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ZK Spring-Boot Demos

  • zkspringboot-minimal-jar - A Minimal jar example
  • zkspringboot-minimal-war - A Minimal war example
  • zkspringboot-demo-jar - An example jar showing multiple features including ZATS testing
  • zkspringboot-security-demo - Basic ZK + Spring Security integration (learn and understand Spring Security first !!)

Maven (using maven-wrapper)

build all demos

./mvnw clean package

run individual demo

./mvnw spring-boot:run -pl zkspringboot-minimal-jar
./mvnw spring-boot:run -pl zkspringboot-minimal-war
./mvnw spring-boot:run -pl zkspringboot-demo-jar
./mvnw spring-boot:run -pl zkspringboot-security-demo

run each demo from its individual folder

cd zkspringboot-demo-jar
../mvnw spring-boot:run

Gradle (using gradle-wrapper)

build all demos

./gradlew clean build

run individual demo

./gradlew zkspringboot-minimal-jar:bootRun
./gradlew zkspringboot-minimal-war:bootRun
./gradlew zkspringboot-demo-jar:bootRun
./gradlew zkspringboot-security-demo:bootRun

run each demo from its individual folder

cd zkspringboot-demo-jar
../gradlew bootRun

Test urls

After successful startup the applications can be accessed under the following urls

(for all demos)

http://localhost:8080 - a simple hello page

(for zkspringboot-demo-jar)

http://localhost:8080/mvvm - featuring basic mvvm based navigation

http://localhost:8080/resources - demonstrating how to access resources

http://localhost:8080/richlet/example - basic example richlet

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