle
* Bugs
ZK-3630: shadow components inside a Listbox' template cause an exception
ZK-3896: Datebox failing format patterns (containing weekday)
ZK-3878: missing import org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys in zkex osgi bundle
ZK-3903: Caption duplicating label when changing icon sclass
ZK-3641: Iframe autohide not working consistently
ZK-3858: Window inside a <center> with autoscroll true doesn't resize itself correctly
ZK-3841: listheader setVisible(false) makes items "tall"
ZK-3916: Automatic session timeout redirects unreliable with websockets enabled
ZK-3915: Automatic session timeout causes exceptions with websockets enabled
ZK-3503: double right-click detected in FF
ZK-3914: listbox empty message sizing with hidden columns (wrong colspan)
ZK-3771: AFTER_PAGE_DETACHED callback doesn't work for Window component
ZK-3788: frozen grid doesn't show scrollbar af first loading
ZK-3736: Datebox popup is set to visible:false when closed by another popup closing itself
ZK-3738: Tree SelectEvent.getSelectedObjects() inconsistent with TreeModel.getSelection()
ZK-3867: nested shadow component order
ZK-3884: a grid with a frozen column cuts the text in the last column
ZK-3868: failing format patterns
ZK-3749: ListElResolver does not support standard EL syntax
ZK-3871: shadow components inside a Listbox doesn't work in nested way
ZK-3894: sendRedirect from DesktopInit omits contextPath
ZK-3850: a hidden column increases a row height
ZK-3848: Check more for lang-addon.xml when there is <extends> without <depends>
ZK-3815: zscript causes MethodNotFoundException when calling a static method in EL
ZK-3691: Listgroups are selected by the selectAll checkmark in listbox
ZK-3910: ZK destroys all iframes elements on some containers when changing DOM location
ZK-3698: NPE in Decimalbox.setValue(String)
ZK-3905: listbox selectAll checkbox stops synchronizing
ZK-3907: session timeout message ignores application wide preferred locale
ZK-3865: incorrect flex calculation with margins
ZK-3928: tree item selection changes scroll position
ZK-3885: dynamically added nested borderlayout triggers onBind twice
ZK-3935: look up an application scope event queue causes an exception when a session unavailable
ZK-3864: frozen overlap with position: relative/absolute
ZK-3911: On binder BinderImpl line 333 change getDeclaredMethods for getMethods for MatchMedia inheritance
ZK-3766: Bandpopup checking horizontal position similar to vertical position
ZK-3268: uploader and dropupload progress update interval are different
ZK-3943: popup wrong position
ZK-3646: href with mailto in chrome remove target frame too early
ZK-3792: enter am but Datebox converts it to PM
ZK-3838: users can paste non-digital characters into a intbox
ZK-3921: ROD grid loses scroll position when hiding/showing columns
ZK-3734: Doublebox with format attribute specified doesn't trigger a numeric keyboard in iPad
ZK-3945: Popup's z-index doesn't work properly
ZK-3843: wire an event listener doesn't work for a Listitem in HtmlMacroComponent
ZK-3965: Callback issues in radiogroup with model after ZK-3818
ZK-3814: Java 8 default interface methods not recognized as managed bean properties in EL
ZK-3936: Combobox size in tree
ZK-3321: Put error message on hold if set on non-visible components
ZK-3733: listbox with listgroup causes ie11 long running script warning
ZK-3870: wrong theme css class at body element
ZK-3906: colorbox not initializing hex value in palette popup
ZK-3950: Accordion mold tabbox doesn't properly resize when adding or removing items dynamically
ZK-3920: listbox wrong scroll-height caused by focus-a position
ZK-3924: stuck notification message
ZK-3951: Grid doesn't render on demand when visibleRows specified
ZK-3918: colorbox palette/picker input: copy/paste/home/end not working
ZK-3946: JS error: treeitem client ROD with hidden children
ZK-3949: Setting image attribute of caption to empty string or null cause it to display a missing image
ZK-3927: listbox column alignment with hflex=min columns
ZK-3912: tab component replaces manual tooltiptext
ZK-3956: popup causes spacing vlayout
ZK-3811: PathELResolver.getValue cause a NPE
ZK-3925: notification message affects panel size after maximize
ZK-3934: hidden columns shifting cells
ZK-3944: Getting IllegalStateException: can only add one element
ZK-3969: MVVM viewmodel name bleed into include / other idspace
ZK-3968: the widget of a custom component that implements IdSpace doesn't have _fellows initialized
ZK-3973: potentially locked resource files
ZK-3919: NPE fileupload when using Websockets (Tomcat)
ZK-3976: Tree with treecol fails to open/close nodes
ZK-3926: Typo in Borderlayout animation.disabled property
ZK-3895: wrong implementation in the widget function
ZK-3974: spinner doesn't prevent users from violating its constraint
ZK-3702: Combowidget components with autodrop trigger popup on non content relevant keys
ZK-3972: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/zkoss/zk/ui/util/forEachStatus caused by import Handler
ZK-3829: using the annotation namespace sometimes fails to initialize the value
ZK-3908: vertical toolbar has sometimes <br> between items
ZK-3058: Filedownload adds the session id to the file name
ZK-3828: @DependsOn + EL with enum causes PropertyNotFoundException
ZK-3931: user agent information missing during websocket request
ZK-3932: zul.sel.Listbox.setSelInView() tries to access non-existing DOM element
ZK-3980: show a notification produces a javascript error
ZK-3975: grouped listbox scroll wrong scrollbar pos
ZK-3988: HtmlMacroComponent compose() doesn't resolve @Wire before doAfterCompose
ZK-4002: H/Vlayout prevents submenu from opening after ZK-3956
ZK-4001: new feature title on collapse borderlayout region missing style in some themes
* Upgrade Notes
Apr 10, 2018
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3916: Automatic session timeout redirects unreliable with websockets enabled
ZK-3915: Automatic session timeout causes exceptions with websockets enabled
ZK-3878: missing import org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys in zkex osgi bundle
ZK-3635: Blur after tabbing out of non-input widget in bandpopup closes the popup
ZK-3587: focus new listitem in ROD listbox
* Upgrade Notes
Mar 20, 2018
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3897: datebox js error causes cross-origin errors
ZK-3898: Opening a popup and adding a page level component at the same time cause corrupted dom after ZK 3606
ZK-3902: popup.reposition put the popup in the wrong location after zk-3606
ZK-3847: Include invalidate cause an NPE when WebSocket is enabled
ZK-3893: NPE with Websockets + include in defer mode
ZK-3861: ListModelList setActivePage doesn't change Grid paging in MVVM pattern
* Upgrade Notes
+ Deprecated PagingEventPublisher, please use PageableModel instead.
ZK 8.5.1
Mar 6, 2018
* Features
ZK-3778: set sclass for slidingtext popup
ZK-3801: Add support for new components ZK 8/8.5 in zul.xsd
ZK-3797: Zhtml support html5 tags
ZK-3819: lookup license file in context path
ZK-3762: Enhance ContextClassLoaderFactory
ZK-3806: ValidationMessagesImpl's getters return empty array instead of null
ZK-3827: Combobox empty search message
ZK-3739: Support to insert text at the current cursor position in a Textbox
ZK-3839: provide a switch to disable caching for ZumlExtendlet
ZK-3799: simplify spring boot integration for websockets
ZK-3816: Support a dirty checking mechanism for a ViewModel's properties, so that users don't need to notify changes by themselves
ZK-3808: Provide performance tuning options for meshes
ZK-3835: Improve Tree client ROD rendering method
ZK-3793: support for Java 9 module system (fix split package issue)
ZK-3859: upgrade commons fileupload
ZK-3857: upgrade jackson library
* Bugs
ZK-3785: cleanup unused (6.5) images from themes
ZK-3789: Animation onRestore cause redrawn in CKEditor
ZK-3794: Textbox cut the bottom of text
ZK-3795: Progressmeter is not completely filled
ZK-3796: unexpectedly loaded metainfo/zk/build in zpoi.jar causes license checking failure
ZK-3745: zul xsd doesn't define "src" attribute for <caption>
ZK-3730: zul xsd doesn't define "disabled" attribute for "tab"
ZK-3753: XSD defines "var" and "varStatus" are required
ZK-3726: Datebox displays the week number incorrectly
ZK-3556: @Transient is ignored in FormProxyHandler
ZK-3768: resize while columns are hidden
ZK-3821: timeout message not localized
ZK-3718: vlayout sizing issue with vflex child - IE9-11
ZK-3347: Avoid memory buffering when building hash codes
ZK-3527: Timezone issues with historically varying DST and Offsets rules
ZK-3657: hflex/vflex min with renderdefer
ZK-3776: Frozen with paging and columns without size definition displayed blank after page change
ZK-3833: Calendar Popup for Lisbon/Timezone for Jan/1912
ZK-3800: a button with a font awesome icon is higher than a default button
ZK-3579: combobutton not using its defined/available width
ZK-3330: selected tree item not scrolling into view
ZK-3625: Menubar scrollable trigger doesn't exclude invisible items from calculation
ZK-3228: issue with panel, dynamic panelchildren and ckeditor
ZK-3656: Select all cause exception if no selectable item is rendered yet
ZK-3817: Filedownload on Android not working
ZK-3371: Tree performance on IE 11
ZK-3818: Radiogroup getSelectedItem() cause exception if radio are in subcomponents
ZK-3830: <choose> w/o <otherwise> inconsistent behavior
ZK-3765: adding components in @AfterCompose fails binding initialization
ZK-3840: fragment component flex error when inside v/hlayout
ZK-3809: Filedownload name encoding
ZK-3589: Popup fail to close when clicking outside the topmost area
ZK-3782: new frozen broken scrollbars IE and Edge
ZK-3322: NPEs when recreating a form using children or model binding
ZK-3812: Nested collections bindings with templates stop firing after ZK 3611
ZK-3836: WebSocket JS error in onClose
ZK-3805: Websocket NPE when re-directing or refreshing page
ZK-3810: Localization doesn't work using ZK 8.5 with WebSockets
ZK-3743: NPEs while using two event queues with Comet server push
ZK-3804: Chrome meshwidget visible="false" column not hidden after ZK-3722
ZK-3866: popup doClick prevents DOM state update after ZK 3606
ZK-3881: shadow components inside a Listbox doesn't work in parallel way
* Upgrade Notes
+ The ContextClassLoaderFactory interface adds a new method:
ClassLoader getContextClassLoaderForName(String) that breaks compatibility.
If you have a customized class loader factory, please implement this new method.
+ The default converters for Binding Parameter and Service Parameter are now GsonConverter.
And now Jackson-databind is an optional dependency.
ZK 8.5.0
Oct 31, 2017
* Features
ZK-3525: implement frozen alternative
ZK-3681: Add a new Fragment component
ZK-3636: Added simple support for stacked font awesome icons
ZK-3683: Add a new Splitlayout component
ZK-3684: BeanValidator allows to set a self-defined message key
ZK-550: Server Push: add a Web Socket based implementation
ZK-3709: Update Engine: add a Web Socket based implementation
ZK-3711: Support HTML5 history API
ZK-3336: tbeditor version update
ZK-3315: allow JS overrides for onResponseReady callback
ZK-3690: Size by n-rows support for all MeshWidgets
ZK-3507: Shift + up key can deselect listitems
ZK-3506: KeyEvent supports to detect the command key pressed
ZK-3689: Using org.zkoss.zk.ui.versionInfo.enabled should also make WPDExtendlet hide version to client
ZK-3520: Update tooltip JAVA API
ZK-3677: Support source maps for wpd files
ZK-3537: Improve client side error handling/logging
ZK-3717: onBlur event missing on IOS Datebox
ZK-3512: preserve comments in .src.js files
ZK-3678: Provide a switch to enable/disable iscroll in container
ZK-3720: Provide a new theme as the default theme since ZK 8.5
ZK-3780: Fragment supports using a custom element
* Bugs
ZK-3659: global <max-upload-size> is ignored
ZK-3617: XSD duplicate definitions
ZK-3574: Chosenbox doesn't serialize option uuids
ZK-3643: JS error when resizing after adding column and invalidate
ZK-3631: navbar fires onSelect event when triggered from server
ZK-3570: NPE when removing listmodel element
ZK-3600: Wrong size of grid scrollbar having first column invisible
ZK-3637: Client side @command and @global-command should work with options "duplicateIgnore" and "repeatIgnore"
ZK-3660: MeshWidget auto col sizing only working once
ZK-3645: columns losing widths after resize
ZK-3584: Https helper functions return wrong values if server name equals application context name
ZK-3680: Combowigdets closed by scrolling off view don't send an openevent back to the server
ZK-3661: typo in popup.js after ZK-3244
ZK-3693: NPE + IndexOutOfBoundsException when replacing a listitem
ZK-3696: Grid doesn't render more than 3 Auxhead components
ZK-3303: Tree selection highlighting not updated on a closed node
ZK-3607: Combobox sends one character missing value in onChanging event to a server in firefox
ZK-3700: detach a script component doesn't remove its DOM element
ZK-3701: set Script's src produce a new <script> instead of changing the existing one
ZK-3642: ZK can't work with Java unified expression language standard implementation
ZK-3699: xhtml script setSrc() doesn't convert to a valid URL to a browser
ZK-3685: Datebox shows its popup out of the visible range
ZK-3682: combobox shows its popup out of the visible range
ZK-3686: Timebox and Timepicker show their popup out of visible range
ZK-3687: loadScript loads file multiple times unnecessarily
ZK-3313: Listbox with min hflex cannot display empty message
ZK-3585: Programmatic changes to form property are not notified
ZK-3608: Click in scrolled navbar cause up jump after ZK-3230 in IE
ZK-3320: Nested @ref bindings in Shadow elements with same variable name cause Stack overflow
ZK-3653: Shadow elements nested parameter leak
ZK-3618: onClick listener doesn't work on iPad
ZK-3583: hovering a disabled button closes a popup immediately
ZK-3707: splitlayout splitter cursor icon shows only one direction
ZK-3708: splitlayout splitter uses inline style makes CSS customization harder
ZK-3309: Combobox doesn't update value before triggering onOpen
ZK-3664: A combobox popup in a Grid/Listbox produces extra height
ZK-3649: Spinner doesn't send onChanging events following ZK-3530
ZK-3714: Sessions.getCurrent() returns null during WebSocket AU
ZK-3715: URL encoding in Websocket AU requests causes NPE -> UiException
ZK-3650: Spinner missing onChanging if _lastChg == null
ZK-3614: Chosenbox: getOptIdByElement fails if the desktop of the chosenbox is null
ZK-3695: jumpy tabbox accordion animation
ZK-3572: Listbox uses deprecated setPreloadSize instead of library property org.zkoss.zul.listbox.preloadSize
ZK-3328: jq.alert default "OK" button doesn't use internationalized messages
ZK-3554: Tooltip/Popup/Context ignoring usage errors
ZK-3721: avoid 2 separate au requests for onBookmarkChange onHistoryPopState
ZK-3725: Interrupting Executions.activate() stops Server Push
ZK-3692: CometServerPush synchronization issue
ZK-3722: Grid Row childAttributes calculation ignores colspan and rowspan defined on Cell
ZK-3655: Concurrency issue in WpdExtendlet
ZK-3713: Listbox template and shadow missing value in first iteration
ZK-3723: Combobox and Bandbox ignores type="password"
ZK-3582: radio render tabindex on a span, then users need to press 1 more redudant tab to put the focus on the radio
ZK-3724: jquery issue - Ajax: Mitigate possible XSS vulnerability
ZK-3604: hiding the first column causes inconsitent column widths
ZK-3286: Labels of days can't be clicked with safari
ZK-3731: native <a> tag link suppresed inside a zk component with click listener
ZK-3516: horizontal splitter resizing incorrectly
ZK-3742: Download packages are missing the closure-compiler.jar
ZK-3737: inconsistent header borders between tree/grid/listbox
ZK-3744: error when enabling websocket serverpush via au-event
ZK-3606: data-scrollable doesn't work on top page level components
ZK-3676: notifications not closing on touch devices
ZK-3758: Row height changed after column sets visibility
ZK-3759: Disabled Menu can be clicked in mobile devices
ZK-3728: <a> renders a stacked font awesome icon with incorrect alignment
ZK-3756: Error: websocket + include mode="defer"
ZK-3761: Websocket error when changing the current theme
ZK-3757: websocket Tomcat logs errors on refresh
ZK-3626: Scrollable menubar infinite loop in zoomed browser
ZK-3580: IncompatibleClassChangeError when form object is null and its declared type is an interface
ZK-3345: Frozen scroll performance
ZK-3750: Following zk-3722, hidden cell / row style is incorrect
ZK-3732: add and clear a ListModel causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
ZK-3754: Horizontal navbar unexpected resize
ZK-3773: Message box button styles in "classic" themes
ZK-3746: frozen issues in grid with rowspan
ZK-3772: splitlayout shows incorrect cursor for horizontal splitter
ZK-3786: Selected item in Listbox did not scrolled into view automatically on Edge
ZK-3784: Paging indicator overlapped buttons if the width is too small
ZK-3783: panel/window close button markup/style inconsistent
ZK-3779: setWidth(null) causes a JavaScript error
ZK-3777: slider doesn't show custom slidertext initially
ZK-3831: initViewModel fails during createComponents on detached parent
* Upgrade Notes
+ The default theme is replaced with Iceblue. Breeze is packaged as an external theme.
+ The support of Internet Explorer 8 is dropped. The minimum support version of Internet Explorer is 9.
+ The input box of Timebox and Datebox are now readonly on mobile devices.
ZK 8.0.5
May 16, 2017
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3575: A panel size doesn't fit its parent inside a portallayout after resizing it
ZK-3343: Chosen box disappearing in Popup
ZK-3335: tbeditor p element style receive margin from browser
ZK-3546: Apply.recreate() creates a redundant template
ZK-3612: Textbox doesn't fire onChange event after being invalidated
ZK-3549: can't use <apply> inside a Listbox's <template>
ZK-3605: zWatch unlisten not always working
ZK-3616: Listbox selection lost with ROD
ZK-3638: missed events due delayed listening (zkmax only)
ZK-3263: Scroll position jumps up when clicking on scrollbar
ZK-3627: ROD Listbox scroll offset
ZK-3611: nested reference binding - inconsistent @load triggers
* Upgrade Notes
Feb 14, 2017
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3598: Bugged tooltip dragging multiple labels
* Upgrade Notes
Jan 24, 2017
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3567: Listbox is vulnerable to XSS attacks
ZK-3576: forEach element still creates components when you provide an empty list
* Upgrade Notes
+ The two attributes begin/end in must be greater or equal to zero now.
ZK 8.0.4
Jan 10, 2017
* Features
ZK-2894: Navbar supports configurable auto-closing a Nav
ZK-3351: class loading in BinderImpl
* Bugs
ZK-3338: @MatchMedia: NPE in BinderImpl if cookies are null
ZK-3339: @MatchMedia uses invalid cookie syntax, cause error run-jetty-run
ZK-3346: popups not closing in older FF versions
ZK-3518: Drag Groupbox's content doesn't give "droppable" effect in Firefox
ZK-3501: slow hover style in bigger listboxes (IE11)
ZK-3500: Chosenbox doesn't create a new item when you press the enter key before the popup shows up
ZK-2781: [GRID] Label having different color if they are in a cell
ZK-3298: "Jumping" width in hbox (Chrome)
ZK-3526: grid/listbox: rod + autosort errors
ZK-3340: Bandbox: missing onBlur/onChange
ZK-3505: Caption have a default tabindex of 0
ZK-3519: Inconsistent behavior in disabled input based controls
ZK-3342: Datebox today link date-format
ZK-3533: Message code not found in msgzul
ZK-3411: a component's height doesn't fill up its parent with vflex="1" when there is a vertical scrollbar
ZK-3508: adding a component with vflex="1" doesn't produce an expected height
ZK-3247: @MatchMedia causes error on Jetty
ZK-3530: JS error when detaching during onChanging timer
ZK-3536: A Menuitem cannot display itself completely after shrinking Menubar's width
ZK-3510: FR - NL localisation improvement
ZK-3308: ArrayGroupsModel addopengroup and removeopengroup do not sync with MeshComponent open group status
ZK-3528: Keyboard events in ROD listbox failing
ZK-3514: Multiple rm commands sent on model clear event using ArrayList model
ZK-3312: Unexpected @load binding triggers
ZK-3499: Difficult to select menuitem in line wrapped menubar
ZK-3517: ForEach cause NoSuchElementException when using ListModel
ZK-3534: Function call loop starting at zul.wgt.Popup.close() causes full browser crash on IE11
ZK-3557: Improper Output Neutralization for Logs
ZK-3562: error when saving nested form property
ZK-4081: ForEachStatus isLast() returns wrong value
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.0.3
Sep 27, 2016
* Features
ZK-3176: Add a disable attribut to Menu
ZK-3144: simplify switching between flex and fixed width
ZK-3216: Datebox calendar popup position customization
ZK-2955: Shadow element could be used in root element <zk>
ZK-3234: Add a disable attribute to paging component
ZK-3060: Add a way to disabled paging in mold="paging" for grid
ZK-3050: flags to control Long comboitem label causing endless growth of combobox drop down menu
ZK-3024: Adding a flag to bandpopup / bandbox to force bandpopup follow the bandbox width.
ZK-3255: <Idspace> support no-dom widget
ZK-3279: Support a transparent component (no dom)
ZK-3302: Security Upgrade to commons-fileupload
ZK-3300: Zhtml components support MVVM
ZK-3325: Allow form proxy customization
ZK-3274: Allow infinite CometServerPush.retry.count
* Bugs
ZK-3221: Dragging element background can cover the whole text
ZK-3198: org.zkoss.zul.tree.initRodSize = "-1" no longer disable ROD in tree on ZK8
ZK-3189: DropUpload causes NPE when filesize is close to or equal maxsize.
ZK-2601: Format "#00" breaks Spinner when value is 0
ZK-3074: Listbox doesn't extends it width with hflex="min" and predefined height
ZK-3225: CardLayout tabbing issue
ZK-3076: Wrong error message from org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.Parser
ZK-3187: include problems when clearing the "src" attribute
ZK-3156: browser detection inconsistent
ZK-3204: combobox popup detached when using invisible comboitems
ZK-3243: Combobox popup width exceeds browser width
ZK-3183: Special characters trigger unexpected onChanging event (IE10/IE11)
ZK-3219: Recursive internationalization labels causes PotentialDeadLockException
ZK-3231: Listbox doesn't keep selection after switching pages with org.zkoss.zul.listbox.checkmarkDeselectOthers enabled (true)
ZK-3218: Doublebox shows a validation error when value is 0.001
ZK-3217: Possible improvement in datebox calendar open() method
ZK-3230: Tree enforces to scroll up when you scroll down
ZK-3245: Should check the size of the dropped files separately in DropUpload
ZK-2633: ClassCastException in ClientInfoEvent with zoomed view in Windows/Chrome
ZK-3244: leaving an input widget and opening a popup in the same click prevent blur on the input on IE11
ZK-3236: Groupbox closable != true still update the open status when clicking the caption/title
ZK-3242: Tabpanel children return isRealVisible true when their panel is not selected
ZK-3226: Javadoc not up to date for ErrorEvent constructor
ZK-3237: IE 11 input readonly require focus-out before accepting edit
ZK-3248: PortalChildren doesn't resize when its children cause a scrollbar, covers the children panel
ZK-3214: Desktop cleanup cleans current execution even if not related
ZK-3203: Dropupload with folder diables the component (in FF)
ZK-3213: Ambiguous setter in Image component
ZK-3253: htmlBasedComponent.getTabIndex causes null pointer exception
ZK-3233: An Errorbox can open again when its parent component becomes visible from invisible state
ZK-3241: Setting error message on non-visible components show the error message on the top of the screen
ZK-3251: Internationalization label with multi line value causes org.zkoss.lang.PotentialDeadLockException
ZK-3252: SimpleConstraint created by (int flag) constructor doesn't follow the position
ZK-3211: MVVM relocating components with ViewModels within borderlayout
ZK-3224: Session Serialization: ConcurrentModificationException in AbstractComponent.sessionDidActivate(
ZK-3261: Cardlayout not notifying children of being shown/hidden
ZK-3284: Unexpected onFocus event in bandbox with listbox
ZK-3288: Borderlayout not resizing content after toggling autoscroll
ZK-3258: Internationalization label with complex value causes org.zkoss.lang.PotentialDeadLockException
ZK-3280: widget _bind cause wrong selection if after-mount is triggered after another selection
ZK-3260: Datebox calendar doesn't register clicks on days on Mac Safari after ZK-3193
ZK-3264: client-attributes on xhtml element corrupt rendered html
ZK-3257: 2 menus overlap each other after clicking it
ZK-3266: JS Error with flex grid
ZK-2715: ListModelList.set(int, Object) triggers repaint of ALL tabs in Tabbox
ZK-3250: Listbox always re-creates all Listitems when adding an entry in a ListModel with ROD is enabled
ZK-3293: splitter fails to work with a tabbox
ZK-3262: Datebox trigger onChange and validation when clicking on the calendar buttons
ZK-3267: Disabled Combobox with autodrop still open in IE 11
ZK-3265: ListModelList in grid with ROD and AutoSort cause unexpected "Adding causes a smaller list?" UIException
ZK-3276: Fileupload size limit can be overridden from the client side
ZK-3299: zhtml inconsistent "checked" property
ZK-3275: CometServerPush ignores retryDelay on IE9
ZK-3282: Error deserializing Chosenbox
ZK-2496: Panel moves onSize in BorderLayout
ZK-3304: server push doubles the auto-timeout delay
ZK-3141: ZK popups re-positioning next to their target on browser size.
ZK-3229: MapProxy failing contains get problem
ZK-3311: Native scrollbar is not the default setting for mobile browsers
ZK-3201: Zk Java 8 BinderImpl returns error on @Command @Override two methods error, make difficult DRY
ZK-3283: InaccessibleWidgetService misses to block events
ZK-3333: tbeditor is missing binding annotations in lang-addon.xml
ZK-3332: Flex problem in grid after resizing a column
ZK-3334: Popup doesn't follow target component
ZK-3326: Bandbox unexpected onChanging event
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.0.2
May 24, 2016
* Features
ZK-3100: support a way to customize classloading
ZK-3105: Users can specify uploading target path
ZK-3132: Make AuUploader and AuDropUploader can be extended and overridden
ZK-3134: provide configurable defaults to be be ignored in form proxies
ZK-3142: apply, updated Russian i18n
ZK-3133: Support a Match Media annotation for MVVM to use
ZK-3157: Library property support "name" - "values"
ZK-3098: add onItemClick event to Chosenbox
ZK-3166: BorderLayout slide action server-side support
ZK-3161: Title / caption / icon for collapsed LayoutRegion in BorderLayout
ZK-2582: Allow specification of Priority for SelectorComposer's @Listen() Annotation
ZK-3206: Support metaKey for MouseEvent
ZK-3185: Enable form validation with reference and collection binding
ZK-3086: Users can customize file size exceeding message for Dropupload
ZK-3188: Implement configurable ajax-timeout/retry/retry-delay for Comet serverpush
ZK-3135: enable form proxies in a modular classloading environment
* Bugs
ZK-3131: protocol relative URL erroneously prefixed with current context path
ZK-3123: File not found when loading external resource in a jar file
ZK-3082: Chosenbox onSearching does not fire with an empty value
ZK-3083: NPE at VisibilityChangeEvent
ZK-3094: Scrollable menubar body is not properly resized after container resizing
ZK-3084: An EL in a command binding cannot access "event" object
ZK-3095: Menubar ignore menuitem margin when calculating scrollable status
ZK-3117: Selection bug on listbox using checkmarkDeselectOthers functionality
ZK-3107: error when using @DependsOn
ZK-3145: Chosenbox focus() does not give focus to the input field
ZK-3139: maximizable and minimizable buttons in panel have the same tooltip
ZK-3137: an icon in a menupopup is not well aligned horizontally
ZK-3147: The margin should not increase a component's width with hflex="min"
ZK-3140: Textbox text selection in draggable row unavailable in Firefox
ZK-3143: Mesh element with multiple selection text content gets selected when using ctrl click or shift click on IE11
ZK-3158: Shadow Element NPE when setting on a parent outside of a page
ZK-3165: draggable treeitems fire onSelect too early in IE
ZK-3167: A Textbox's onChange doesn't fire when it's inside a draggable Row
ZK-3136: Textbox binding * fails
ZK-3099: error message positioning when using ca:data-scrollable
ZK-3068: A toolbar with a toolbarbutton does not count as a focusable control when giving focus to the first element of a modal window
ZK-3118: processing mask cause a js missing error exception when target component is not rendered
ZK-3168: Chosenbox doesn't send onSelectSubModel direcly to the server using ListSubModel
ZK-3169: Invalidate on a parent of chosenbox causes selection to disappear using listsubmodel
ZK-3154: autopaging will activate paging mold on first load if the content is just fit for default mold
ZK-3069: tabindex=0 is not passed to the widgets associated dom element
ZK-3184: ScrollIntoView does not apply recursively
ZK-3180: integrate security update in beanshell interpreter
ZK-3170: Opened treeitem set disabled while not visible causes child treeitems to be removed from the DOM tree
ZK-3149: FormBinding on Hibernate Entity causes: RTE: "duplicate method: setHandler"
ZK-3120: IE 8 switches to compatibility mode on popup open
ZK-3182: The label key is resolved differently in a <template> between the one inside a Grid and outside
ZK-3146: file upload error when detaching parent component
ZK-3106: template injection doesn't work with the nested template
ZK-3173: listmodel.clear() does not reset listmodel.getActivePage()
ZK-3073: [JBoss Wildfly] Unknown listener: class org.zkoss.zuti.bind.ZutiPhaseListener
ZK-3152: Listbox can render changed items only when ROD is enabled
ZK-3193: bandbox unexpected onChanging event in FF
ZK-3196: form binding: doesn't save property when it's a proxy object
ZK-3110: CollectionTemplate is hiding outer template
ZK-3097: Serialization issue: org.zkoss.zhtml.impl.AbstractTag$EncodedURL is not serializeable
ZK-3195: Firefox Drag n Drop doesn't give "droppable" status after bugfix 3140
ZK-3202: Spinner custom constraint error message broken
ZK-3209: tbeditor fails when including another jQuery script
ZK-3115: macro components adding inline-styles
ZK-3207: Clients.resize() keeps increasing a component's height with vflex="min"
ZK-3210: Spinner custom constraint error message partially wrong
ZK-3103: listbox setSelectedIndex does not scroll selected item into view
ZK-3208: Using a custom paging with a mesh component in MVVM cause ListModelList pageSize to be reset
ZK-3578: Components disappear after redrawing in Safari
ZK-3620: URLEncoder with parameter breaks dropupload workflow
* Upgrade Notes
+ Remove the method getOptionId(Object) in
+ Moved all getter and setter of tabindex to root component to match the spec of html5
+ Remove and addFormProxyObjectListener(FormProxyObjectListener) in
February 3, 2016
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3102: Combopopup wrong position
ZK-3104: jsonBindingParam-converter interfering with "normal" @BindingParams
ZK-3111: Message code not found in msgzul
ZK-3113: setting int property causes NPE
ZK-3114: Chosenbox should clean selections after set new model
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 8.0.1
January 19, 2016
* Features
ZK-2817: Support combination of Ctrl, Alt and Shift for setCtrlKeys API
ZK-2950: Support a way to persist the Shadow element
ZK-2951: Support a way to trigger MVVM command silently
ZK-2953: Support a way to get the invalid value from ValidationMessages with the given key
ZK-2959: Support customized class for getting content-type
ZK-1993: Get to the component of validation message from code
ZK-2993: add an option to enable deferrable/lazy @save() bindings
ZK-3041: Creatable chosenbox should be able to create new tag when typing subword of existing options
ZK-2642: Check if included html file will produce duplicated html, head and body tag
ZK-2677: Provide a way to customize style and icon of Errorbox
ZK-2535: Accessibility support for panel/window buttons
ZK-3039: defining a template "component" in lang-addon.xml
ZK-2902: make INVALIDATE_THRESHOLD configurable
ZK-2944: Support Shadow element selector
* Bugs
ZK-2912: Specifying a non-existing variable in "unless" attribute causes a NullPointerException if
ZK-2891: Hflex/Vflex cause modal windows to be vertically centered
ZK-2879: The "rows" attribute of Frozen doesn't work
ZK-2892: Modal window are not centered if content is resized by hflex
ZK-2899: Listbox's select mold issue on Firefox
ZK-2888: support chrome on ios
ZK-2872: Dropupload dropzone doesn't disappear after incomplete action on IE 11
ZK-2874: onBookmarkChange isn't triggered on sendRedirect with
ZK-2911: Fail to assign a variable declared in zscript to a custom attribute in the page scope
ZK-2841: Unselecting a Navitem form Java does update the UI
ZK-2921: Loading a null variable in a load binding throws a NullPointerException
ZK-2923: side effects when calling notify change on a null value
ZK-2895: hflex cause slider without width to throw "Not allowed to set hflex and width" exception
ZK-2866: auxiliary headers will disapear when using <frozen/>
ZK-2922: Cannot close an error box after multiple error boxes created in firefox
ZK-2927: Children binding add and reload model
ZK-2809: missing error message for zul import directive
ZK-2915: collection template side effect
ZK-2808: constructor call causes NPE in ZK bind expression
ZK-2887: datebox calendar control mostly hidden on ipad
ZK-2860: grid row doesn't stripe the grid when .setVisible(false)
ZK-2840: Cannot scroll down a Grid with a mobile browse
ZK-2461: Odd layout when adding columns dynamically
ZK-2908: ZK8 hflex/vflex not working in Captcha
ZK-2920: Chosenbox in popup loose value in IE 10
ZK-2893: small typo in error message in ConfigParser
ZK-2917: MVVM relocating components with ViewModels
ZK-2901: getBoundingClientRect() is slow in ie
ZK-2906: Escaped characters are not parsed back in ChosenBox > CreateMessage
ZK-2846: browser search issue with listbox using frozen columns
ZK-2935: A modal window with no focusable control will give focus to background element on tab focus
ZK-2934: A control in a grid row does not count as a focusable control when giving focus to the first element of a modal window
ZK-2936: NotSerializableException:$ResetableInputStream
ZK-2815: class cast exception when using a Boolean collection for MVVM
ZK-2859: setting an ID on treeItem cause duplication issue with paging mold
ZK-2858: content type list is not complete in the file
ZK-2943: The root template should be added to page scope
ZK-2742: Combobox popup shows at wrong position in IE10
ZK-2849: Cannot close the dropdown by clicking combobox button
ZK-2946: tree column align ignored
ZK-2919: WrongValueException prevents combobox from saving value
ZK-2928: Clear user input doesn't sent a onChange and onSelect
ZK-2948: Do listen "OnBind" again in Data handler when a widget trigger rerender()
ZK-2937: The Combobox overwrites input text with previously selected item
ZK-2930: Setting a model to a Chosenbox causes a NullPointerException
ZK-2940: Combobutton is not tab focusable if no tabIndex or tabindex="0"
ZK-2941: Combobutton has not keyboard behavior
ZK-2939: visible="false" listitems in listbox shift index of visible elements
ZK-2982: apply shadowElement problems with serialization
ZK-2978: Borderlayout doesn't appear a vertical scrollbar when its content overflows
ZK-2984: inconsistent contains()/remove() behavior
ZK-2974: Constraint error box's tooltip is confusing in German
ZK-2969: onSelect / onCheckSelectAll events not consistent (paging)
ZK-2988: column with hflex min causes JS error in grid with footer
ZK-2992: Using ZK PE - Grid does not scroll and scrollbar breaks in iPad
ZK-2990: zk.useStackup: problem with notifications and z-index
ZK-2995: NamespaceParser should work with non-ZK namespace
ZK-2329: NPE at
ZK-2968: listbox rows-attribute ignored on ipad
ZK-3000: ListSubModel doesn't support selection from model in chosenbox
ZK-2964: datebox format for time notation bug
ZK-3020: NotSerializableException: java.util.logging.Logger is caused by TrackerImpl
ZK-3009: infinite loop with recursive apply-template
ZK-3017: problems with complex regex
ZK-2957: data-handler feature doesn't work with zhtml.Widget's
ZK-3010: chosenbox with listsubmodel does not fire onSearchEvent
ZK-3015: Combobox model setSelection does not update the textbox
ZK-3040: icon disappears in IE8 on mouse hover
ZK-3045: Memory leak in MVVM binding
ZK-3046: childrenBinding - conditional item rendering
ZK-2999: Calling tree.selectAll() doesn't select all items on a browser
ZK-3021: lost variable in nested children-binding
ZK-3008: combopopup overlapping inputfield
ZK-2970: input fields losing focus in listbox
ZK-2971: listbox scrollposition not updating (keyboard control)
ZK-2994: Removal causes a larger list in nested children binding
ZK-3044: ZK 8 popup/context/tooltip binding via EL/ZK-Bind
ZK-2979: OSGi: Split Packages of javassist.util.proxy
ZK-3053: the ZK processing bar is shown unexpectedly
ZK-3016: scrollable tabs problems with dynamic tab labels
ZK-2890: Ghost and Drag Message from Tree / Treeitem
ZK-3011: zhtml img src ignored before added to page
ZK-3013: unexpected events on Combobox with Grid+RowRenderer
ZK-3026: ChildrenBinding breaks when adding an element not to the end of the ListModelList
ZK-3007: grid master detail columns not aligned
ZK-3023: Bandpopup and bandpopup-shadow width cause overlapping / unwanted scrollbar
ZK-3049: Combobox drop-down button behavior with inplace="true"
ZK-3048: Listheaders are mis-aligned with listcells under non-nativebar
ZK-2787: 8.0.0-RC1 breaks ZkToDo2 demo with ZK error "cannot create proxy java.sql.Timestamp empty constructor needed"
ZK-2983: "Invalidate" corrupts the selection displayed in chosenbox
ZK-3051: Combobox drop-down menu cover the input textbox
ZK-3059: hflex="min" doesn't consider child components' margin
ZK-3062: vflex="min" doesn't consider a component's margin
ZK-3066: custom resolvers doesn't work while BindELResolver has outcommented
ZK-2938: Mutual blocking setHeight-setVflex and setWidth-setHflex is not satisfactory.
ZK-3022: NPE when expand all node of Tree by set isOpen = true for all TreeItem
ZK-3077: Focus class is not removed on listitem on unselection when draggable is active
ZK-3089: Upload dialogue open again after click 'cancel'
* Upgrade Notes
+ Rename the method of ListModelArray, ListModelList, and ListModelSet from update(E) to notifyChange(E).
ZK 8.0.0
October 6, 2015
* Features
ZK-2596: Support JSR 341: Expression Language 3.0
ZK-2476: Support to plug a different parser for parsing a page
ZK-2698: Add a lightweight rich editor
ZK-2508: Enhance ForEachStatus to be consistent with JSTL's varStatus properties
ZK-2578: Add one more phase when initial bindings
ZK-2581: Add a @SmartNotifyChange annotation that triggering the notification once the value of the property is changed
ZK-2584: Support @command and @global-command for client side to use
ZK-2822: Provide a channel to communicate between client and server with ZK composer
ZK-2819: Provide a websocket channel to share application data between ZK and non-ZK application
ZK-2613: ZHTML component's src attribute support encodeURL like Image in Zul
ZK-2612: ZHTML support textContent attribute for dynamic data binding
ZK-2614: ZK DataBinding support client callback function after some command triggered
ZK-2545: Children binding support list model
ZK-2620: Upgrade Font Awesome to 4.3 version
ZK-2623: Page scope template
ZK-2631: Parser support another namespace for shadow element
ZK-2632: Parser support disorder template tag
ZK-2650: BindingParam annotation support converting from JSON to POJO automatically
ZK-2668: New Build-in Converter - FormattedTimeConverter
ZK-2675: Add an annotation for client command
ZK-2674: Add an annotation for notify command
ZK-1972: ZK bind support access vm properties in client side
ZK-2576: Support a shadow element concept for Databinding or EL expression
ZK-2638: simplify exception handling (avoid wrapping RuntimeExceptions)
ZK-2641: Support custom error message for input element that has multiple constraints
ZK-2713: support loadScript and loadCSS API
ZK-2724: Add a callback mechanism for component at redraw phase
ZK-1983: add a "today" button to datebox's calendar popup
ZK-2718: Forbidden to set hflex/vflex and width/height at the same time
ZK-2725: New ZK message support - Danish translation
ZK-2730: Support client data attributes handler
ZK-2727: Utilize Scrollview component in desktop
ZK-2707: Add a timepicker component
ZK-2708: Add a rowlayout component
ZK-2748: Configure to ignore break line when parsing in a library property
ZK-2753: el3 enhancement for invoking customized static method
ZK-2569: Provide localized message for fileupload
ZK-2800: replacing a listmodel item should re-renders only one item
ZK-2662: Forbidden to set width/height/hflex/vflex in Auxheader
ZK-2838: Shadow Template Support MVC
ZK-2546: Component EL resolver performance boost
ZK-2876: ZK Custom Taglib should support the depends attribute to load them in order
* Bugs
ZK-2083: MVVM Form Binding with References
ZK-1848: Form Binding doesn't update the bean field when a binding bean changed
ZK-2078: FormBinding with collections does not cache the changes
ZK-2552: Tabbox model NotifyChange problem
ZK-2592: @validator('formBeanValidator'... does not validate nested properties
ZK-2663: Popup does not show up when its parent is native
ZK-2598: forward event behaves inconsistent inside an include
ZK-2660: Sync grid column visible state in client/server side when show/hide column through menupopup
ZK-2716: xhtml component dynamic updates
ZK-2744: pause comet server push while au isn't ready
ZK-2763: Property 'bindingAttributes' not found on type org.zkoss.bind.BindComposer
ZK-2758: unset parameter affects following template invocation
ZK-2691: chosenbox rendering inconsistently and losing selections
ZK-2792: sh:forEach insert item at wrong position
ZK-2799: sh:forEach with multiple inserts
ZK-2823: forEach error when clearing ListModelList
ZK-2807: notifyChange on method name only in ZK 8
ZK-2534: Listbox allows selection with checkable="false"
ZK-2837: nested foreach/if/apply problems
ZK-1696: Active page of tree not sync while model changed
ZK-2789: leaking "each" variable with nested childen/model binding
ZK-1987: Combobox item selection rely items label string
ZK-2861: JSON objects in parsed with doublequotes (")
ZK-2845: whitespace issue with shadow element and native element
ZK-2855: multiple templates in the same component are ignored
ZK-2542: @converter causes a big performance issue on the nested children binding
ZK-2868: apply template creates unexpected empty label
ZK-2772: Misaligned Grid columns
ZK-2881: unexpected focus class location
ZK-2760: Child not allowed in org.zkoss.zhtml.Input (with open & close tags)
* Upgrade Notes
+ Deprecated the method of getEach() in org.zkoss.zk.ui.util.ForEachStatus, use getCurrent() method instead.
+ Removed the classes of org.zkoss.bind.SimpleForm, org.zkoss.bind.impl.FormImpl and org.zkoss.bind.impl.FormExt, please use Form Proxy mechanism instead.
+ Renaming icons for upgrading Font Awesome to 4.3
*. z-icon-move to z-icon-arrows
*. z-icon-resize-full to z-icon-expand
*. z-icon-resize-small to z-icon-compress
*. z-icon-resize-vertical to z-icon-arrows-v
*. z-icon-resize-horizontal to z-icon-arrows-h
*. z-icon-fullscreen to z-icon-arrows-alt
*. z-icon-hospital to z-icon-hospital-o
*. z-icon-unlock-o to z-icon-unlock-alt
*. z-icon-ellipsis-horizontal to z-icon-ellipsis-h
*. z-icon-ellipsis-vertical to z-icon-ellipsis-v
+ Removed the icons for upgrading Font Awesome to 4.3
*. z-icon-expand-o
*. z-icon-collapse-o
+ The library property of org.zkoss.zk.ui.invokeFirstRootForAfterKeyDown.enabled is false by default.
+ Deprecated the method of setWidgetAttribute() and getWidgetAttribute() of org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component, use
setClientAttribute() and getClientAttribute() method instead.
+ Add a restriction that it's forbidden to set width/height/hflex/vflex in Auxheader.
+ Deprecated the method of setCheckable() and isCheckable() for Treeitem and Listitem component, use setSelectable() and isSelectable() instead.
+ The selectAll checkmark on listhead can support on Listbox with model in paging or non-paging mold, no matter whether in ROD or non-ROD mode.
+ The Selectable interface adds two new methods, setSelectionControl(SelectionControl) and getSelectionControl(), for select all function. By default
it has a simple implementation for AbstractGroupsModel and AbstractListModel to assume all elements are selectable, if the default behavior is not
the same as that in your application, please implement your own one to speed up the performane for a huge data model.
+ For Listitem and Treeitem component, if the value of isSelectable() or isCheckable() is false, it means the item cannot be selectable or navigable.
+ AbstractListModel and AbstractTreeModel now implements Pageable interface, recommend controling paging from model directly, instead of using component. If paging information was not set on model, when setting model to a component, model will inherit paging information from component. If model has its own paging information, when setting model to a component, paging information on the model will overwrite paging information on the component.
ZK 7.0.8
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-3045: Memory leak in MVVM binding
ZK-3021: lost variable in nested children-binding
ZK-3053: the ZK processing bar is shown unexpectedly
ZK-3048: Listheaders are mis-aligned with listcells under non-nativebar
ZK-3049: Combobox drop-down button behavior with inplace="true"
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 7.0.7
December 15, 2015
* Features
ZK-2931: Atlantic theme @import google fonts
* Bugs
ZK-2843: MVVM does not support WireVariable rewireOnActivate
ZK-2854: Parameters are ignored if include zul page with query string
ZK-2857: NullPointerException happened when the include query string contains slash
ZK-2891: Hflex/Vflex cause modal windows to be vertically centered
ZK-2879: The "rows" attribute of Frozen doesn't work
ZK-2892: Modal window are not centered if content is resized by hflex
ZK-2899: Listbox's select mold issue on Firefox
ZK-2841: Unselecting a Navitem form Java does update the UI
ZK-2903: frozen columns remain hidden after resize
ZK-2866: auxiliary headers will disapear when using <frozen/>
ZK-2922: Cannot close an error box after multiple error boxes created in firefox
ZK-2840: Cannot scroll down a Grid with a mobile browse
ZK-2893: small typo in error message in ConfigParser
ZK-2846: browser search issue with listbox using frozen columns
ZK-2935: A modal window with no focusable control will give focus to background element on tab focus
ZK-2934: A control in a grid row does not count as a focusable control when giving focus to the first element of a modal window
ZK-2862: Cannot select an item in a listbox when its outer listbox is draggable
ZK-2936: NotSerializableException:$ResetableInputStream
ZK-2815: class cast exception when using a Boolean collection for MVVM
ZK-2858: content type list is not complete in the file
ZK-2742: Combobox popup shows at wrong position in IE10
ZK-2849: Cannot close the dropdown by clicking combobox button
ZK-2946: tree column align ignored
ZK-2860: grid row doesn't stripe the grid when .setVisible(false)
ZK-2940: Combobutton is not tab focusable if no tabIndex or tabindex="0"
ZK-2941: Combobutton has not keyboard behavior
ZK-2939: visible="false" listitems in listbox shift index of visible elements
ZK-2978: Borderlayout doesn't appear a vertical scrollbar when its content overflows
ZK-2974: Constraint error box's tooltip is confusing in German
ZK-2975: Datebox validate "mars" Incorrectly in French
ZK-2977: A combobox popup displays at an unexpected position
ZK-2988: column with hflex min causes JS error in grid with footer
ZK-2992: Using ZK PE - Grid does not scroll and scrollbar breaks in iPad
ZK-2958: Error "Removal causes a larger list?" on Combobox
ZK-2952: An error box disappears in 2 different ways when clicking different places
ZK-2990: zk.useStackup: problem with notifications and z-index
ZK-2960: combobox popup opens below screen bottom
ZK-2995: NamespaceParser should work with non-ZK namespace
ZK-2963: Cannot apply silvertail theme for a mobile browser
ZK-2329: NPE at
ZK-2949: A column becomes invisible permanently after resizing a column
ZK-3012: IndexOutOfBoundsException when rendering a grid
ZK-2929: Combobox's dropdown popup can extend its width automatically to eliminate the horizontal scrollbar
ZK-3014: Bandpopup content Listbox with hflex="min" get a 1px width if Listbox is updated while popup is not visible
ZK-2971: listbox scrollposition not updating (keyboard control)
ZK-2987: Going to the last page causes an empty-like listbox
ZK-3006: If the separator key needs to press the shift key, it doesn't work as expected
ZK-3027: Animate speed problem
* Upgrade Notes
August 19, 2015
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2844: after redirect to another page, the au is disabled
ZK-2839: Invoke a global javascript function doesn't work
ZK 7.0.6
August 11, 2015
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2692: SLF4J logging argument syntax
ZK-2722: Clearing a Grid's model causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
ZK-1816: listbox menupopup=auto when a column is hidden and the listheader is clicked for sorting, the hidden column re-appears
ZK-2720: Setting automatic-timeout to true didn't redirect to timeout page based on session timeout time
ZK-2747: Executions.schedule API behavior didn't follow its javadoc description
ZK-2630: Window caption didn't align with close icon in Firefox
ZK-2764: TreeNode.setData() causes incorrect re-positioning of treeitems
ZK-2759: Grid header and content misaligned when using span="true"
ZK-2729: Dropupload overlay does not cover its anchor after scrolling
ZK-2767: dropupload problems with native drop after first upload
ZK-2616: Timeout on long running redirect if user triggers more events
ZK-2768: client ROD causes JS error with
ZK-2690: Grid's non-frozen columns disappear after scrolling
ZK-2712: Tree scroll position didn't clear when setting new model and then invalidate
ZK-2757: textboxes onChange with native drag'n'drop
ZK-2750: shifting separator in borderlayout
ZK-2739: Modal window didn't focus on previously focused button when button have autodisabled setted
ZK-2694: client side tree open/close and virtual scrollbars
ZK-2773: The popup position of datebox shows at wrong position when the page is longer than screen
ZK-2709: Modified time doesn't update in a Datebox in Firefox
ZK-2704: combobox immediately closes when loading comboitems on demand
ZK-2673: The nav items size is not adapted in case further items are added on demand
ZK-2711: Combobox popup position becomes incorrect when soft keyboard is displayed on iPad
ZK-2717: Issue with combobox popup during orientation change
ZK-2697: rmDesktop not reliable on iPhone/iPad safari
ZK-2687: Clients.showNotification should consider the target component is in parent's scroll viewport or not
ZK-2775: initially open popup does not clear loading mask
ZK-2776: Hide a Grid's column and columns become mis-aligned
ZK-2784: double virtual scrollbars for grid inside borderlayout
ZK-2779: TreeModel selection size is incorrect when tree node is not rendered yet
ZK-2705: ZUL's applet invoke does not correctly call method on Internet Explorer
ZK-2680: navbar open items out of synch
ZK-2790: timeout after AU during page reload
ZK-2793: Datebox popup in mobile cannot scroll year properly
ZK-2682: Remove a ListModel's item before a Combobx renders throws an exception
ZK-2754: Problem with two group scoped event queues and iframe
ZK-2785: dropupload freezes when dropping a folder (in Chrome)
ZK-2686: incorrect borderlayout resizing to 0px in tabbox
ZK-2769: Listfooter is not aligned with listhead on changing width
ZK-2746: Errorbox still not shown when WrongValueException is thrown on a multiline textbox
ZK-2783: empty comboitem renders without height
ZK-2765: Support orientation change event to modify datebox popup window's size and position
ZK-2679: Previous and next arrows in calendar control trigger onbeforeunload in IE<=10
ZK-2802: toolbarbutton does not support big image icon
ZK-2805: call ListModelList.add() and a chosenbox throws a javascript error
ZK-2752: Grid column width is incorrect when set hflex to min and first row is invisible
ZK-2245: Filedownload not working on IOS
ZK-2795: popup causing lost onFocus/onChange event
ZK-2804: listbox select range with ROD
ZK-2796: Uncessary onRender command triggered when setting tabbox's maximalHeight attribute to true
ZK-2664: Remove a Grid's row and first row gets focus
ZK-2810: vertical (left/right) tabbox content sizing issue
ZK-2701: serialization callbacks called multiple times
ZK-2812: onOpen event listener didn't trigger when using GroupsModel
ZK-2825: Looping javascript array should not include zk defined function
ZK-2818: Busy message cannot be cleared under server push
ZK-2268: Messagebox becomes hidden behind Modal
ZK-2829: TabboxEngineImpl not serializable
ZK-2832: Nav's selectedItem causes a JS error when the navitem is being invalidated
ZK-2827: asynch invalidate() causing client error
ZK-2628: Combo item does not display icon
April 28, 2015
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2741: Optimize dummy request call
April 28, 2015
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2741: Optimize dummy request call
April 13, 2015
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2702: Server push crash since a pair of execution activate and deactive were called
ZK 7.0.5
March 24, 2015
* Features
ZK-2644: Add a way to turn off the seeking first root widget for afterKeyDown event
* Bugs
ZK-2564: vm.items not sync after window serialization and deserialization
ZK-2538: Updating a treeitem in a large tree with paging causes client-side stack overflow
ZK-2539: Getting selected count from a large tree with paging causes server-side stack overflow
ZK-2548: Initial keyboard selection causes combobox constraint error
ZK-2553: grid with frozen JS error
ZK-2595: The nested hflex size is not up to date when the new child added inside a hlayout or vlayout
ZK-2588: Uncheck a Listitem will auto scroll back to another selected item
ZK-2590: Type numpad 1 but combobox selects an item starting with 'A'
ZK-2550: Listbox doesn't keep scrollbar position when replacing an item of ListModelList and ROD enabled
ZK-2559: adding auxheaders together with columns causes JS errors
ZK-2558: adding and freezing columns dynamically causes a JS error
ZK-2551: Listbox doesn't keep scrollbar position when applying hflex="min" on a listheader
ZK-2575: errors in zul.xsd
ZK-2555: grid with groups model does not support dynamic templates
ZK-2541: Attempt to install CometAsyncServlet in Servlet 2.5 compliant container
ZK-2603: unlisten model listener when the component has detached, and listen it again when attached.
ZK-2547: Sometimes we cannot close a Treeitem in one click
ZK-2568: Group/Listgroup row has wrong colspan value
ZK-2586: datebox performance on IE11
ZK-2554: Context menu is closed automatically when tooltip showed
ZK-2583: frozen grid/listbox scrolling controls partially broken on IE
ZK-2611: Inconsistency in TreeModel when changing the model
ZK-2589: Tree ROD failing after open/close a node
ZK-2622: Native component with nested script tag will cause JS error
ZK-2518: The "accept" attribute of Button used to upload doesn't work for multiple file type
ZK-2607: Setting new itemRenderer does not refresh Selectbox
ZK-2574: Long operation Pattern (generic approach) not working for Servlet 3
ZK-1132: Support for .zul files taken from web-fragment projects
ZK-2626: treerow height for autopaging is not consistency with default mold
ZK-2636: Form validator didn't get value to validate selectedItem attribute if adding new item to Combobox's ListModel
ZK-2562: Wrong tree rendering after adding node with tree model
ZK-2516: center content flickers in ZK 7 when invalidating
ZK-2544: Clicking on combobox button does not select listitem when nonselectableTags=""
ZK-2606: listitem.setParent loses selected flag
ZK-2624: Page controls didn't show when using autopaging in Grid/Tree
ZK-2639: performance issue with AbstractTreeModel and render on demand
ZK-2567: Include html file throw UiException with auto mode
ZK-2640: Navigate textboxes in mesh widget headers by tab key misaligned headers with cell content [FF, IE11]
ZK-2587: Firefox drag and drop problem within tabbox
ZK-2619: Errorbox not shown when WrongValueException is thrown on a multiline textbox
ZK-2635: Navbar (collapsible) changes position when selecting
ZK-2645: Listbox rendered incorrect when ROD enabled
ZK-2648: Icons are not centered vertically inside paging control
ZK-2652: Chosenbox popup is fixed in position during mouse wheel scrolling when ca:data-scrollable="true"
ZK-2649: Executions.sendRedirect() doesn't work when invoke them from .zhtml page
ZK-2651: JS Error showed when clear grid children component that include frozen
ZK-2627: Text for 2233 message Reload is incorrect in russian localization
ZK-2656: ZK 7 JQ selectors not completely working
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 7.0.4
December 9, 2014
* Features
ZK-2455: A way to change the html tag of the include component
ZK-2483: ZK template support Map, List, Set, and other Collection type
ZK-2433: Highlight text in a listitem without using nonselectableTag
ZK-2495: When ZK init page, the loading animation runs in a endless loop
ZK-112: Splitter should override neighbor sizes when dragged by user
ZK-2531: Support tabindex for Listbox and Tree in paging and default molds
* Bugs
ZK-2418: Listbox's horizontal scrollbar moves to leftmost position when using up / down key to change selection
ZK-2419: slider only writes integer even when binding curpos with a double attribute
ZK-2420: Listbox forget scroll position when detaching parent component if rod enabled
ZK-2422: <a> component causes onbeforeUnload in IE<=10
ZK-2423: custom UrlEncoder with fileupload
ZK-2428: Inner anonymous inner class' initial method is not invoked
ZK-2440: Client-side doMouseEnter_ and doMouseLeave_ event handlers not working
ZK-2445: Feature ZK-2076 doesn't consider about extended event class
ZK-2438: Can not drag a slider, which is inside a detail with "step" attribute
ZK-2394: Flex fails on grid's column
ZK-2434: Binding bug with odd side effect
ZK-2449: upload button affects button layout flow
ZK-2448: JS Error when adding listheaders dynamically
ZK-2450: Listbox's selected index becomes -1 when navigating with page up / page down key in CE
ZK-2453: JS error on page load
ZK-2458: Area component cursor style is not correct in IE
ZK-2460: When doing a drag & drop quickly on a tree, a component not found exception is thrown.
ZK-2463: dynamically adding columns to frozen grids raises javascript errors
ZK-2464: Possible XSS Vulnerability in HTTP Header
ZK-2370: Updating the label of a Panel Caption before its image doesn't update the image on the client correctly.
ZK-2468: Grid with frozen columns rendered incorrectly
ZK-2473: Include with xhtml file type cannot display well
ZK-2466: JS error when adding grid columns dynamically
ZK-2456: MVVM command parameter cannot be evaluated inside a native component
ZK-2471: file upload in IE10
ZK-2447: IndexOutOfBound exception occurs when using ListModelList.removeRange(0, size) with all items selected
ZK-2478: Menuitem Fileupload not working in IE 10 and below
ZK-2435: Bandbox does not allow to distinguish onOK from onCancel
ZK-2481: Navbar not visible if it is aligned right
ZK-2477: Datebox shows the wrong day of week for locale "en" (Internet Explorer 9)
ZK-2491: css background style doesn't display in print preview
ZK-2488: Caption component with label renders incorrectly
ZK-2472: zk_download iframe creates scrollbar
ZK-2489: iscroll not working for tablet
ZK-2493: ClassUtil.newInstance() may cause stack overflow exception
ZK-2494: SVG image looks different over ZK zul page on firefox and opera
ZK-2509: grid column width not render correct when using frozen component
ZK-2507: Some portlets deployed to Liferay 5.2.3 cause JavaScript errors
ZK-2487: ZK on iOS 8.0.2 Safari not working ?
ZK-2506: href with mailto: causes session timeout
ZK-2514: Splitter doesn't move to the position being dragged to
ZK-2519: Changing the caption label removes other DOM elements in the caption
ZK-2524: Property value is loaded twice when property binding and children binding are used together
ZK-2529: onOK/onCancel/ctrlKeys prevent widget input
ZK-2543: Listbox allows selection with checkable="false"
* Upgrade Notes
+ Took off doMouseEnter_ and doMouseLeave_ from widget.js because there are not in use. Use domListen
with self-defined function instead. e.g: domListen(n, 'onMouseEnter', 'selfDefinedFunction').
+ Added custom attribute org.zkoss.zul.listbox.selectOnHighlight.disabled and org.zkoss.zul.tree.selectOnHighlight.disabled.
When sets true on Listbox/Tree, select functionality will be disabled when highlighting text content with mouse dragging.
ZK 7.0.3
September 2, 2014
* Features
ZK-2076: Enhance Subscribe annotation to map java method by the event name and the parameter type in order
ZK-2332: Cardlayout should support tuning animation speed or disabling the animation
ZK-2338: cat function add support for Object signature
ZK-2289: Futher optimize zkbind memory consumption.
ZK-2372: A way to support a different namespace parser for attributes
ZK-2410: When pressing tab key in paging input box, "next page" button can get focus
* Bugs
ZK-2292: field access using dot notation (a.b.c) is not fully consistent for maps
ZK-2291: ZK gets into an infinite loop when HTTP session attributes are changed inside of sessionCreated()
ZK-2307: Column borders become mis-aligned to listbox header's border after resizing a brower's width
ZK-2309: Columnlayout not resize its children after changing columnchildren's visibility
ZK-2308: ESC does not always work to close a datebox
ZK-2305: Horizontal scrollbar of Listbox covers the last item from being clicked
ZK-2310: When maximize the panel in portallayout, add another panel will cause js error
ZK-2303: Turkish Constraint Message is wrong for : NO_NEGATIVE
ZK-2313: Listbox's scrollIntoView should be consistent by invoking with setSelectedIndex(), setSelectedItem(), and Listitem's setSelected()
ZK-2314: Tree component causes JS error
ZK-2318: Only first dragging item has correctly drag and drop style
ZK-2204: Listbox in Grid on FireFox 27.0.1 will auto select on client when mouse out listitem
ZK-2321: ZK fails when parsing rare unicode characters that require 2 UTF-16 chars
ZK-2244: Defective movements in the ZK 7.0.1 Listbox.
ZK-2328: Listbox with selected item make the whole browser scroll
ZK-2325: Spacing="0" and spacing="0px" produce different results for hbox/vbox on some browsers
ZK-2331: Combobox drop-down sometimes not open on top of input element if the browser space is not enough
ZK-2152: Wrong Behaviour of Datebox when Overwriting Time
ZK-2335: grid render performance on the client side (normal vs. renderdefer)
ZK-2341: Nested cardlayout did not show correctly
ZK-2337: grid renderdefer "z-grid-odd" style missing
ZK-2342: Multiple onAnchorPos events causing too many parameters exception
ZK-2350: Filedownload with file name contain empty string become to "+" sign in IE
ZK-2352: Executions.forward() will show IOException warning
ZK-2348: empty listheaders visibility problems when used along auxheaders
ZK-2358: Column borders become mis-aligned to listbox header's border when scrolling to right-most position
ZK-2356: Menu popup with onOpen event moving slightly when hovering
ZK-2359: Autopaging causes flickering of list
ZK-2366: zul.xsd did not define var attribute
ZK-2365: "No items to display" is no longer centered in a Listbox with Firefox and Chrome.
ZK-2361: Missing element for <template> in zul.xsd
ZK-2368: ZUL XSD doesn't define "status" attribute for "template" element
ZK-2363: resizing a window after maximizing it causes a JS error
ZK-2369: borderlayout autoscroll issue iphone5
ZK-2373: With a custom binder, there is no way to change the queue scope
ZK-2374: touch event handling interferes with user defined jQuery version
ZK-2371: Validation message is not shown every time. It depends on the height of the browser window.
ZK-2375: Close treenode did not render tree correctly in paging mold
ZK-2379: selectbox with model error when calling parent invalidate()
ZK-2382: Can't select specific date when daylight saving time started at 12:00:00 AM
ZK-2390: hflex fails when combining hbox and templating
ZK-2389: Append popup component to Hlayout throws JavaScript error
ZK-2351: Doublespinner always blank in turkish locale on iOS devices
ZK-2393: grid rendering on mobile device
ZK-2398: Sortable tree missing sort icon on tree column
ZK-2377: scrollbar will jump back after scroll to bottom-most position
ZK-2395: Tree header and content misaligned if contains invisible columns
ZK-2401: Navigate textboxes in listheader by tab key break frozen scroll behavior
ZK-2397: Session timeout denote twice if sending two au requests
ZK-2407: XSS Vulnerability in textbox.setValue()
ZK-2400: In IE8, clicking the "up/down" arrow of timebox triggers an onChange event every second time
ZK-2402: In IE8, clicking the "up/down" arrow of timebox does not always trigger an onChange event
ZK-2409: Combobox drop-down not open on top of input if using sub model
ZK-2414: Incorrect width calculation with hflex in IE9 / IE10
ZK-2413: Press page up key in the paging box of a Listbox increases page number
ZK-2357: Upload button hover style missing
* Upgrade Notes
+ Add a new client attribute "Data-AnimationSpeed", which let user change the animation speed of widget.
+ Due to the coupled component hierarchy issue, we deprecated the attribute stubonly of Row, Listitem, and Treeitem,
please use Cell, Listcell, and Treecell instead.
+ Fall back the format and locale attribute for Tablet devices to use Desktop implementation instead:
*. Intbox's format attribute
*. Doublebox's format attribute
*. Spinner's format attribute
*. Doublespinner's format attribute
*. Longbox's format attribute
*. Decimalbox's format attribute
+ MeshElements (grid, listbox, and tree) to follow the setting of "org.zkoss.zul.nativebar" for touch device to use
the native scrollbar by default.
ZK 7.0.2
May 27, 2014
* Features
ZK-2207: Dropupload Component support anchor
ZK-2226: Portallayout should support resizable portalchildren
ZK-2227: ZK Messages support Polish lang
ZK-2270: Enables registering concrete richlets instead of their class names
ZK-2272: Remove richlets during the runtime
ZK-2288: A way to specify a customized default AnnotateBinder.
ZK-2237: Support autodisable property for <a> component
* Bugs
ZK-2192: Combobox button does not work when other component is animating
ZK-2178: NullPointerException showed when biglistbox doesn't provide any MatrixModel
ZK-2185: Setting listitems draggable&droppable makes inner listbox not showing correctly in mold=select
ZK-2211: Popup position not properly fixed in listbox
ZK-2221: Biglistbox JS errors, when the Matrix model returns zero sizes
ZK-2220: Biglistbox with frozen horizontal scrollbar problems
ZK-2219: Header getting sometimes out of synch with cells in Biglistbox
ZK-2216: Performance issue of Listbox and Combobox with inplace="true"
ZK-2195: Focus input in modal window in IE
ZK-2194: Clients.scrollIntoView() not working on a listitem within a listbox without scrollbar, but the enclosing page has a scrollbar
ZK-2218: Buggy log message '%s'
ZK-1235: Resizing of Panels in Portal Layout is very buggy
ZK-2210: improve zk portlet 2 integration
ZK-2228: Scroll position is reset after resizing column headers of listbox or grid with native scrollbar [IE9]
ZK-2199: Some columns disappeared after resizing "percentage width" columns
ZK-2202: Datebox is not updated properly when enter pressed in inner timebox
ZK-2209: the caption with inner div should show correct
ZK-2200: Navigate combobox drop down list by "down" key not work correctly if contains empty string
ZK-2231: Invisible window inside vbox cause js error when calculating flex size
ZK-2193: Listbox will scroll in horizontal direction when navigation by keyboard
ZK-2116: possible XSS Vulnerability for Listcell
ZK-2235: Grid / Listbox ROD JS errors
ZK-2222: listhead not aligned with listitem
ZK-2191: Open detail cause infinite loop when overrided icon sclass
ZK-2206: Getting exception while adding id to TreeChild by using setId api
ZK-2106: Columnlayout resize problem
ZK-1799: Panel width is too small when content is small and title is big
ZK-2217: listfoot and paging disappears when loading data
ZK-2236: client side Widget.hide() does not recalculate flex (while Widget.hide() does)
ZK-2215: Fileupload.get() doesn't implement the accept attribute
ZK-2233: problems with fileupload button in ZK7
ZK-2149: zul.xsd is incomplete. Panel tag missing attributes "sizable" and "framable"
ZK-2243: Listboxes with width=100% and hflex=1 placed inside TableLayout do not resize correctly
ZK-2238: Tree with native scrollbar problem when opening nodes further down
ZK-2040: The submenu has no space to unfold to the right and needs to open on the left side.
ZK-2224: Column/cell removal times in listbox scales quadraticly on server side
ZK-2213: Possible problem with invalidate in groupbox for mobile version
ZK-1749: Paste broken on a Timebox component
ZK-1750: Veracode report security flaw
ZK-2254: Tree with more than 50 root nodes problem
ZK-2253: Serialization and Deserialization of SimpleDesktopCache throws NPE
ZK-2250: Firefox Grid Drag'n'Drop issues
ZK-2086: BandBox popup invalid render if ON_OPEN event listener is attached
ZK-2146: Combobutton does not change appearance when disabled state is toggled
ZK-2248: Window Hflex="min" client side error with <script> tag
ZK-2136: Drag and Drop on Tree
ZK-2247: nested iframe reloading content when detached parent window
ZK-2160: menupopup shifts position when timer event occurs
ZK-2255: Custom scrollbar in Grid/Listbox with ROD enabled not work correcly after resizing browser width
ZK-2257: Popup shows at wrong position in the first time when it contains lots of data
ZK-1746: Chosen box with huge data - Performance issue
ZK-2264: After change to the next page, we cannot scroll a frozen grid horizontally
ZK-2267: Popup is only sometimes "visible" when it is opened
ZK-2269: Comet Server Push send infinitely request if using Apache as proxy server
ZK-2262: JS error showed after moving movable panel
ZK-2271: JavaScript error when Invalidating a listhead with hflex="min" listheader
ZK-2281: Replacing Columns of a Grid with frozen column when switching page causes JS error
ZK-2280: External Paging component totalsize not always updated
ZK-2283: Combobox autocomplet problem in ie11
ZK-2279: DateBox not show properly when use attribute readonly =true
ZK-2275: IE 9+ Client error with image button and hflex
ZK-2293: Bandpopup opened with alternating width
ZK-2290: Missing horizontal scrollbar when resizing listbox column
ZK-2296: After selecting an item, combobox's dropdown will scroll to right automatically
ZK-2294: Combobox popup scroll back to top when navigating by keyboard
ZK-2295: Move tree item causes selection status lost
ZK-2306: using the arrow keys in the calendar widget scrolls the browser window
* Upgrade Notes
+ Due to the compliexity of the size calculation (hflex and vflex) for tablechildren with colspan and rowspan,
we restrict the usage of hflex and vflex for the tablechildren component to "false, min, and 0" since 7.0.2
Only the following values are supported: min, 0, and false.
+ Due to the better user-firendly for the scrollbar layout, we changed the org.zkoss.zul.nativebar of the library property to true by default
for Grid, Listbox, Tree and Borderlayout component.
+ Change the default value of data-embedscrollbar from false to true, if the org.zkoss.zul.nativebar setting to false.
ZK 7.0.1
Feb 25, 2014
* Features
ZK-2049: Menupopup support toggle type
ZK-2075: provide the possibility to display or log missing labels
ZK-2087: Add sclass to messagebox
ZK-2089: SelectEvent support get UnselectedItems
ZK-2079: prevent autohiding of the paging control the paging mold
ZK-2085: Slider support minimal position and decimal mode
* Bugs
ZK-2042: Button's autodisable="self" will cause to stop the form request processing
ZK-2044: Upload button does not always display the file selection dialog on IE11
ZK-2045: Page becomes blank after detaching a modal window having an iframe loaded with PDF in IE 11
ZK-2051: Chrome rmDesktop not working reliably, causing a memory leak in Session
ZK-2050: Listbox select all formatting
ZK-2028: When deleted one selected item in chosenbox with ListSubModel, it would remove all the selection
ZK-2019: Chosenbox work incorrectly when using ListSubModel and Comparator
ZK-2046: Scroll position is reset to top if resize column of a grid with rod
ZK-2047: IE Datebox calendar overlapping pdf problem
ZK-2053: Listgroup checkmark wrong display
ZK-2004: The selected Objects of the Chosenbox is incorrect after replace model
ZK-2038: Grid is missing the bottom border for certain layout in IE9~11
ZK-2024: combobox bound selectedItem not updated on blur event
ZK-2048: ZK7 TreeDataEvent.SELECTION_CHANGED never raised
ZK-1826: Overlapped window resizes after setTitle(String)
ZK-2036: ZK Listbox Aux Headers does not work properly with the visible attribute
ZK-1980: Toolbarbutton click failed when draggable true
ZK-2059: Upload button doesn't work if it is disabled at the beginning
ZK-2060: Tabs in a nested tabbox don't display properly if scrolling enabled in parent tabbox
ZK-1829: Selector implementation problem
ZK-2003: When resizing using splitter in borderlayout visible popup windows do not close (bandbox popup, combobox popup)
ZK-2057: ZK 7 checkbox, cannot set to "is checked" after setChecked(false)
ZK-2067: When window contains opened popup, set its mode to modal or overlapped would cause js error
ZK-2065: W3C validation error for macro component
ZK-2071: frozen scrollbar not working when auxhead is below listhead/columns/treecols
ZK-1880: The images of the menu are cut in zksandbox window case
ZK-1892: Error when calling setCoords() in Area widget
ZK-1852: Processing indicator briefly displayed in non-localized text
ZK-1953: Checkmark in listheader is checked when nothing in the listbox
ZK-2074: native scroll bar disappearing with frozen on browser resize
ZK-2068: In Portallayout, width property set via a controller is reset to the value at page load on browser window resize
ZK-2081: Can not customize the text of the tooltip when scrolling the slider
ZK-2072: template composition not working as described
ZK-1807: bandbox - messed display after its style changed
ZK-2070: grid onScroll client-side event not working in 7.0
ZK-2084: Doublespinner should display float value
ZK-2088: zk.safari show version number on Chrome
ZK-2080: Chosenbox with ListSubModel not working if using template to render data
ZK-2091: Copy-paste large value in doublebox get error.
ZK-2101: Frozen Tree - Display problem with Auxheaders and Hidden TreeCols
ZK-2056: XSS Vulnerability in AuUploader
ZK-2098: Tree cells lose width when replacing column headers
ZK-2096: Tree with Native Scrollbar wrong position of scrollbar column header
ZK-2105: EventQueue still sending request even it is removed by EventQueues.remove() API when using PollingServerPush
ZK-2095: Column sizable curser problem with sortable column
ZK-2114: Native scrollbar remaining header column in grid/listbox
ZK-2111: Button fileupload sometimes not work when using strong CSS font style
ZK-2110: The size of detail is wrong when first column invisible
ZK-2115: Native bar causing empty margin when changing browser size
ZK-2119: Second level menupopup opened and closed immdiately when moving mouse in IE10
ZK-2041: Grid inside a modal window becomes squished in IE9
ZK-2131: Tree with Native Scrollbar JS error
ZK-2127: Annotation data binding doesn't work properly with ZK 6.5.3 and later
ZK-2129: Frozen Tree - column headers changing height (with native scrollbar)
ZK-2130: Frozen Tree - columns flicker and width changes when resizing the browser
ZK-2138: vflex="1" not working properly with groupbox
ZK-2140: Multiple select with Shift key does not work properly
ZK-2143: Filedownload should support chinese file name
ZK-2128: Frozen Tree - cells disappearing after replacing the columns twice
ZK-2148: NullPointerException in Selectbox after set its model to null
ZK-2151: Nested listboxes selection issue
ZK-2069: Validation error message does not scroll with component.
ZK-2158: Tab can be click on blank area next to last tab (IE9 only)
ZK-2157: Listheaders not showing if no listitems and Listbox is sized by content
ZK-2169: CometServerPush.getStartScript() should include org.zkoss.zkex.ui.comet.smartconnection.disabled in ee version
ZK-2100: Layout broken when using nested tabboxs with different orients
ZK-2165: Some items are not displayed in paging tree
ZK-2172: Biglistbox with frozenCols missing data
ZK-2117: South does not calculate correct size
ZK-2184: Navitem does not fire onClick event when clicked in tablet
ZK-2179: Listbox can't scroll on tablet device if listitem has context
ZK-2181: Flex cause wrong status of radio
* Upgrade Notes
+ Rename the implemetation class of label loader from org.zkoss.util.resource.impl.LabelLoader
to org.zkoss.util.resource.impl.LabelLoaderImpl and create an interface named
org.zkoss.util.resource.impl.LabelLoader instead.
+ the default value of org.zkoss.zkex.ui.comet.smartconnection.disabled changes from false to true
ZK 7.0.0
Nov 26, 2013
* Features
ZK-1898: Tree support render on demand
ZK-1813: LabelImageElement support icon font CSS class instead of Image
ZK-1818: Tabbox support vertical-right, horizontal-bottom orient
ZK-1883: Upgrade JQuery to 1.10
ZK-1835: Navigation Components
ZK-1882: Support Richlet with Servlet Filter
ZK-1796: Make audio component support HTML5
ZK-1725: ExtendletLoader should provide debug information
ZK-1866: ZK JSON: improve usability by accepting Collection instead of List
ZK-1912: Anchor(A) component support preserve-blank
ZK-1919: ZK Components support static uuid
ZK-1921: ZK Fileupload component support HTML 5 accept attribute
ZK-19: Support SLF4J API for logging instead
ZK-1729: Change generic code
ZK-1956: Support toggle switch to enable or disable tablet UI
ZK-1721: support redirect with 302 in ZK AU Responses
ZK-1687: Portallayout supports row based orientation
ZK-1992: Multiple selection component(listbox, chosenbox) support extra information for find out added item/removed item
ZK-1924: Clients.scrollIntoView(Component comp) could also adjust horizontal scroll position
ZK-1991: AMedia FileDownload support ignore add Content-Disposition to header
ZK-1974: Tabbox support take maximal size of all children tabpanels
ZK-2002: Tabbox support ListModel
ZK-1856: Tree support frozen as grid
ZK-2007: Popup support toggle type
ZK-1845: Tabbox - enhance performance with dynamic tabs using MVVM
ZK-1989: A way to reduce zkbind tracker node memory consumption.
* Bugs
ZK-1683: endless loop AU-loop in Grid, on Render Exception
ZK-1853: Audio component doesn't work with Chrome and Firefox
ZK-1879: collapse and open the splitter makes the hbox width no effect in zksandbox combobox case
ZK-1911: Text-as with childable cannot work with preserve-blank for component setting
ZK-1959: The height of arrow should not change when the tabbox add tab
ZK-1996: Navitem onClick event would trigger twice
ZK-1565: Dragging listitem to itself will result in the listbox being set as the target
ZK-2008: Dragging between grids causes JavaScript error
ZK-1521: support content assist for <template> tag of ZK
ZK-1709: no <idspace> tag definition in zul.xsd
ZK-1902: zk.xml theme-provider-class not invoked
ZK-2020: Textbox became unmodifiable in IE11 when invalidated
ZK-2027: Tabbox model binding (close tab issue)
ZK-2026: Datebox always displays the current year when blurred if format = "MM.yyyy"
ZK-2031: setIimage() doesn't work on Button
ZK-2033: Improve Component interface Javadocs to state it is not recommended to implement this interface by the custom component developers
ZK-2032: Caption in Groupbox appear in wrong position when showing with constraint error
* Upgrade Notes
+ org.zkoss.util.logging.Log class and org.zkoss.util.logging.config.file library-property
are deprecated, please use SLF4J API for logging instead.
+ rename the orient of tabbox "horizontal" to "top", "vertical" to "left" and add extra two orients named "bottom" and "right"
+ deprecated Session's getRemoteHost(), getRemoteAddr(), getServerName(), getLocalName(), and getLocalAddr() methods,
please use these methods from Executions.getCurrent() instead.
+ deprecated to enable event-thread, according to Java Servlet Specification deprecated to enable event-thread, according to Java Servlet
Specification that some of high-end application servers may prohibit the creation of new threads.
+ deprecated all the classes under org.zkoss.zkplus.databind package
+ deprecated all the classes under org.zkoss.zkplus.acegi package
+ change the addon-name of zkplus jar from 'databind' to 'zkplus'
ZK 6.5.8
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2401: Navigate textboxes in listheader by tab key break frozen scroll behavior
ZK-2407: XSS Vulnerability in textbox.setValue()
ZK-2402: In IE8, clicking the "up/down" arrow of timebox does not always trigger an onChange event
ZK-2404: In IE7, timebox cannot keep updating minutes/seconds/am/pm values by repeatedly clicking the "up/down" arrows
ZK-2409: Combobox drop-down not open on top of input if using sub model
ZK-2416: Listheader not aligned with Listcells
ZK-2428: Inner anonymous inner class' initial method is not invoked
ZK-2420: Listbox forget scroll position when detaching parent component if rod enabled
ZK-2424: Firefox does not show our tooltip text on Fileupload
ZK-2434: Binding bug with odd side effect
ZK-2449: upload button affects button layout flow
ZK-2380: IE8 causing script error with borderlayout and toolbar
ZK-2464: Possible XSS Vulnerability in HTTP Header
ZK-2487: ZK on iOS 8.0.2 Safari not working ?
ZK-2506: href with mailto: causes session timeout
ZK 6.5.7
August 12, 2014
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-2296: After selecting an item, combobox's dropdown will scroll to right automatically
ZK-2294: Combobox popup scroll back to top when navigating by keyboard
ZK-2295: Move tree item causes selection status lost
ZK-2285: Problem with keyboard selection in listbox with select mold [IE]
ZK-2331: Combobox drop-down sometimes not open on top of input element if the browser space is not enough
ZK-2152: Wrong Behaviour of Datebox when Overwriting Time
ZK-2341: Nested cardlayout did not show correctly
ZK-2350: Filedownload with file name contain empty string become to "+" sign in IE
ZK-2369: borderlayout autoscroll issue iphone5
ZK-2374: touch event handling interferes with user defined jQuery version
ZK-2379: selectbox with model error when calling parent invalidate()
ZK-2389: Append popup component to Hlayout throws JavaScript error
ZK-2160: menupopup shifts position when timer event occurs
ZK 6.5.6
May 6, 2014
* Features
ZK-2227: ZK Messages support Polish lang
* Bugs
ZK-2080: Chosenbox with ListSubModel not working if using template to render data
ZK-2091: Copy-paste large value in doublebox get error.
ZK-2056: XSS Vulnerability in AuUploader
ZK-2105: EventQueue still sending request even it is removed by EventQueues.remove() API when using PollingServerPush
ZK-2111: Button fileupload sometimes not work when using strong CSS font style
ZK-2119: Second level menupopup opened and closed immdiately when moving mouse in IE10
ZK-2127: Annotation data binding doesn't work properly with ZK 6.5.3 and later
ZK-2138: vflex="1" not working properly with groupbox
ZK-2140: Multiple select with Shift key does not work properly
ZK-2143: Filedownload should support chinese file name
ZK-2169: CometServerPush.getStartScript() should include org.zkoss.zkex.ui.comet.smartconnection.disabled in ee version
ZK-2172: Biglistbox with frozenCols missing data
ZK-2178: NullPointerException showed when biglistbox doesn't provide any MatrixModel
ZK-2185: Setting listitems draggable&droppable makes inner listbox not showing correctly in mold=select
ZK-2211: Popup position not properly fixed in listbox
ZK-2210: improve zk portlet 2 integration
ZK-2214: [IE8] grid frozen no show horizontal scroll bar when column visible = "false"
ZK-2200: Navigate combobox drop down list by "down" key not work correctly if contains empty string
ZK-2231: Invisible window inside vbox cause js error when calculating flex size
ZK-2193: Listbox will scroll in horizontal direction when navigation by keyboard
ZK-2116: possible XSS Vulnerability for Listcell
ZK-2040: The submenu has no space to unfold to the right and needs to open on the left side.
ZK-2213: Possible problem with invalidate in groupbox for mobile version
ZK-2247: nested iframe reloading content when detached parent window
ZK-2255: Custom scrollbar in Grid/Listbox with ROD enabled not work correcly after resizing browser width
ZK-1746: Chosen box with huge data - Performance issue
ZK-2267: Popup is only sometimes "visible" when it is opened
ZK 6.5.5
Dec 30, 2013
* Features
ZK-1971: ZK wcs file shall exclude the css with zk logo image
ZK-1973: Server processing effect can be configurable
ZK-2014: Listbox component support selectAll/unSelectAll event when check/uncheck on select all checkbox
ZK-2012: supports ie11
ZK-2061: Security Issue: Version number inserted on each page
* Bugs
ZK-1944: AUTO scale does not work if the value of decimalebox is bind form VM
ZK-1946: The select mold listbox with multiple attribute in a draggable listitem will be disabled (Chrome, IE10)
ZK-1949: Clear the input value in a spinner with binding integer value will cause UiException
ZK-1878: IE Compatibility View issue when using Meta tag with IE=edge
ZK-1947: Can not download files if <max-desktops-per-session> is set to 1 in zk.xml
ZK-1948: IE8 Menupopup Shadow causes horizontal scrollbar
ZK-1951: Page becomes blank after detaching a modal window having an iframe loaded with PDF in IE 10
ZK-1964: Datebox with time cannot be selected when use tablet's device
ZK-1960: save binding to an array throws ClassCastException
ZK-1969: listbox rod with paging mold causes incorrect keyboard navigation
ZK-1979: Server push doesn't work when open 2 browser tab
ZK-1955: Impossible to use onblur or onfocus on composite component
ZK-1997: Portallayout drag&drop element to the same position. onPortalMove event provided with wrong data
ZK-1985: strict client site date parsing allows certain characters
ZK-1924: Clients.scrollIntoView(Component comp) could also adjust horizontal scroll position
ZK-1998: Listbox using GroupsModel sometimes would not update the select all status
ZK-1990: Can't get expected Locale in Bridge
ZK-2001: Focus to a chosenbox that place in a listbox shall not change listbox selection
ZK-1834: Listbox scroll bug (re-fix)
ZK-2021: Combobox autocomplete performance degrading quadratically with increasing number of comboitems
ZK-2015: Change the visible of cell component sometimes will fail (IE10 only)
ZK-2022: appending a component after its removal fails to initialize bindings
ZK-2025: Extends ZK component with lang-addon.xml file, zkbind feature doesn't work
ZK-2042: Button's autodisable="self" will cause to stop the form request processing
ZK-2044: Upload button does not always display the file selection dialog on IE11
ZK-2028: When deleted one selected item in chosenbox with ListSubModel, it would remove all the selection
ZK-2019: Chosenbox work incorrectly when using ListSubModel and Comparator
ZK-2045: Page becomes blank after detaching a modal window having an iframe loaded with PDF in IE 11
ZK-2051: Chrome rmDesktop not working reliably, causing a memory leak in Session
ZK-2046: Scroll position is reset to top if resize column of a grid with rod
ZK-2047: IE Datebox calendar overlapping pdf problem
ZK-2004: The selected Objects of the Chosenbox is incorrect after replace model
ZK-2055: the page stop running when listitem or row bind with object
ZK-1552: Combobox and Datebox scroll position in Borderlayout
ZK-2035: Invalidate a Panel component with a button will cause a js error
ZK-1880: The images of the menu are cut in zksandbox window case
ZK-1892: Error when calling setCoords() in Area widget
ZK-1954: Vertical scroll appear when remove last listitem from Listbox
ZK-1965: zksandbox service.zul throw method getNamespace() not found exception
ZK-1852: Processing indicator briefly displayed in non-localized text
ZK 6.5.4
Sep 24, 2013
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-1836: Javascript string with </script> escape issue
ZK-1837: Checking the checkbox inside the groupbox should not trigger the onOpen event of Groupbox
ZK-1840: Chained Long operations using different event queues, causing errors after first operation finishes
ZK-1841: maximum allowed number of desktops is one more then the number set in the max-desktops-per-session element in zk.xml
ZK-1842: Listbox scroll bug listheader sort
ZK-1839: Listbox select mold not works in listcell
ZK-1847: When sending a request without data to server, the created event's data is an empty map instead of null
ZK-1777: Server Push does not initialize when recycling
ZK-1850: Unused conditional in org.zkoss.bind.converter.sys.ListboxModelConverter
ZK-1851: Apply a format into the Spinner componet, it will show NaN value after increase the number
ZK-1862: Should not echo parameter value back to client
ZK-1588: bandbox popup should drop up when the space between the bandbox and the bottom of browser is not enough, refix in ie10
ZK-1863: validationMessages with init annotation throw exception
ZK-1864: share listmodelist cause un-predictable reload
ZK-1861: Js error when flex + visible = false
ZK-1867: Set visible of row doesn't work correctly
ZK-1868: TypeError: $tipOff is null in function _tt_close()
ZK-1870: ZK Does not set session in SessionCtrl when handling a Portlet Ajax request
ZK-1854: Issue with toolbar and hflex= 1
ZK-1857: ZK 6.5 EE OSGi: Comet Servlet 3 Push does not work
ZK-1871: Comet Servlet 3 Push returns 500 Internal Server Error
ZK-1859: Comet Servlet 3 Push: AsycInfo does not catch IllegalStateException thrown on GlassFish 3.1.2
ZK-1747: Chosenbox - Combobox behaving differently (when using ListSubModel)
ZK-1877: Can not drag a slider, which is in a grid, to 0
ZK-1878: IE Compatibility View issue when using Meta tag with IE=edge
ZK-1875: DateFormatConverter should be serializable
ZK-1885: IE8 scrollable div (with vflex) and tooltip
ZK-1884: The slider's value should not be greater then maxpos after clicked its rightmost position
ZK-1887: detach - reattach component in ViewModel @AfterCompose, fails to initialize bindings
ZK-1888: Grid in paging mold doesn't change pages count
ZK-1889: zul.lang.wpd is always loaded twice with some JS package merge configurations
ZK-1893: Failure to configure log handler properties
ZK-1890: Can't subscribe eventqueue in desktop cleanup
ZK-1897: Possible Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
ZK-1896: ZK session timeout on JBoss AS 7 cluster issue
ZK-1895: Paging on listbox with onFulfill
ZK-1900: Auto-complete Combobox in the bottom of the browser doesn't sync dropdown position well
ZK-1891: Combobox with Validator will trigger reload selectedItem when typing
ZK-1905: Chosenbox emptyMessage does not re-appear after remove all selected items
ZK-1904: Datebox doesn't sync dropdown stackup well (IE only)
ZK-1908: Databinding Load order causing problems on Paging component.
ZK-1909: Set maxlength attribute to the doublebox conponent, the maxlength checking is not correct
ZK-1913: AuResponse of stop comet server push would override the request of start in some situation
ZK-1907: Validation error style, long words overlapping box
ZK-1906: Chosenbox getSelectedObjects() returns empty list if model is ListModel of JavaBean instances instead of ListModel of String
ZK-1916: Different language codes for IE10 under Windows 8
ZK-1918: Serialization issue with Script component
ZK-1920: after listbox.getItems().clear() and re-assign listitems to the listbox, listitem.setSelected(true) do not work
ZK-1925: IE9/10 Chrome vflex issue, with invisible divs
ZK-1914: Frozen grid with footer: throws error on client console and does not correctly calculate column width, when the frozen area is scrolled
ZK-1928: Converter Override (default-binding) causing "Array of attribute values not allowed "
ZK-1930: A Error occur on class org.zkoss.web.servlet.Servlets method public static boolean isBrowser(String userAgent, String type)
ZK-1929: The hover stype of non-closable groupbox are not the same
ZK-1932: Another vflex issue with invisible divs (all browsers)
ZK-1934: Tooltip causing error, when positioning, when component is replaced at the same time
ZK-1758: Selectors finds too many components when using CSS child selector
ZK-1938: Grid/Listbox doesn't bind activePage attribute as default binding
ZK 6.5.3
Jul 02, 2013
* Features
ZK-1764: Fileupload.get() supports to provide a callback event listener
ZK-1801: provide fusion funnel chart integration
ZK-1819: ValidationContext support a new flag that can identify the value of single field whether is valid when use form binding
ZK-1825: Timebox should not reset the date value to today
* Bugs
ZK-1693: Dial chart customize color issues
ZK-1692: widget.isVisible API doesn't work properly
ZK-1698: MVVM Tree Performance Issue
ZK-1691: Dropupload has "native" property (reserved identifier in EL)
ZK-1701: Message for file upload is not good enough in German
ZK-1708: Clients.showNotification doesn't work when using auto mode include component
ZK-1699: Performance issue ZK-Bind getters are called multiple times
ZK-1711: Chosenbox's model will be set to null after invalidate the Chosenbox's parent
ZK-1714: Databinding 1 cannot clear selection item
ZK-1715: The disabled listitem shall not be selected when use SHIFT + DOWN key with a paging listbox
ZK-1720: XSS Vulnerability for fileupload
ZK-1695: dose not works in Firefox
ZK-1712: The disabled date in the databox shall not be selected when navigate to the different month
ZK-1726: Treeitem update - infinite loop - browser freeze
ZK-1718: Datebox's calendar does not disable the date after costraint date if the "before yyyymmdd" is not at the first place of the constraint attribute
ZK-1728: Invisible Comboitems are selectable with cursor keys
ZK-1706: hflex does not work properly inside a Toolbar component
ZK-1732: Setting visible to true to a listbox, which is inside a hlayout, do not work after zk6.5.2
ZK-1733: Tree item - children loosing parent after updating parent
ZK-1723: component width not set in html when using hflex and resizing parent component
ZK-1736: Cannot paste into an intbox and decimalbox on Mac Safari
ZK-1739: treenodes disappearing on frequent updates
ZK-1735: Tree overlaps parent container, after update
ZK-1737: Typo in some zk.fmt.Number functions: varStr (wrong) vs valStr (right)
ZK-1704: NullPointerException when sorting a list model bound to a Grid without a Columns component
ZK-1705: NullPointerException when sorting a list model bound to a Listbox without a Listhead component
ZK-1766: tree bulk-update to several nodes causing errors
ZK-1748: Stackup and autohide not working
ZK-1769: when click menu, menuitem and menu agian, then the menuitem should not be on focus.
ZK-1768: Retrieve a wrong selected index of the radiogroup, when grid model changed
ZK-1765: Add new Tree node cause Null Pointer Exception
ZK-1724: fileupload error "contentId is required!"
ZK-1791: @global-command does not provide predefined "event" variable
ZK-1784: client rod with hflex cause js error
ZK-1787: When the viewModel tell binder to reload a list, the other component that bind a bean in the list will reload again
ZK-1785: Tabbox (accordion) : selecting and removing a tab results in wrong node being opened
ZK-1797: A js error happen while to rsFocus a button in a popup in window
ZK-1795: MVVM netsed template may cause exception
ZK-1803: Setting a textbox visible=false and invalidate its parent leading to "Failed to mount" error in Firefox
ZK-1793: Grid with hidden header flickering back and forth when you scroll horizontally
ZK-1804: Calendar should not be able to select year less than 1900 or greater than 2099
ZK-1808: Close tabpanel cause js error
ZK-1812: zAu.send: data of client event ignored on server side
ZK-1821: Component inside native component doesn't cleanup correctly
ZK-1822: Turkish locale problem during browser detection (on server side)
ZK-1827: Component inside native component js error
ZK-1834: Listbox scroll bug
ZK-2026: Datebox always displays the current year when blurred if format = "MM.yyyy"
ZK 6.5.2
Mar 26, 2013
* Features
ZK-315: DHtmlLayoutPortlet support Portlet 2.0
ZK-1515: Loading themes from a folder
ZK-1548: Move some zkbind fundamental features to community edition.
ZK-1560: Configuration: allow user to abort the waiting thread if it takes too long to execute (activation)
ZK-1048: Form Binding and binding validationMessages to components' errorMessage (error popup)
ZK-1583: notification arrow position shall align in the center of reference widget
ZK-1545: Make "request auto-send" timeout and number of times a retry is made configurable
ZK-1507: Client-side API to register a callback function that can be invoked after all widgets finish resize
ZK-1616: AU response error can be handle by user
ZK-1630: Provides line information when throwing exception in binder
ZK-1646: Provide zkbind execution info for debugging
ZK-1655: The popup position of Popup, Tooltip and ContextMenu should be more customizable
ZK-1638: Preload_Image attribute support configuration in zk.xml as a library property
ZK-1672: Add onAfterSize event to get component size
ZK-1673: Provides encapsulation of theme-specific information
ZK-1674: Modularization of the theming subsystem
ZK-1675: Tablet themes should be distinguished from desktop themes
ZK-1681: A way to set PhaseListener by zk library property
* Bugs
ZK-1514: Problem with jsp page and version 6.5.1
ZK-1516: Using timer together with hflex makes browser hang
ZK-1512: ListBox Select All
ZK-1473: Listbox - Live Data broken with keyboard navigation
ZK-1523: JS Error if echoEvent to the component under unselected tab
ZK-1381: Show busy on panel with borderlayout is not working
ZK-910 : Cannot use the menupopup option of the grid to change the grouping
ZK-868 : The image of the file upload button broke in the liferay
ZK-1529: Ordering Issue in "selectedItems" in listbox component
ZK-1528: When binding a Java List as a listbox's model in paging mold, add and delete will throw exceptions
ZK-1572: Scrolling-Bug in Listbox with freezed columns with ie9
ZK-1578: window hflex="min" not work
ZK-1524: use caption in window will cause hflex="min" doesn't work
ZK-1574: window vflex="min" calculate wrong height in tablet
ZK-460 : Click the arrow of the timebox/spinner that in a listbox will trigger onChange event.
ZK-1582: NullPointerException in Servlets.browser
ZK-1579: hflex="1" not work after changing visible state
ZK-1535: Bug in ZK 6.5.1 :: Calendar component does not display the 6th week
ZK-1577: vlayout default spacing missing when groupbox has hflex="1"
ZK-1531: Button with an image attribute will fire both click and rightClick events when right click the mouse in Chrome
ZK-1523: JS Error if echoEvent to the component under unselected tab
ZK-1381: Show busy on panel with borderlayout is not working
ZK-1572: Scrolling-Bug in Listbox with freezed columns with ie9
ZK-1589: Components inside HtmlNativeComponent doesn't unbind when invoke invalidate, with zkmax only
ZK-1594: Blinking popup in Firefox
ZK-1596: Invalidate component with native component inside cause JS error, zkmax only
ZK-1575: js error occured when vflex="min" and open="false" used in groupbox
ZK-1601: Listbox in paging mold doesn't change pages count
ZK-1569: vbox content disappear after browser resizing
ZK-1602: Button with both autodisable and upload attributes set causes a javascript error
ZK-1527: Bug in Datebox Popup (Chrome)
ZK-1613: Invoke response.sendError in Weblogic server, the server will render the message as a response body
ZK-1606: Should throw exception or show warning when a before|after command get a null or empty value
ZK-1618: Tabpanel not follow the visible attribute
ZK-1537: NPE when listbox add to selection in paging mold (CE)
ZK-1622: Paging listbox scrollbar is wrong
ZK-1540: Inputwidget: html-input-element 1px too short
ZK-1519: Popup disappear when mouse over on the corner where the two scrollbars meet, IE 10 only
ZK-1534: Spinner no longer supports null value (JavaDoc Issue)
ZK-1557: Groupbox fails to open if it has non-visible children
ZK-1593: JS bug - Failed to mount: Cannot read property 'defaultView' of null
ZK-1567: Menuitems not aligned below Menu
ZK-1614: Full Screen iPad Web Apps Missing Component Buttons
ZK-1609: Tree close/open icon is not correct after calling clearOpen and reopen a node
ZK-1608: Tree node become leaf node after update
ZK-1526: layouts and containers should not take menupopup into account when computing padding
ZK-1617: Panel in Portallayout not draggable after updated
ZK-1612: Drag drop on IE9, does not work right with an Image
ZK-1603: Doesn't allow to coerce set to list when binding selectedItems
ZK-1595: Listbox selectedItems and Hibernate collection types don't play together
ZK-1627: datebox contraint position after_* or before_* wrongly parsed by SimpleDateConstraint
ZK-1626: Incorrect result for 'if' attribute when mixing native and zk components
ZK-1599: Component not found when using combobox with dynamic image
ZK-1619: Jsp trick to avoid IE 6/7/8 warning popup upon downloading fails to correctly set up the filename
ZK-1076: North hides when i refresh databind
ZK-1628: argument of zk.Widget.redraw() is not a array on Chrome
ZK-1597: The tab was selected cann't be selected while drag & drop
ZK-1632: Errorbox's position may wrong when scrolling
ZK-1615: Use children in a form binding doesn't work
ZK-1518: Decimalbox throws error when setting Locale and value together
ZK-1509: Cardlayout (with v/hflex="1") in hlayout will disappear when browser's size changed
ZK-1604: Listbox Data Refresh throws errors within certain layout elements
ZK-1639: Tree display is not correct after move and modify
ZK-1510: Creating a dynamic tree; treemode v6.5 has totally unexpected and unpredictable behavior while working as expected in v.5.0.11
ZK-1642: Tree columns width not expanding if scrollbar without hflex
ZK-1278: Unexpected callbacks of AbstractTreeModel
ZK-1647: Tree with hflex'ed and width'ed treecols doesn't work properly
ZK-1649: Listbox content blinking when scrolling horizontal
ZK-1650: In vlayout, any child component even if has visible="false" occupies space
ZK-1653: Invoke client side API, Menuitem.setDisabled(true) cause javascript error
ZK-1584: Execution Cleanup.cleanup didn't call when Execution is forwarded
ZK-1654: Color picker doesn't allow 'A' or 'a' character as an input
ZK-1588: Problem with bandbox
ZK-1645: Incorrect display in IE 7 for tree component if user zoom to greater than 100%
ZK-1600: Bad french translation, for error message on the Datebox component
ZK-1658: chosenbox disappears after user select a value
ZK-1640: Command send to wrong viewModel in nested case
ZK-1660: Chosenbox with ListModel issue
ZK-1662: Overlapped window z-index inconsistent behavior
ZK-1702: Invoke binder.loadAll() when the onChange event of the combobox will cause java error
ZK-1661: Popup list of chosenbox do not scroll when navigate with keyboard
ZK-1666: Can't toolbarbutton check state
ZK-1664: Chosenbox input value may discard while typing
ZK-1671: ThemeProvider specified in metainfo/zk/zk.xml in jar file may not work
ZK-1679: with hflex min child component will not size correctly after parent is resized
ZK-1668: Malformed url on SAP NetWeaver 7.30
ZK-1686: Paging Tree with draggable item cause js error when changing page
ZK-1689: Wrong left/top of parent positioned window
ZK-1682: Problem with formatedNumber converter in 6.5.2-FL and de_DE locale
* Upgrade Notes
+ org.zkoss.zkplus.theme.StandardThemeProvider is deprecated, please use org.zkoss.zul.theme.StandardThemeProvider (for ZK CE),
org.zkoss.zkex.theme.StandardThemeProvider (for ZK PE),
org.zkoss.zkmax.theme.StandardThemeProvider (for ZK EE)
+ org.zkoss.zkmax.init.TabletThemeProvider is deprecated, please use org.zkoss.zkmax.theme.StandardThemeProvider instead.
+ org.zkoss.zkplus.theme.Themes is deprecated, please use org.zkoss.zul.theme.Themes instead.
+ To support ZK-1515, by default, folder-supplied themes are placed under <context-root>/theme/<theme-name>.
Folder-supplied themes also need to be registered using Themes.register(themeName, Themes.ThemeOrigin.FOLDER) API.
If you want to change the default location, please specify the following setting in WEB-INF/zk.xml
+ ThemeRegistry and ThemeResolver interfaces are introduced. Users could
implement these interfaces or extend the standard implementation to customize
the theme registration and resolution process. To replace the defaults with the
customized implementation, please add the following to WEB-INF/zk.xml.
+ It is suggested to replace the default ThemeProvider, ThemeRegistry, and ThemeResolver in WEB-INF/zk.xml. Although not recommended, they could also be configured in metainfo/zk/zk.xml. Since multiple metainfo/zk/zk.xml could exist in the system, the loading order of these files makes it difficult to predict the final resulting configuration. To resolve this issue, in this version, it is now required to include <config-name> to identify the config, and an optional <depends> to specify the dependency relationship in metainfo/zk/zk.xml. Same as for metainfo/zk/config.xml in previous versions. For example,
This would ensure metainfo/zk/zk.xml contained in custom.jar would be applied after zkmax.jar.
+ In ZK EE, Themes.register() could be used to register tablet themes.
Registration would need to prepend the theme name with the prefix "tablet:". For example, to register a tablet theme called "dark", one
would call Themes.register("tablet:dark")
+ In previous ZK EE edition, custom themes were applied before the default tablet theme. Therefore, in order to override the default tablet theme, users may need to disable the default tablet theme first. In this version, custom tablet theme were distinguished from the custom desktop theme. Overriding default tablet themes means copying the default tablet themes in ~./zkmax/css/ to the custom tablet theme and modifying the part you want to override. Hence, the library property (org.zkoss.zkmax.tablet.theme.disabled) introduced previously for overriding default tablet theme is no longer required and is deprecated since this version.
+ In zkbind, an empty before|after command condition will get exception since this version, you should always provide a non-empty value for it or it means no-one can trigger it.
Dec 13, 2012
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-1514: Problem with jsp page and version 6.5.1
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 6.5.1
Dec 05, 2012
* Features
ZK-1351: Messagebox with no button
ZK-1397: DefaultTreeNode support empty children mean leaf node
ZK-1248: Sub menu should not overlap its parent in menupopup
ZK-1416: Support default Command and GlobalCommand handling
ZK-1465: Comet server push support HTML5 page-visibility API to reduce the server loading
ZK-1474: Add onVisibilityChange event based on HTML5 page-visibility API
* Bugs
ZK-1348: First child tree node can't unfold sometimes
ZK-1350: Listbox multiple choice demo example does not work
ZK-1356: Spinner doesn't update it's value in ipad
ZK-1357: Popupmenu doesn't show up when listening to onClick
ZK-1341: Datebox in zh_TW locale with 'Long + Medium' format failed to assign correct value
ZK-1353: Datebox not work in Hebrew
ZK-1347: Including Checkbox inside MVVM Form causes Error writing 'checked' on type org.zkoss.zul.Checkbox crash
ZK-1344: Collection binding will occur error when deleting entry
ZK-1366: When binding Radio's "selectedItem" with a non-String object, zk throws ClassCastException
ZK-1358: When I try to show a window with doOverlapped, doModal or doHighlighted my window don't appears
ZK-1372: zk.stackUp not work with Firefox
ZK-1368: the right edge of the textboxes split over to a new line when you specify a percentage width and set the mold to rounded
ZK-1383: The value of Map.Entry returned from ListModelMap.getElementAt() don't support Serializable
ZK-1259: zul with hashmap not load key from a fx
ZK-1380: Forward uri can't be "zk/*" on Tomcat 7
ZK-1381: Show busy on panel with borderlayout is not working
ZK-1337: RenderHttpServletRequest/RenderHttpServletResponse's getInstance() cause ServletException when passed to RequestDispather on Liferay 6.1 + JBoss 7.1
ZK-1377: Focus lost when tapping & change title value insides a window
ZK-1386: Server failed to load scrollview.css.dsp while using zk6.5 ee and setting theme to sapphire
ZK-1406: BorderLayout IPad2 rotating, North area size
ZK-1391: When a window is invisible at first, its top (or left) attribute takes no effect even we turn the window to be visible.
ZK-1403: Combobutton has a missing image icon when displayed on tablets
ZK-1400: Focus issue when Listbox in select mold after invalidate
ZK-1192: SelectorComposer ConcurrentModificationException in GAE
ZK-1420: Textbox can't be load on android 2.x
ZK-1424: Treeitem with a lot of childrens takes too long to open
ZK-1418: Selectbox: Changing selection after changing a new model
ZK-1425: Setting visible false on Listheader doesn't hide corresponding listfooter
ZK-1419: Constraint hover text is confusing
ZK-1433: InputElement width not set when component is built by macro
ZK-1407: Combobox focus style is lost after item selection
ZK-1349: If Cell style is specified, it overrides any previous component style setting
ZK-1427: Toolbarbutton with autodisable active upload function not work at second click
ZK-1428: Wrong order for item removed from ListModelList model
ZK-1430: Listbox in Bandpopup of a Bandbox is not size correctly - "rows" is ignored.
ZK-1370: org.zkoss.zul.Datebox.setDisplayedTimeZones(List dtzones) NPE if emptied
ZK-1437: javascript error when use include with auto mode
ZK-1442: ZK Bind command doesn't work with cluster env
ZK-1446: get NotSerializableException when using @Subscribe in tomcat cluster env.
ZK-1374: Unclosed BufferedReader for
ZK-1441: Accordion Tabbox after rapid clicking on tabs start displaying content at fixed wrong hight.
ZK-1434: When use native tag to render row's cells, it doesn't works fine with zkmax.jar
ZK-1354: ZK generated page cannot pass W3C validator while checking as XHTML 1.0 Transitional
ZK-1448: Scrollable Menubar does not show left/right arrows on mobile devices
ZK-1454: Scrollbar forgets its position when switching tabs in Tabbox
ZK-1297: Listbox has wrong height when using "rows" and auxhead
ZK-1324: Trendy buttons inside bandbox popup does not lose focus when popup is closed (FF and Opera only)
ZK-1295: Disabled buttons cannot regain focus by re-enabling and then setting focus
ZK-1458: Right click on iPad does not work if there are both double click event handler and right click event handler
ZK-1373: Doublebox should not allow the typing of non-numeric characteres achieved by alt-combinations such as @ and #
ZK-1284: Scrolling on grid/listbox header could cause column heading/body to misalign
ZK-1257:, filename) does not save the media as the specified filename
ZK-1308: WireVariable does not wire a superclass field if a field with the same name is declared in a subclass
ZK-1452: Unknown stub error
ZK-1150: nbsp gets added to menuitem label in Firefox
ZK-1217: Groupbox calculate a wrong hight after the groupbox be hide then show
ZK-1117: some wrong behavior in spinner and double spinner
ZK-1234: Nested grids does not properly display alternating odd/even rows
ZK-1187: Setting an sClass on a selected tab results in tab losing z-tab-seld class
ZK-1463: Button is disabled and clickable if windows is from visible=false to true
ZK-1464: Console has Exception log when change src of include if bind to a textbox
ZK-1213: Calendar and datebox showing the wrong day number
ZK-1220: Instant textbox doesn't preserve the focus at position
ZK-1467: Resizable panels inside portallayout loses resizability after move
ZK-1462: Portalchildren and Renderdeferer cause a Javascript error
ZK-1469: argument type mismatch when try to get @ScopeParam with @ref value
ZK-1218: Doublebox says "not a number" when significant length extends beyond 15
ZK-1468: Value doesn't be reload if it binds to @ref and in include
ZK-1309: Modal window loses it's modality in certain situation
ZK-1472: Cannot bind to include arg
ZK-1438: Composer doesn't be released when using @Subscribe
ZK-1345: ZK MessageLoader doesn't load customize MessageLoader
ZK-1215: Mouseless selection not working properly in datebox and calendar
ZK-1480: zkmax bandbox issue
ZK-1483: Jumpy scrollbar for listbox with rod when items are selected
ZK-1490: Invoking getSize() throws JS exception for North, South, East and West
ZK-1492: Wrong model selection in onChange of combobox
ZK-1491: Tag template is not valid by zul.xsd
ZK-1470: Horizontal scroll disappear with element frozen
ZK-1498: The "import Classes" directive doesn't work for zscript
ZK-1497: org.zkoss.bind.impl.BinderImpl cause ConcurrentModificationException
ZK-1226: Problem With Parent of the Menupopup in Fullscreen
ZK-1500: Change Panel button settings during maximize event will cause Panel not resize properly
ZK-1501: Grid Footer cannot scroll horizontally in tablets
ZK-1488: UUID implementation change cause the context popup not work correctly
ZK-1499: When Panel contains Caption, it dose not display icon in tablets
ZK-1505: "Processing..." progress bar not appears in 6.5.1
ZK-1511: Progressbox not show with long operation
* Upgrade Notes
+ Decouple Flashchart component from zul.jar to flashchart.jar, due to Flashchart contains a potential
SWF vulnerability in YUI 2 that the SWF files in question contain a cross-site JavaScript injection
vulnerability which allows for the execution of arbitrary third-party code within the domain from which
the files are served. Please download the flashchart.jar from the link instead -
+ To support this feature ZK-1465 for reducing server loading, the comet server push will enable the smart connection setting
by default, if you want to disable it as the previous version, please specify the following setting in the zk.xml.
Note: the smart connection is based on HTML5's page-visibility API, which is described -
and it can only support on HTML5 browsers.
ZK 6.5.0
Sep 12, 2012
* Features
ZK-447: The file upload allows users to drag and drop local files (HTML5)
ZK-1241: ZK Client Widget support swipe event for tablet/mobile device
ZK-1239: Grid, Listbox, Tree can support to scroll the content by finger on tablet/mobile device
ZK-1240: Input element support HTML5 type, like tel, number, email, and so on
ZK-1242: Datebox support scrolling picker like ios's date picker for tablet/mobile device
ZK-1243: Combobox support scrolling picker like ios's select picker
ZK-1244: Tabbox support touch's swipe event to switch tab selection
ZK-1245: Borderlayout support touch's swipe event to close/open the layout region
ZK-970: The Tab component support caption component as it's label
ZK-1145: Notification supports closable
ZK-1175: Calendar support show week number
ZK-120: Provide menupopup="auto" for listbox
ZK-969: The LayoutRegion component support caption component as it's title
ZK-147: Support ungroup for grid's column menu
ZK-1246: Calendar support touch's swipe event to switch the date view
ZK-1255: InputElement supports HTML5 placeholder
ZK-1247: Add a new theme for tablet/mobile device with big icons
ZK-574: Minimum theme for better performance in mobile devices
ZK-1277: Group and listgroup components should be set as the same height as row and listitem components
ZK-1273: Add a way to listen onOrientationChange for tablet device
ZK-1283: Grid/List/Tree support changing page by swipe event on tablet device
ZK-1272: Scrollview component for tablet device
ZK-1269: Need layout that allow user change view like change card
* Bugs
ZK-1285: Modal window position issue with virtual keyboard on ipad
ZK-1313: combobox dropdown changes document scroll height on iPad
ZK-1314: input component focus in modal window causes virtual keyboard to show up and down on iPad
ZK-1315: grid column doesn't reappear if columns menupopup set to auto and grid is sizedByContent
ZK-1305: Scroll on Ipad if Element is draggable
ZK-1289: Servlets.browser() causes null exception on Viewpad
* Upgrade Notes
+ Rename the "tbbtn" mold of chosenbox to "toolbar"
+ Unsupported mold for Tablet devices:
*. Button's os and trendy
*. Bandbox's rounded mold
*. Combobox's rounded mold
*. Datebox's rounded mold
*. Doublespinner's rounded mold
*. Spinner's rounded mold
*. Timebox's rounded mold
*. Decimalbox's rounded mold
*. Doublebox's rounded mold
*. Intbox's rounded mold
*. Longbox's rounded mold
*. Textbox's rounded mold
*. Groupbox's default mold
*. Slider's scale mold
*. Splitter's os mold
*. Tabbox's accordion-lite mold
When using the molds above, the component will use default supported mold instead.
+ Unsupported attribute for Tablet devices:
*. Combobox's autodrop attribute
*. Menubar's autodrop attribute
*. Intbox's format attribute
*. Doublebox's format attribute
*. Spinner's format attribute
*. Doublespinner's format attribute
*. Longbox's format attribute
*. Decimalbox's format attribute
+ Change Checkbox#setValue(String) to Checkbox#setValue(Object)
ZK 6.0.4
Dec 19, 2012
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-1442: ZK Bind command doesn't work with cluster env
ZK-1497: org.zkoss.bind.impl.BinderImpl cause ConcurrentModificationException
ZK-1480: zkmax bandbox issue
ZK-1512: ListBox Select All
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 6.0.3
Oct 30, 2012
* Features
ZK-1301: The buttons in the Messagebox shall use autodisable
ZK-1312: formattedNumber & formattedDate should use proper Locale & Timezone
ZK-1397: DefaultTreeNode support empty children mean leaf node
ZK-1248: Sub menu should not overlap its parent in menupopup
* Bugs
ZK-1128: Use SerializableUiFactory with a portal environment will cause ClassCastException
ZK-1303: listbox select mold with 1 rows onSelect event not fired for first item
ZK-1298: Can not set composer name with <custom-attributes>
ZK-1237: NullPointerException at org.zkoss.web.servlet.Servlets.getVersion( on Konqueror browser
ZK-1227: NumberInputElement.formatNumber() should use dt.applyLocalizedPattern() instead of dt.applyPattern()
ZK-1299: Use @ref and save after will cause null point exception
ZK-1256: Combobox onSelect not working properly
ZK-1315: grid column doesn't reappear if columns menupopup set to auto and grid is sizedByContent
ZK-1276: Combobox does not sync the selected item
ZK-1208: Clients.scrollIntoView don't work in Chrome browser
ZK-1268: ZK bind children throw Unsupported child exception
ZK-1289: Servlets.browser() causes null exception on Viewpad
ZK-1322: Issue on timebox with null value
ZK-1313: combobox dropdown changes document scroll height on iPad
ZK-1348: First child tree node can't unfold sometimes
ZK-1341: Datebox in zh_TW locale with 'Long + Medium' format failed to assign correct value
ZK-1353: Datebox not work in Hebrew
ZK-1358: When I try to show a window with doOverlapped, doModal or doHighlighted my window don't appears
ZK-1347: Including Checkbox inside MVVM Form causes Error writing 'checked' on type org.zkoss.zul.Checkbox crash
ZK-1344: Collection binding will occur error when deleting entry
ZK-1372: zk.stackUp not work with Firefox
ZK-1368: the right edge of the textboxes split over to a new line when you specify a percentage width and set the mold to rounded
ZK-1383: The value of Map.Entry returned from ListModelMap.getElementAt() don't support Serializable
ZK-1380: Forward uri can't be "zk/*" on Tomcat 7
ZK-1259: zul with hashmap not load key from a fx
ZK-1381: Show busy on panel with borderlayout is not working
ZK-1337: RenderHttpServletRequest/RenderHttpServletResponse's getInstance() cause ServletException when passed to RequestDispather on Liferay 6.1 + JBoss 7.1
ZK-1377: Focus lost when tapping & change title value insides a window
ZK-1391: When a window is invisible at first, its top (or left) attribute takes no effect even we turn the window to be visible.
ZK-1400: Focus issue when Listbox in select mold after invalidate
ZK-1192: SelectorComposer ConcurrentModificationException in GAE
ZK-1424: Treeitem with a lot of childrens takes too long to open
* Upgrade Notes
+ The default names of a composer will still be assigned no matter you set a composerName by custom-attributes or not.
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-1338: The page content will be empty when the Javascript takes a long time
* Upgrade Notes
ZK 6.0.2
Jul 24, 2012
* Features
ZK-1127: Support OSGi
ZK-1231: Need a certain lifecycle point for afterCompose in a ViewModel
* Bugs
ZK-1113: Popup of chosenbox not removed after detach
ZK-1118: Vertical scrollbar appears when listbox with fixed rows and sizedByContent is true exceeds browser width
ZK-1136: Clients.showNotification(String) throws JS error when used with Include in defer mode
ZK-1135: Notification is not correctly displayed on IE8 (compatibility view turned OFF)
ZK-1144: error-page in JBoss causes IllegalStateException
ZK-1143: Subsequent WrongValueException causes JS error on ipad
ZK-1142: Second level menuitem onclick event not fired on iPad
ZK-1146: TreeModel getChildCount invoke too much times
ZK-1147: The returning type of getModel API in combobox and tree component shall be the same
ZK-1159: Unnecessary Ajax update when the listbox with ROD is invisible
ZK-1124: onOpen event not firing when closing a Menupopup
ZK-1126: Removing all items in certain AbstractListModel(s) may not work properly
ZK-1165: Inner ViewMdel cannot get Outer ViewModel in Binding
ZK-1164: "content" attribute in <image> can't handle the RenderedImage type with MVVM
ZK-1177: SimpleListModelSharer causes NullPointerException when the model is updated
ZK-1178: ZEL should support method overloading
ZK-1191: Children binding converter doesn't converter a pure Collection
ZK-1189: Save into a deep form bean fires improper NotifyChange
ZK-1202: Combobox not removing old items and reset selection when changing models
ZK-1222: Popup component as tooltip fires multiple onOpen events
ZK-1216: Combobutton has problems with label change if its popup did not close beforehand
ZK-1230: Listbox with rod only removes the first list item when setItemInvalid
ZK-1157: formatedDate and formatedNumber should be formatted
ZK-1196: Listbox renders incorrectly in richlet with ZK 6.0.2.FL.20120607
ZK-1179: ZK Internationalization Labels doesn't work with liferay (portal env)
ZK-1197: ZEL BeanELResolver's invoke impl has serious logical issue
ZK-1188: Error when mixing ZK creation EL with zkbind on reference or element of collection
ZK-1182: stubonly doesn't work
ZK-1228: Tree with model fail to clone
ZK-1185: Two collection on zul page returning null when both of them becomes empty
ZK-1194: The timing of @Init on viewmodel is not so correct.
ZK-1205: Notification disappears immediately when other widgets gained focus
ZK-1176: Autodisabled (toolbar)button should stay disabled when setDisabled(true) onClick
ZK-1160: Exception when closing tab with included content
ZK-844: IllegalStateException when use cdi DelegatingVariableResolver
* Upgrade Notes
+ The setFlex(String) API in org.zkoss.zul.LayoutRegion is deprecated, use setHflex/setVflex on child component instead.
+ The invocation of current @Init tagged method in a ViewModel class is moved from doAfterCompose() to earlier stage
doBeforeComposeChildren() in BindComposer, which means it's no longer applicable if you want to initiate your ViewModel
based on host component scope (ex: child components and custom attributes) in an @Init tagged method. Instead you
should use @AfterCompose tagged method which is newly introduced since this version.
+ AnnotateBinder#init() will only take care of super#init(), you'll have to call AnnotateBinder#initAnnotatedBindings()
separately to initiate and register bindings based on ZUL component's annotation.
+ Deprecated all of the Hibernate utility classes in zkplus package,,,, and, please use official Hibernate's methods instead.
ZK 6.0.1
May 2, 2012
* Features
ZK-883: A way to specify component's annotation in component's Java class
ZK-864: Make ValidationContext easier
ZK-889: Children binding should support converter
ZK-901: Provide reference-binding
ZK-862: Enhance the BeanValidator to validate a property of a form
ZK-916: A FormBeanValidator
ZK-921: A way to register system level converter and validator
ZK-943: We need a groups model which supports List<?>, all the Groups models use arrays
ZK-955: Update jars in dist/lib/ext to newer version
ZK-951: Add a new Biglistbox component to handle huge data
ZK-540: Notification Components
ZK-698: A flexible Notification(Box) component to give user visual feedback.
ZK-995: A way to access multiple validation messages
ZK-1019: Provide an extra layer of DIV on Window/Panel buttons
ZK-1028: Add Chosenbox to handle multiple selection
ZK-882: Add the ComponentInfo to the id generator
ZK-997: SelectorComposer supports the listening of an event queue
ZK-1032: Able to wire Event to command method
ZK-1033: @Init should supports to annotate on Type
ZK-1050: Able to ignore the load or save of a binding
ZK-1047: Label should support format
ZK-1018: Add fusionchart component
ZK-1072: Converter supports generic type
ZK-1082: Supports bind on chosenbox model and selection
ZK-1084: Supports binding on biglistbox selection
* Bugs
ZK-866: Select status of listbox not sync when change multiple to single
ZK-877: NPE in a save only binding.
ZK-878: Exception if binding a form with errorMessage
ZK-869: Binder should be serializable.
ZK-690: Binder is not work in cluster environment
ZK-892: ChildrenBinding in Listbox pollute the collection model
ZK-891: Cannot turn on the multiple selection of the listbox when use databinding 1
ZK-888: ZK bind ChildrenBinding fail to convert one object to a list
ZK-913: Value is reload after validation fail
ZK-905: Save into a Form bean should fire NotifyChange
ZK-911: NotifyChange of a property of a Form is not reloaded.
ZK-898: Listbox paging bug
ZK-917: V/Hflex shall not calculate its sibling size when its position is absolute or relative
ZK-927: zkplus databinding1 should auto-wrapping BindingListModelXxx with setMultiple() and Selectable handled
ZK-939: TreeNode's getChildren() shall not return List<? extends TreeNode<E>>
ZK-919: ELSupport can't handle java.sql.Timestamp
ZK-950: The expression reference doesn't update while change the instant of the reference
ZK-946: NullPointerException closing Messagebox
ZK-967: Should support default template name for group and groupfoot
ZK-968: The template doesn't render the nest collection data correct
ZK-940: Nested listbox selection issue
ZK-848: How to figure out a validationMessages is empty
ZK-987: 3d Groupbox cave has extra top border when having title
ZK-945: The gap between the image and description/text is large in a comboitem
ZK-948: rerendering of selectbox looses its data
ZK-983: Combobutton js error upon unbind
ZK-994: BindingParam doesn't not work with @Init
ZK-985: The entire Grid is invalidated when adjusting models and a couple of components
ZK-996: Widget.replaceWidget (i.e., invalidate() at the server) shall preserve the cursor the position
ZK-993: Exception if reloaded a included page
ZK-992: Wrong item when binding to combbox with submodel implementation
ZK-1008: The numberOfChildren in PathELResolver is not correct
ZK-1009: Bind event by selectorcomposer in cluster environment doesn't work
ZK-1013: Component.queryAll() shall return Iterable<Component> instead of List<Component> for better performance
ZK-910: Cannot use the menupopup option of the grid to change the grouping
ZK-956: setTooltip in a event cause IllegalStateException in ZK 6
ZK-1017: Property of a form is not correct when validation
ZK-1005: Validation fails on nested bean
ZK-1007: A tree is rendered twice while onInitModel and onInitRender events
ZK-1004: Missing template element in XML Schema
ZK-1031: NPE with ListModelList (with null item) and Selectbox
ZK-1045: Cannot bind on colorbox.color
ZK-1046: Public event class of zkbind
ZK-1053: Selectbox doesn't handle onFocus / onBlur event
ZK-1058: ZK cannot support drag-and-drop for Android mobile
ZK-1037: An empty listbox with long header will appear scroll bar (IE only)
ZK-1063: No exception if binding to a non-existed property
ZK-1054: ObjectBooleanConverter does not accept Null value
ZK-1067: Selectbox de-serialization fails while restoring session
ZK-1066: Incorrect form value if inner binding waiting a command
ZK-1010: datebox with locale th_TH (Thai buddist calendar) can't select 29/02/2555 (year 2555 is 2012 in US calendar)
ZK-965: Tabpanel does not adapt height to its content if a vertical tabs is used unless a vflex="min" is specified
ZK-1070: onSelect is not fired in listbox mold select
ZK-1071: Bandbox, Form Binding and Constraints with Chromium and (less reprodible) Firefox
ZK-1003: Panel vflex wrong with toolbar
ZK-726: Masking fail when component is under autocsroll layout region
ZK-1090: Load a ZUL page with an Ajax request failed in ZK 6
ZK-1085: PropertyNotWritableException when using reference binding
ZK-1088: Value of form with converter is not updated.
ZK-1096: Listbox multiselect bug with draggable on
ZK-1101: Portallayout.setPanel() doesn't behave as expected
ZK-1100: Menuitem.setImage() doesn't work in menubar
ZK-1139: ZK Bind loads "init" annotations no matter if "loadinit" parameter TRUE or FALSE
ZK-1134: BindUiLifeCycle should check if binder instanceof AnnotateBinder
* Upgrade Notes
+ Component.queryAll() returns Iterable<Component> instead of List<Component>
for better performance.
+ TreeNode's getChildren() returns List<TreeNode<E>> instead of List<? extends TreeNode<E>>.
+ ComponentCtrl.addSharedAnnotationMap() was removed since it shall not be public
+ Added 2 arguments 'converterExpr' and converterArgs' to the end of
org.zkoss.bind.Binder.addChildrenInitBinding() and addChildrenLoadBindings().
You could pass null if you don't have a converter. Original methods are deprecated.
+ Syntax of zk bind2 RENDERER annotation is changed from 'render-attr=render-class' to 'render-attr:render-class'
+ Initial WebAppInit by org.zkoss.zk.ui.http.HttpSessionListener if Listener initiate first.
+ Some jars under /dist/lib/ext are updated, please refer to the Installation Ghide
+ Binder.init(Component root,Object viewModel) is deprecated,
please use Binder.init(Component root,Object viewModel,Map<String, Object> initArgs) instead.
+ The preloadSize and initRodSize of Listbox and Grid change to 50 items by default.
+ IdGenerator provides ComponentInfo when rendering component UUID now,please update your IdGenerator if exist.
ZK 6.0.0
Feb 14, 2012
* Features
3061730: Make ZK complaint to Java 5, such generics
2920934: A plugin to load lang.xml, config.xml.. from custom location
2978342: A way to tag AU request for statistic purpose
ZK-139: A way to define a template that component could use
ZK-216: Listbox/Tree/Grid/Combobox supports the template for rendering model
ZK-237: <?import class="..."?> allows users to import classes
ZK-110: Upgrade to jQuery 1.6.4
ZK-496: Make iZUML available to ZK CE
ZK-61: Support hotkey for user to pick a date
ZK-443: Menubar can support keystroke to navigate the menubar
ZK-292: Annotation supports an array of values and string-type value and so on
ZK-408: Allow the text-as content such as html/combitem to have a XML fragment
ZK-278: Enhance stubonly to merge more components and better control of event handling
ZK-401: A way to customize the way WebApp is instantiated
ZK-217: A way to add a temporary variable resolver to an execution
ZK-233: Execution.createComponents support inserting before particular component and variable resolver
ZK-264: addEventListener support 'priority'
2974464: A way to customize message with zk-label
3025389: A way to monitor the execution and event processing
2947727: The instantiation of Composer & Server Push customizable
ZK-224: Tree shall render the model in the onInitRender event listener
ZK-288: Make GenericEventListener (and derives, GenericForwardComposer and GenericAutowireComposer) as serializable
ZK-279: Simplify PageDefinition and related metainfo
ZK-314: A way to pre-load images since many UIs depend on the size of an image
ZK-114: Provide an JasperReport API to get the generated Media
ZK-370: Multi-line textbox support rounded mold
ZK-416: Listbox support multiple drag
ZK-446: Add an instant="true" attribute to InputElement(e.g. textbox, intbox, ...) so onChange is fired as quick as possible.
ZK-12: Checkbox automatically disable itself after clicked
ZK-458: The language definition allows a WPD package to be merged to another
ZK-83: Messageboxes buttons should be rendered in the users order
ZK-501: Messagebox supports custom labels
ZK-463: Messagebox supports enum to specify the button
ZK-464: Window's mode supports enum
ZK-468: Add Selectbox component to ZK core
ZK-469: Add Absolutelayout component to ZK core
ZK-470: Add Anchorlayout component to ZK core
ZK-383: Make breeze as the default theme
ZK-318: Support combobutton combining a button and a dropdown menu
ZK-526: Add a utile EL function for formatting date and parsing date
ZK-536: Groupbox supports the title attribute (like Window/Panel)
ZK-551: A new data binding system to support MVVM design pattern
ZK-522: Tablelayout support any child not limited to Panel
ZK-523: Columnlayout support any child not limited to Panel
ZK-537: Hlayout supports valign (top, middle and bottom)
ZK-503: Add a new component, idspace: as light as div but implements IdSpace
ZK-541: SelectorComposer uses annotation to control whether to write zscript and XEL variables
ZK-553: SelectorComposer shall implement ComponentActivationListener and rewire Session/WebApp
ZK-609: A way to access the browser information with an implicit object in EL (such as ${ >= 9})
ZK-613: The root component is considered as an ID space, so getFellow and wire will work
ZK-618: WebApp and Execution support log(String) and log(String,Throwable)
ZK-614: Support Servlet 3's web fragment
ZK-621: Combobox and Bandbox should support isOpen() to store the open status
ZK-615: Comet supports Servlet 3's asynchronous processing
ZK-448: Colorbox support keystroke to navigate the color code
ZK-635: Fileupload support HTML5's input file with multiple
ZK-616: Able to specify Messagebox width
ZK-646: Allow WebAppInit listenes to override default extendlet, such as WPD and WCS
ZK-649: Rename to
ZK-665: The default autowiring of HtmlMacroComponent and XmlMacroComponent shall be the same as SelectorComposer
ZK-666: A way to specify both annotation and value for a property
ZK-688: AuInvoke supports the invocation of a global function at the client
ZK-694: The file to configure logger can be specified in a library property
ZK-701: ListModel, TreeModel, ChartModel, and ListGroupModel supports Cloneable if implemented
ZK-719: Combobutton supports the toolbar mold such that it has the same size as other toolbar components
ZK-715: Listbox paging mold support PageUp/PageDown to navigate the paging
ZK-423: Focusable listboxes
ZK-669: Add method setModel(ListModel model) to Radiogroup class
ZK-720: Toggable toolbar buttons
ZK-855: DefaultTreeNode shall support Cloneable
* Bugs
ZK-328: Panelchildren shall ignore flex in maximized state
ZK-392: Set hflex='min' to treeitem will cause javascript error (illegal use actually)
ZK-493: zk.override(Object, String, Function) fails to update subclass methods
ZK-504: onCreate event not fired if registered in a parent's composer
ZK-487: Height isuue in the groupbox (with specified caption)
ZK-539: Title background not full-filled in groupbox
ZK-549: Height issue of groupbox 3d mold
ZK-562: Groupbox vflex=min is wrong (reopen B50-3005284.zul)
ZK-622: jq("@radio input").attr("checked") will return "checked" if not checked
ZK-702: combobutton js error occurs on click event
ZK-691: stubonly not work for Executions.createComponentsDirectly
ZK-707: ListModel/TreeModel selection cannot share in two component
ZK-750: Listbox ROD failed with ListModelList
ZK-732: combobutton doesn't have isOpen() so zkbind can't read open property
ZK-767: cannot select a non-open tree node when using model
ZK-779: Chechmark issue in paging listbox
ZK-815: Listbox Select event is not fired when PgDown/PgUp is pressed
ZK-827: Selection of listbox is worng after change multiple
ZK-816: Tooltip assigned to component when it is in detached state won't show up
ZK-774: Toolbar's mold "panel" does not work accurately
ZK-852: Datebox not functional in ZK6 on Mobile Safari
* Upgrade Notes
+ The default zclass of groupbox is renamed to z-groupbox, and the 3d zclass is
z-groupbox-3d. In additions, the default mold is implemented with DIV rather than
+ The default autowiring of HtmlMacroComponent and XmlMacroComponent is
based on CSS 3 selector, i.e., it is the same as SelectorComposer.
To be backward-compatible, you could specify a library property called
org.zkoss.zk.ui.macro.autowire.convention to true.
+ zcommons-el.jar is not shipped with the binary distribution.
Rather, zel.jar is shipped instead.
+ For ease of use, the return type of the following APIs are changed from Iterator
to Iterable:
org.zkoss.zk.ui.Exectuion: getHeaders and getHeaderNames
org.zkoss.zk.ui.WebApp: getInitParameterNames
org.zkoss.zk.ui.RichletConfig: getInitParameterNames
+ org.zkoss.zk.ui.util.Initiator.doAfterComposer(Page,Component[]),
doCatch(Throwable) and doFinally() were removed.
And, doCatch(Throwable) and doFinally() are moved to InitiatorExt
+ org.zkoss.zul.SimpleTreeNode and org.zkoss.zul.SimpleTreeModel are removed.
They are replaced with org.zkoss.zul.DefaultTreeNode and
+ HTMLs, StyleSheet and JavaScript are moved to the org.zkoss.html package
+ org.zkoss.util.ListX, org.zkoss.util.TreeArray and org.zkoss.util.CheckableTreeArray
are removed.
+ org.zkoss.zk.ui.api.*, org.zkoss.zul.api.* and all component related interfaces
are removed.
+ Component's setVariable is removed (deprecated in 5.0). Please use
Component.setAttribute(name, value, SPACE_SCOPE)
+ The addEventListener method of org.zkoss.zk.ui.Component won't check whether
the same event listener is registered twice. In other words,
it will be invoked multiple times if a listener is registered multiple times.
If you want to ignore the second registration of the same listener
(i.e., backward compatible with 5.0 or earlier), you could specify a library
property called org.zkoss.zk.ui.EventListener.duplicateIgnored to true
+ The org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Expression interface is deprecated, and replaced
with the addEventListener(int, String, EventListener) (and priority as 1000).
+ The default constructors of org.zkoss.zk.ui.util.GenericForwardComposer
and GenericAutowireComposer ignore the variables defined
in zscript and XEL. If it causes problems, please use the construactor
with full control (GenericAutowireComposer(separator,boolean,boolean)).
+ The getClassNames and resolveClass methods of org.zkoss.xel.FunctionMapper
are removed. Rather, FunctionMapperExt are introduced, so you could implement
both FunctionMapper and FunctionMapperExt to have the function.
+ The Window, Messagebox and Fileupload components won't throw InterruptedException.
Rather, it is wrapped with UiException (because the event processing thread is
+ UiFactory's newComponent method's signature is changed. Furthermore
Two new methods are, newComposer and newServerPush, added to UiFactory
to allow developers to customize the instantiation of a composer or
a server push implementation.
+ iZUML (client-side ZUML) supports only #{...}. It doesn't support ${...} any more.
Notice ZUML (server-side) still uses the format of ${...}.
+ The org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.SEORenderer.class perference is no longer supported.
Please use the org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.SEORenderer listener instead.
+ Tree's model rendering is deferred to the onInitRender event
+ AbstractComponent's newChildren() and newExtraCtrl() are both removed.
Override getChildren() and getExtraCtrl() instead.
+ The template of Messagebox (~./zul/html/messagebox.zul) is changed.
If you customize it, please refer to
+ The event processing thread is deprecated and might be removed in the future
+ StubComponent's package becomes org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.
+ EvaluatorRef's package becomes org.zkoss.zk.xel.
+ The hflex/vflex properties of a Panelchildren are determined by its parent
Panel. The setter methods of Panelchildren's hflex/vflex will throw
+ As the sizing of a few Grid/Listbox/Tree related components are controlled
by others, the hflex and width properties of them are irrelevant. Their
setters of hflex and width are deprecated. These components include:
Treeitem, Treerow, Treecell, Treechildren, Treecols, Treefoot,
Rows, Columns, Row, Cell, Foot, Listitem, Listcell, Listhead, Listfoot
+ The deprecated class org.zkoss.web.util.resource.ServletLabelResovler was removed.
+ No longer support ZKuery
+ Breeze has become the default theme. In other words, ZK 6 uses Breeze as the
default styling, without the need to include breeze.jar in the library
directory on in Maven dependencies. Sapphire and Silvertail are packaged and
delivered as they were in ZK 5.
+ org.zkoss.zk.device.Device.isClient() is replaced with matches().
+ The support of comet is available to ZK PE, and it is
called org.zkoss.zkex.ui.comet.CometServerPush.
Meanwhile, org.zkoss.zkmax.ui.comet.CometServerPush is upgraded to support
Servlet 3 asynchronous processing. It will detect if Servlet 3 is supported,
and switch the implementation if necessary.
+ The default I18N properties file is renamed from to
+ The configuration file for logging is now configurable by use of
the library property called org.zkoss.util.logging.config.file.
+ If the attribute called composerName is specified, the default name
won't be wired (for better performance).
+ AbstractComponent.smartUpdate(String, Date) is removed
+ org.zkoss.zk.ui.sys.JavaScriptValue is moved to org.zkoss.json.JavaScriptValue
+ The return type of org.zkoss.zk.ui.metainfo.Annotation.getAttributes()
is changed to Map<String, String[]>
+ Files.getConfigDirectory is removed
+ org.zkoss.util.logging.LogService is removed
+ org.zkoss.zul.ext.TreeSelectionModel and TreeOpenableModel are introduced
to replace Selectable and Openable for TreeModel
+ The multiple status and the selection are provided by Selectable
and TreeSelectionModel when using Listbox and Tree with Model.
+ The open status are provided by TreeOpenableModel when using Tree with Model
+ Library property org.zkoss.zul.Separator.spaceWithMargin is removed (since
we don't maintain the margin approach found in ZK 2 any more)
+ The following classes are removed, since they are never used or introduce
unnecessary complication.
org.zkoss.web.servlet.ForwardServlet, org.zkoss.web.servlet.http.HttpServlet,,,, org.zkoss.lang.WarningException, org.zkoss.lang.Warning,
org.zkoss.util.InvalidValueException, org.zkoss.util.ModificationException,
org.zkoss.util.ScalableTimer, org.zkoss.util.ScalableTimerTask,
org.zkoss.util.ScalableTimerTask, org.zkoss.util.ThreadLocalCache
+ bullet1.gif, bullet2.gif and bullet3.gif are removed from zweb
since they are never used
+ Some z-class names are changed:
z-menu-item -> z-menuitem
z-menu-popup -> z-menupopup
z-menu-separator -> z-menuseparator
z-panel-children -> z-panelchildren
+ Some CSS class names are changed. To update theme customization, replace CSS
class occurrences by the following:
.z-weekend -> .z-calendar-caldow .z-calendar-wkend
.z-weekday -> .z-calendar-caldow .z-calendar-wkday
.z-outside -> .z-calendar-outside
+ Selectable must be implemented if a list model is assigned to a listbox.
+ Selectable introduced isMultiple and setMultiple methods.
+ ListModelExt and TreeModelExt are deprecated and replaced with
+ GroupsModelExt is depreccated and replaced with
+ The render method of ListitemRender, RowRenderer, ComboitemRender and TreeitemRenderer
has been changed: an additional argument called index was introduced.
+ Deprecated two methods isClose(int) and setClose(int, boolean) of org.zkoss.zul.GroupsModel.
Replace with isGroupOpened(int), addOpenGroup(int) and removeOpenGroup(int)
ZK 5.0.12
* Features
ZK-1002: Remove script carrying ZK initialization code after mounted
* Bugs
ZK-998: Uploading mp3 fails in 5.0.11
ZK-1011: drag and drop in mobile safari throwing exceptions
ZK-922: Misaligned Grid columns with Firefox 10
ZK-1024: The row of the listbox are not aligned with the head (Firefox 11 only)
ZK-979: Listbox sizable fail when set height attribute (Firefox 11.0 only)
ZK-1029: Send a ajax request with webshpere portal server will cause session timeout
ZK-1022: grid column disappear after sizable and setModel with frozen column
ZK-1043: Still Firefox 11 (probably also 10) problems with listbox and span
ZK-1058: ZK cannot support drag-and-drop for Android mobile
ZK-1038: A empty listbox with long header set span doesn't work (IE only)
ZK-1069: Squence issue when attaching radio and radiogroup
ZK-1061: Wrong Weekday when set a specified locale on a datebox
ZK-1073: Oncheck event doesn't fire when the new radio attached
ZK-1079: Fileupload dialog will be masked while open it by a button in a popup
ZK-1086: Undefined on datebox format "EEEE" with specific locale
ZK-1092: IE 8 - Scrollbar Bug in Tree
ZK-1230: Listbox with rod only removes the first list item when setItemInvalid
ZK-1298: Can not set composer name with <custom-attributes>
ZK-1391: When a window is invisible at first, its top (or left) attribute takes no effect even we turn the window to be visible.
ZK-1400: Focus issue when Listbox in select mold after invalidate
ZK 5.0.11
Mar 27, 2012
* Features
ZK-780: Support a non-default context path when integrating ZK with Liferay bundle with JBoss
ZK-854: Allow passing additional params to custom file upload template
* Bugs
ZK-773: Listbox sizedByContent breaks scrolling in 5.0.10
ZK-740: missing close tag in flash.js
ZK-751: Tooltiptext not working for upload button
ZK-786: Caption control wrong image with toolbarbutton
ZK-789: Static files defined in lang-addon.xml are served with invalid content-type
ZK-770: EventQueue has extra delay if scope is SESSION
ZK-752: Tooltiptext gets rendered differently in different situations
ZK-804: Exception: "Failed to mount: Cannot call method 'inAccordionMold' of undefined"
ZK-787: Servlets.isUniversalURL should recognise data URIs
ZK-804: Grid in grid's detail with Sapphire theme text color is white
ZK-822: EventQueue with Group scope throws NPE if publish without subscribe
ZK-791: Listbox getSelectedItems + shift does not work in version 5.0.10 without ROD
ZK-819: Disabled tabs in IE looks weird
ZK-831: Spinner won't show constraint message when input value large than java Integer limits
ZK-817: Cannot resize window on iframe
ZK-798: The scroll position shall not goto top when call focus after invalidate()
ZK-835: Paging Tree/Grid/Listbox trigger bind/unbind_ more than once in mounting
ZK-763: CDI issue: Cannot locate the BeanManager for JavaEE 6
ZK-805: MenuPopup without columns label image doesn't appear OK
ZK-837: ClassCastException while parsing Date when TimeZone + Custom Constraint are active
ZK-842: Error message does not show up
ZK-840: Error on expand of the tree item in the list
ZK-824: Texbox dragging issue within the draggble container
ZK-841: SessionInit cause a stack overflow
ZK-845: Fileupload fail in cluster server (JBoss)
ZK-851: no value update on textbox in popup
ZK-812: Components.wireFellows() error when root component is not IdSpace
ZK-872: Calling fireEvent method cause exeception with GroupsModel(Rod enabled)
ZK-867: Can't customize master detail's style of odd row
ZK-873: Inconsistent display of select all checkbox in listheader if ROD is true
ZK-859: bandbox popup not aligned correctly on FF10/IE9
ZK-886: Accordion tabbox disabled issue
ZK-868: The image of the file upload button broke in the liferay
ZK-893: Frozen causes columns disorder
ZK-908: setErrorMessage causes reset of input element value
ZK-909: throwing WrongValuesException causes input field value to reset
ZK-897: Calling fireEvent method cause UIexeception with GroupsModel(Rod disabled)
ZK-890: hflex behave different on ie
ZK-918: Combobox elements not customizable with css class
ZK-929: StringFns's replace function will cause an infinite loo
ZK-885: Iframe with PDF stop works in IE 8
ZK-928: Navigate the comboitems by press key will select a wrong item
ZK-887: hbox's widths properties specified in Chrome is not precise
ZK-925: Select mutiple Item using shift key will return wrong count in listbox (ROD enabled)
ZK-926: Scrollbar stops working in listbox (IE7 only)
ZK-885: Iframe with PDF stop works in IE 8
ZK-928: Navigate the comboitems by press key will select a wrong item
ZK-887: hbox's widths properties specified in Chrome is not precise
ZK-925: Select mutiple Item using shift key will return wrong count in listbox (ROD enabled)
ZK-937: Bug and improvement to tabs dragging behaviour
ZK-930: Fileupload.get fail in cluster server
ZK-938: Fileupload of binaries fails with 0 content/NullInputStream
ZK-941: The decimalbox with the roundingMode="UNNECESSARY" will not throw ArithmeticException when type a invalid value
ZK-964: No error shown if coerceFromString_ failed and CustomConstraint was specified
ZK-952: Portallayout get wrong position when using Executions.createComponents to create panels
ZK-962: Portalchildren visible false problem
ZK-975: Textbox with rows and mold rounded does not recognize width nor hflex
ZK-980: Modal Window position="center" problem in iPad
ZK-963: Update the data of the listbox with a timer and IE8 will cause javascript error
ZK-989: Retrieve a wrong selectedItem when hiding the item in the listbox
* Upgrade Notes
+ Disable ROD function when using GroupsModel
ZK 5.0.10
Jan 03, 2012
* Features
* Bugs
ZK-513: Adding objects to ListModelList causes Firefox to complain slow script
ZK-531: Multi-select issue after ROD
ZK-518: Selected value in combobox is right aligned in FF5+ if width is smaller than selected option
ZK-528: Listcell width failed when some listheader set visible is false in IE7 only
ZK-534: Mousedown in textbox drag wrong target
ZK-539: Title background not full-filled in groupbox
ZK-542: StandardThemeProvider/CacheableThemeProvider cannot load when using different theme
ZK-546: When HTTP session is deserialized, it failed to create session-scoped bean in composer
ZK-535: Missing border of listheader (classicblue, IE8 only)
ZK-543: Height issue of listbox when sizedByContent is true
ZK-576: Panel with vflex=1 cannot fit to the height of Portalchildren (reopen B50-3303725.zul)
ZK-569: Select Item doesn't work as expected if the listitems containing non visible list items
ZK-568: Combobox does not scroll to selected item
ZK-592: ROD Listbox cannot select multiple items with shift + click
ZK-589: Window in Hlayout the title bar is goen in IE7
ZK-591: Datebox constraint combination yyyymmdd and no empty cause javascript error in zksandbox
ZK-599: Grid has no vertical scrollbar when height is set by percentage
ZK-580: Wrong cursor position in draggable listitem (firefox only)
ZK-508: Texts in multi-column trees are not aligned
ZK-596: Toolbar in tabbox overlays tabs
ZK-564: org.zkoss.zul.DefaultTreeNode$TreeNodeChildrenList is not serializable
ZK-606: Put the hbox include a native component into borderlayout, the south area cannot bre open
ZK-607: Place a native component in the borderlayout will cause javascript error
ZK-547: SelectEvent.getSelectItems() does not return multiple selected TreeItems.
ZK-587: ROD in Listbox cannot render 250,000 items (IE8, IE9)
ZK-597: Tree not rendering correctly after event
ZK-398: IE8 hflex="min" with grid and listbox, the column border is gone (B50-ZK-272.zul)
ZK-395: Opera hflex="min" fail with listbox and tree in auxhead
ZK-521: Listbox with hflex=1 too small in FF on Linux
ZK-601: Grid content got wrong position after scroll to right then scroll back with frozen
ZK-577: Rendering Issue using Datebox with displayedTimeZones
ZK-610: FieldComparator ignores sort direction for null values
ZK-620: The north calculate a wrong size when place borderlayout in the second tab (CE/PE only)
ZK-623: Vbox/Hbox vflex/hflex wrong calculation
ZK-598: Vflex issue with scrollable listbox
ZK-548: Zk brezee dont paint all
ZK-559: Render problem with chrome and ZK release 5.0.9
ZK-612: The text of the upload button is incorrect in Swedish
ZK-630: Doublespinner exception with constraint
ZK-629: Problem in Decimalbox when using Spanish locale from browser
ZK-637: Cannot set 0 to error-code in the error-reload element
ZK-631: Datebox format error message not shown with implements CustomConstraint
ZK-641: Borderlayout label width inconsistent between browsers
ZK-640: toolbarbutton with no label will display larger width blur box
ZK-647: If double quotation mark exists in CSS style, style will not properly set
ZK-664: Use a trendy button to submit a form will submit twice (IE only)
ZK-660: Dynamically generated accordion tabs cannot be closed
ZK-658: onChange was fired in formatted doublebox without change the value
ZK-674: Tab lost if add tabpanel first in accordion mold
ZK-679: Textbox multi-line start with new-line failed in onCreate event
ZK-683: constraint messag not showup after lost focus
ZK-685: Listbox with checkmark and droppable enabled, scrolls to top when first time checked
ZK-692: The removeDesktop function does not work correctly when closing the browser tab (FF4 or above)
ZK-696: Panel with height will reduce 1px height (B50-3166478.zul)
ZK-676: toolbartext attribute doesn't escape HTML
ZK-699: GroupModel can not running under cluster server
ZK-700: vflex miscalculated height on IE9
ZK-471: Series in SimpleCategoryModel when assigned to flashchart object aren't displayed - only 1 series is possible
ZK-714: listbox data is not loaded when rod is enable
ZK-721: Removing TreeNode in TreeModel will cause wrong tree display in ROD
ZK-724: Reset ListModel will cause an exception in ROD
ZK-727: Datebox constraint failed when set custom error message for before constraint
ZK-731: Unclosed BufferedReader for org.zkoss.util.Maps
* Upgrade Notes
+ For better performance, org.zkoss.util.logging.LogService no longer monitors
i3-log.conf for any check (so it won't reload if i3-log.conf is modified).
ZK 5.0.9
Oct 18, 2011
* Features
ZK-481: Deprecate Treeitem#indexOf() API and add Treeitem#getIndex() so all components(Listitem, Comboitem, Treeitem) with index concept use the same API name
ZK-500: Add a default format for NumberInputElement when the locale is specified
* Bugs
ZK-386: sclass is not applying when div visible false
ZK-389: Exception after upgraded to zk 5.0.8 in WebSphere 5.1
ZK-402: Duplicate content rendering on redraw when using includes in grid cells
ZK-409: Open the Messagebox will show a error
ZK-417: Scrollbar stops working when the mouse is moved
ZK-414: Screen jumps back to top when opening an item at the end of a long tree
ZK-419: Accordion tabbox appendchild issue
ZK-403: Set a model to combobox when opening, the dropdown will not show the items
ZK-426: Onblur and readonly issue in INTBOX (IE only)
ZK-427: Div Scrollbar & Drag issue
ZK-428: Hlayout/Vlayout performance issue
ZK-433: Labels.reset() won't clear the cache in which come from the ${labels} instance
ZK-415: Tabbox selectedPanel binding not working
ZK-424: jQuery ztag issue
ZK-430: When timeformat is defined as HHmm, you cannot type more the 2 characters
ZK-432: Hflex fail when place the listbox in the second tab of the tabbox (IE8 only)
ZK-434: Set a format "a h:m:s" to the timebox cannot work correctly
ZK-436: An empty iframe in IE will cause a false text
ZK-435: Listbox with paging mold trigger onAfterRender event twice
ZK-442: Unable to use TAB to switch focus when a menu item gains the focus (and handles the selection with keystrokes)
ZK-440: Append a listitem to the listbox will cause js error (Firefox 4 above only)
ZK-441: Colorbox will be hide while align right
ZK-396: Opera select option and press tab will not change select item
ZK-393: Can't click-and-select any tree node in modal dialog window if included in JSP
ZK-394: Set hflex to Column calculate a wrong width
ZK-444: componentScope.get() causes error in zul file
ZK-381: Menu scrolling bug
ZK-397: Opera the checkbox of the disabled listitem is broke (F30-1780792.zul)
ZK-421: Selection bug in Listbox with paging
ZK-388: about JSdoc issue ref, Offset offset, String position, Map opts)
ZK-450: Serializable.smartWrite() shall not invoke LogManager under Google App Engine since it is not allowed
ZK-456: xmlns:h="html" shall be interpreted as the XHTML namespace rather than ZUL
ZK-454: Update tabbox and grid will cause js error in IE9
ZK-391: Tooltip loses "position=after_end" positioning if onOpen eventlistener added to popup
ZK-410: Bug on footer labels applied to a grid
ZK-460: Click the arrow of the timebox/spinner that in a listbox will trigger onChange event.
ZK-465: Messagebox does not invoke the listener if ESC is pressed
ZK-462: Window fire unexpected onMaximize event
ZK-461: Javadoc doesn't match code for grid's setSpan method
ZK-380: Issue: a non-checkable tree item is still selectable
ZK-418: Weird selection on listbox if onSelect invalidates and shift+Click
ZK-477: hlayout shall restore white-space to normal for its children
ZK-475: bandpopup tab key works wrong
ZK-473: Vflex attribute on tabpanel cannot works (fast model)
ZK-482: The horizontal scrollbar of Listbox won't be sync when after sort
ZK-485: setVisible(false) of listitem is not work if the height of listbox is specified
ZK-489: The layout of the vflex min is wrong when Listbox with rows without listhead
ZK-480: Add a draggable item to tree will cause js error
ZK-483: hflex=min causes unexpected word wrapping (IE9 only)
ZK-452: hflex in grid failed in IE 9 only
ZK-467: hflex in Listbox failed in IE 9 only
ZK-478: Imagemap and hflex="min" does not work
ZK-490: Replace Model the display data is not up to date when Grid in ROD
ZK-498: Dynamic Tree demo is broken
ZK-509: contents data missing with ROD and Listboxes without model
ZK-507: grid sort failed with paging mold
Aug 31, 2011
ZK 5.0.8
* Features
3287044: decimalbox/intbox/longbox/doublebox/doublespiner/spinner allows users to specify locale
3309539: Timebox and Datebox support different language for different locale
ZK-214: Add a databinding composer instead of initiator
3316591: Allow user to specify error-box position
3326788: A way to name the composer GenericAutowireComposer
3310927: ZK JasperReport support JasperReports 4
ZK-250: Support <?style?> to generate CSS directly without using a component
ZK-274: A way to prevent the developers from using zscript
3355806: Feature Update: custom-attributes shall be allowed to specify page's attrs (without specifying the scope attribute explicity)
2971889: Way to notify server of JS error
3306718: Treeitem allows draggable/droppable (in addion to treerow)
3315689: Optimize the HtmlMacroComponent
3323594: Render on Demand for Grid and Listbox supports setInitSize
3327013: A way to log message to the client
3307322: Control Keys support backspace
3326111: A way to specify fileSizeThreshold for fileupload in zk.xml
ZK-287: The event instance shall be passed to the callback event listener of EventQueue
ZK-248: System-level initiator is applied to richlet too
ZK-310: Support Clients.resize(wgt) to force the client to re-calculate the size, such as hflex/vflex
ZK-230: org.zkoss.zkplus.embed.Renders provides an option to control whether to generate addtion DOM element for the page
ZK-240: Optimize the memory footprint of Cell/Listcell/Treecell
ZK-219: Update zk.Event documentation
ZK-295: Animation effect of Borderlayout can be configured
ZK-78: A better Hungarian message file
ZK-348: iZUML shall use #{} instead of ${} so it is easy to use in a ZUML or JSP page
ZK-377: Upgrade jython to 2.5.2
* Bugs
3301375: native component in vbox stretch align show javascript error
3303684: Panel sizable has incorrect moving constraint
3301517: Double spinner show 0.000000000001
3304408: Listbox[mold=select], onChange event not fired in IE6
2973303: listbox mold select and selectedIndex -1
3306079: Spinner/Doublespinner has unnecessary methods
3002530: glitches with autopaging and renderdefer
3306824: NullPointer when combobox's model has null
3304877: Upload fail when the component with autodisable
3308335: Fail to dynamically change the roundingMode for subclass...
3309174: Remove items from the model of a non-rod grid cause error
3309256: Datebox and Timebox with long format will display wrong
3306149: Cannot remove the latest element in grid model (grid in rod)
3309632: Upload may incorrectly terminate
3307255: Panel in Portallayout missing top and bottom in IE7
3310470: Columnlayout does not work with vflex
3310055: Timebox issue with daylight saving timezone
3309583: Auxheader HTML Error
3315594: Vflex fail with a window contain a listbox with rows
3317170: Datebox without rod render a incorrect dom (FF3.6 only)
3322903: onTimer may cancel onClick request
3322892: emptyMessage fail when Grid has height
3309557: Rod render the empty content with listbox
3322909: emptyMessage fail when Listbox has height
3322970: Listhead checkmark state is not synchronized
3310020: init(SCfg) of DhtmlLayoutS. breaks contract of GenericSrvlet
3307376: The datebox shall fire onError after the error is cleared.
3322795: double spinner weird action
3322816: Doublespinner cannot accept empty value
3306850: doublespinner has weird actions
3303770: WrongValueException in Grid with paging mold
3314014: Separator bar not showing in IE6
3315668: doModal Window sometimes can't close with a cluster weblogic
3340252: Set vflex to cell in Vbox cause js error
3336745: getBoundingClientRect cause error on IE/FF
3323593: Timebox with long format shows meanless "z"
3314513: Datebox validate fail with different locale
3317729: Textbox with hflex="1" shall occupied column's width (IE)
3312936: Panel vflex issue (IE6/7)
3309193: Chrome returns wrong margin value on InputElement
3310406: ztag selector throws error when mounting
3339315: Mesh Element with hflex min causes zero width
3316035: Grid with sizedByContent and hflex:min display wrong
3345636: Chrome, Set hflex="1" to Datebox do not align with Textbox
3309975: Textbox in a draggable component get selection while focus