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zkspring 4.0.0
* Removed Features
Removed deprecated/obsolete features from zkspring-core / zkspring-security
Removed zkspring-webflow
* New Features:
Support Spring (& Security) 4/5
Simplified configuration (Java-Config and XML)
Websocket/Serverpush support for zkspring-security (init/cleanup SecurityContextHolder)
zkspring 3.1.1
*New Feature:
[ZKSPRING-33] - zkspring-security 3.1 incompatible with spring security 3.1
* Fixed Bugs:
[ZKSPRING-34] - NullPointerException is sometimes thrown by ZkComponentFactoryBean
[ZKSPRING-35] - ZkEventSecurityBeanDefinitionParser.getStandardFilter() fails to get Spring standard filter's BeanDefinition
[ZKSPRING-36] - zkspring-security will show login dialog when request a zul without access control
zkspring 3.1
* Fixed Bugs:
ZKSPRING-3 Deploy Zk Spring example war (zkspringessentials.war) on Oracle Weblogic Server 10gR3 with error
ZKSPRING-1 Zk Spring example war (zkspringessentials.war) can not be run on Oracle Weblogic Server 10gR3
ZKSPRING-4 zkspringessential.war cause a Reflections error on Weblogic 10gR3
ZKSPRING-5 CoreVariableResolver cannot be serialized
ZKSPRING-14 org.zkoss.spring.init.SecurityVariableResolver - Should implement Serializable
ZKSPRING-16 zk-spring-security config.xml file contains the wrong version-uid value for the 3.1 version
ZKSPRING-18 Use ZK Spring web flow with ZK6 RC will not find the setVariable method in Component
ZKSPRING-17 Use ZK Spring web flow with ZK6 RC will not find the setVariable method in Page
ZKSPRING-24 ZK Spring Core 3.1-FL-2011-09-01 incompatible with ZK 6.0
ZKSPRING-19 Discouraged usage of "==" and "!=" operators for String comparison
ZKSPRING-22 VirtualIdSpace cannot be cast Component issue with ZK Bind
ZKSPRING-23 UiExceptoin if put zkspring-core, zkspring-security, and zkspring-webflow along with all ZK required jars in the Tomcat endorsed directory
ZKSPRING-11 ZK SprinSecurity NullPointerException on SecurityUti.isAccessible method
ZKSPRING-12 RuntimeException while using grid in-place=true with ZK Webflow
ZKSPRING-7 Bug in handling of WrongValueException
ZKSPRING-15 ZkFlowControllerListener NPE if processing an Event with getTarget() == null
ZKSPRING-9 zk + databinding + spring-web-flow may cause problem
ZKSPRING-28 zkspring-core use JDK 1.6 class: javax.annotation.Resource
zkspring 3.0
* Features:
11 Support Spring Webflow 2.2.1+
12 Support Auto-wiring of ZK components in Spring beans
* Bugs:
1 Performance degradation for zul files with use/apply composer that implements Composer
2 ZK 5.0.2 with Spring Webflow doesn't work
3 BeanCreationException when deploy
7 ZK Spring not work with org.springframework.webflow-2.0.8
10 error using zkspring-annot component-scan
*Upgrade Notes:
+ ZK Spring 3.0 now also supports Spring Webflow and it is separately bundled into zkspring-webflow.jar
+ zkspring-webflow.jar depends on zkspring-core.jar
+ ZK Spring Webflow namespace schema is bundled with zkspring-webflow.jar and its namespace uri
and location is and
zkspring 3.0RC
* Features:
2942726 ZK support Spring Security 3.0
2984307 ZK Spring integration support Spring core 3.0.2 release
2984309 Split zkspring.jar into two libraries
* Bugs:
2984311 <form-login /> login.zul displayed in login popup
2984312 Runtime exception thrown instead of access denied page
2984313 login popup not closed
2984317 form-login login-page should override zk popup login page
issue 3 BeanCreationException when deploy with <zkspc:zk-config>
* Upgrade Notes:
+ zkspring.jar of 1.2.0 is now split into two separate jar files, zkspring-core.jar for Spring core
and zkspring-security.jar for Spring Security.
+ zkspring-security.jar depends on zkspring-core.jar. This also means corresponding .xsd files
containing namespace definitions are also split. Please take a look at our online documentation
for specific details.
+ ZK Spring Core schema namespace and location are
+ ZK Spring Security schema namespace and location are
+ Due to changes in Spring Security 3.0.2 release Zk Spring Security defined custom filters now
needs to be configured in Spring Security configuration file. Please take a look at our online
documentation for specific details(
+ Since it is upgraded to Spring 3.0 version it can only be used with Java 1.5 and higher version.
+ Spring Webflow 2.0.3 and above is not compatible with Spring 3.0 yet hence ZK Spring Webflow
support is not included in this 3.0RC release. For ZK Spring Webflow needs continue using ZK
Spring 1.2.0 and earlier releases.
zkspring 1.2.0
* Features:
2464162 Support auto-binding of Spring bean as controller of ZK view
2444958 Support inject of ZK component into Spring Bean
2464156 Support ZK implicit object as Spring beans
2444955 Support 'execution' scope.
2444952 Support 'page' scope
2444951 Support 'desktop' scope
2464151 Support 'application' scope.
2464150 Support 'idspace' scope.
2464207 Support simple form of ZK component Spring bean definition
2464220 Support Java annotation based configuration
* Bugs:
2781558 SpringAnnotations - @EventHandler dosn't honor @Scope("idspace")
2764814 ZK-Spring Annotations - Controller bound to old Instance...
2876912 ZK Spring IdSpaceScope is not working with ZK5
2885793 <?import?> in page cause NPE
zkspring 1.1.0
* Features:
Support Spring Web Flow
(Spring Security) Support idenpendent <form-login> for Ajaxified popup login window
(Spring Security) Support "forceHttps" for Ajaxified popup login window
(Spring Security) Support OpenID for Ajaxified popup login window
* Bugs:
(Spring Security) http -> https cause session invalidate issue
Invalid zkspring.xsd
zkspring 1.0.0
* Features:
Support simple namespace configuration
Support secure ZK event processing
Support Ajaxified access denied error window
Support Ajaxified popup login window
* Bugs:
* Upgrade Notes:
+ Since we provide a specific ZK Spring Integration package,
the classes in package org.zkoss.zkplus.spring.* (zkplus.jar)
is deprecated. We have repackage those classes to org.zkoss.spring.*