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ZK is a highly productive Java framework for building amazing enterprise web and mobile applications

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Naming Convention for abbreviation names
1) Industry standard names, e.g., XML, HTML and URI:
	We use all uppercase letters as other projects do.
	For example, XMLs for the XML utilities

2) ZK's names, e.g., ZK and ZUL:
	We use uppercase for the first letter.
	For example, ZkFns for the ZK EL functions, UiFactory for the UI factory

	The ZK components implementing XUL, aka, the XUL components of ZK.
	XUL: XML user interface markup language

	The ZK components implementing XHTML, aka, the XHTML components of ZK.

	The ZK components implementing MUL, aka, the MUL components of ZK.
	MUL: Mobile user interface markup language


	ZK Mobile Client is a MIDlet that hat enables a user to display and interact
	with user interfaces represented in MUL.
	MUL: Mobile user interface markup language

	1.	Download Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK) at

	2.	Make a symbolic link to the directory you installed WTK, which is assumed
		to be $MIDP_HOME

		cd /usr
		ln -s $MIDP_HOME WTK

	To test with WTK, you have to execute the following command to copy
	all relevant files to $MIDP_HOME/apps/zmobi
		bin/deploy zmobi
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