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Welcome to my Home Assistant (and various other supporting services) configuration. The top-level docker-compose.yml file boots up all the services. Check out my blog for tutorials and reviews of my setup.

Services Used:

  • homeassistant for Home Automation
  • postgres for a storage database for Home Assistant
  • pgadmin nice user interface for postgres
  • appdaemon write Home Assistant automations in Python
  • influxdb time-series database for Home Assistant
  • grafana visualization for sensor data
  • mosquitto MQTT broker
  • openzwave for advanced Z-Wave configuration outside of Home Assistant
  • portainer for monitoring Docker containers
  • esphome for monitoring and updating esphome based devices
  • icbinv for generating images of my Vacuum cleaning progress

Most of my hardware setup is detailed on my blog.

The general structure of my Home Assistant config is based off of Frenck's configuration.