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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Decode or encode BG tilemap data using the ZLADX encoding format
# Usage:
# tools/ decode marin_beach.tilemap.encoded
# tools/ decode marin_beach.tilemap.encoded --output marin_beach.tilemap
# tools/ encode marin_beach-modified.tilemap --output marin_beach.tilemap.encoded
import sys
import argparse
from textwrap import wrap
from functools import reduce
from lib.background_coder import BackgroundCoder
def write_result(bytes, outfile, wrap_count=None):
Write as a sequence of bytes if the outfile is binary,
but as wrapped hexadecimal values if printing on stdout.
if 'b' in outfile.mode:
text = bytes.hex()
if wrap_count:
text = "\n".join(wrap(text, wrap_count))
outfile.write(text + "\n")
if __name__ == "__main__":
arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
options_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False)
options_parser.add_argument('--output', '-o', type=str, metavar='outfile', action='store', help='file to write the output to')
options_parser.add_argument('--width', type=int, metavar='tiles_count', default=20, action='store', help='number of tiles in the tilemap width')
options_parser.add_argument('--filler', type=lambda x: int(x, 0), metavar='filler', default=None, action='store', help='filler byte used as the tilemap background')
options_parser.add_argument('--no-file-terminator', dest='has_file_terminator', default=True, action='store_false', help='operate on a partial tilemap without a file terminator (e.g. some menus)')
operations_subparser = arg_parser.add_subparsers(title='commands', dest='command', required=True)
decoding_parser = operations_subparser.add_parser('decode', parents=[options_parser], help='convert a tilemap encoded with the ZLADX format to a raw tilemap')
decoding_parser.add_argument('infile', type=str, help='encoded tilemap file to decode')
decoding_parser.add_argument('--wrap', '-w', type=int, metavar='char_count', default=40, action='store', help='wrap the stdout output to a number of characters (40 by default; 0 to disable)')
encoding_parser = operations_subparser.add_parser('encode', parents=[options_parser], help='convert a raw tilemap to the encoded ZLADX format')
encoding_parser.add_argument('infile', type=str, help='raw tilemap file to encode')
encoding_parser.add_argument('--location', type=lambda x: int(x, 0), metavar="VRAM_address", default=0x9800, action='store', help='start address of the tilemap in VRAM')
args = arg_parser.parse_args()
infile = open(args.infile, 'rb')
data =
outfile = (args.output and open(args.output, 'wb')) or sys.stdout
if args.command == 'decode':
result = BackgroundCoder.decode(data, args.width, args.filler or 0x00, args.has_file_terminator)
write_result(result, outfile, wrap_count=args.wrap)
elif args.command == 'encode':
result = BackgroundCoder.encode(data, args.location, args.width, args.filler, args.has_file_terminator)
write_result(result, outfile)