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<zk xmlns:n="native" xmlns:w="client">
<calendar id="cal" onChange="in.value = cal.value" width="50%"/>
<datebox id="in" onChange="cal.value = in.value"/>
<n:h1>Calendar Day Renderer</n:h1>
zk.afterLoad('zul.db', function(){
zul.db.Renderer.cellHTML = function (cal, y, m, day, monthofs) {
return '<a href="javascript:;" style="color:red;">' + day + '</a>';
<calendar width="50%"/>
<n:h1>Show Week Number</n:h1>
<calendar weekOfYear="true" width="50%"/>
<n:h1>Start ~ End</n:h1>
<bandbox buttonVisible="true" placeholder="start - end" readonly="true" onClick=""
w:getIconClass_="() => 'z-icon-calendar'"
viewModel="@id('vm')@init('org.zkoss.reference.component.input.DateRangeSelectorVM')" value="@load(vm.dateRange)">
<calendar constraint="no past" value="@bind(vm.startDate)" onChange="@command('updateConstraint')"/>
<calendar constraint="@load(vm.endDateConstraint)" value="@bind(vm.endDate)" onChange="@command('updateDateRange')"/>
<separator height="300px"/>
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