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Layout-based PHP micro-framework for full-stack HTML5 sites

Hackwork is a layout-based PHP micro-framework made for HTML5 sites. You can also make HTML4 sites with Hackwork, don't worry.

Minimal required PHP version is 5.6.0. Hackwork may work on older PHP versions, although they aren't supported officially.

Table of contents



require_once 'core/hackwork.php';
layout('default', 'home');

Getting started

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Modify layouts for your pages.
  3. Fill data/ and assets/.
  4. Test your site locally to see does everything works well.

Directory structure

Hackwork projects should have a simple directory structure.

├── assets/
│   ├── css/
│   ├── fonts/
│   ├── img/
│   ├── js/
│   ├── ...
├── core/
│   ├── helpers/
│   ├── hackwork.php
├── data/
│   ├── ...
└── layouts/
    └── .../
        ├── footer.php
        ├── header.php
        ├── i.functions.php
        ├── i.variables.php
        └── ...
  • assets/: cachable resources (e.g. JavaScript, CSS and images).
  • core/: framework core
  • data/: pages content
  • layouts/: base layouts directory



There are path and configuration constants.


  • ROOT: server root path; don't change if not necessary
  • PATH: site root path
  • CORE: framework core path, PATH-relative
  • HELPERS: helpers path, CORE-relative
  • LAYOUTS: layouts path, PATH-relative
  • DATA: data files path, PATH-relative
  • ASSETS: assets path, isn't PATH-relative
  • CSS: CSS assets path, ASSETS-relative
  • JS: JavaScript assets path, ASSETS-relative
  • FONTS: fonts path, ASSETS-relative
  • IMG: images path, ASSETS-relative

You should omit trailing slashes in path constants.


There is an environment constant, ENV. Its values are:

  • development for complete error reporting
  • production for minimal error reporting

By default it's development. You should change it if your site is for production.


Hackwork has some helpers, e.g. to make layout. All of them are automatically imported to core/hackwork.php.


Server configuration is in the core/helpers/config.php. You should edit it to adjust the configuration.


Pages loads faster with compression, so Hackwork enables it by default.

Default charset

There is a charset definition to ensure right charset is used everywhere. Hackwork sets default charset to UTF-8.

Default timezone

PHP requires default timezone for proper working of time functions. Hackwork sets default timezone to UTC.


Hackwork uses layouts as page generating model.

Layout basics

Layouts are like page templates. You don't need to learn new templating language as Hackwork uses pure PHP syntax.

Layout sections

  • header.php: page top
  • page content (loaded from data/)
  • footer.php: page bottom

Other layout files

Use i. prefix for layout files that should be included. Core i. files are:

  • i.variables.php: layout variables
  • i.functions.php: layout functions

You can create additional i. files, e.g. for constants and classes.

Layout generator

To generate layout, use layout($layout, $data, $page_title) function.

Default layout

Default layout is just a template. It lies within layouts/default/.

Default layout variables

Default layout variables are in layouts/default/i.variables.php.

Default layout base variables
  • $doctype: document type
Default layout meta variables
  • $charset: character set
  • $meta: <meta> tags content array
    • $meta['site_title']: site title
    • $meta['author']: site author
    • $meta['description']: site description
    • $meta['keywords']: site keywords separated with comma
    • $meta['robots']: robots meta setting
    • $meta['viewport']: visible part of canvas at page
  • $title_divider: divider between page and site title
  • $title: generated title
Default layout assets variables
  • $stylesheet: <link rel="stylesheet"> tags content array
  • $icon: <link rel="*icon"> tags content array
    • $icon['favicon']: favicon path
    • $icon['apple_touch_icon']: Apple touch icon path
  • $script: <script> tags content array
Default layout copyright variables
  • $cpsign: copyright sign
  • $cpyear: first copyright year
  • $cpowner: copyright owner
  • $copyright: copyright text

Default layout functions

Default layout functions are in layouts/default/i.functions.php.

Default layout generation functions
  • make_meta($array): generates <meta> tags from given array
  • make_stylesheets($array): generates <link rel="stylesheet"> tags from given array
  • make_icons($array): generates <link rel="*icon*"> tags from given array
  • make_scripts($array): generates <script> tags from given array
Default layout basic functions
  • is_currentfile($file): checks is the given argument current file
  • filecount($dir, $ignore): counts files in a directory
  • cat($url, $pre): imitates cat Unix command
  • randomval($array): selects a random value from array
  • undot($string): removes dots from string

New layout

To make a new layout, create a new directory within layouts/ and follow layout basics. You can use default layout as template.


Hackwork caches HTTP properties and header messages for easier HTTP control.

HTTP properties

  • $httpv: HTTP version; don't change if not necessary

HTTP headers

$header is an array of default HTTP header messages. You can use headers with $header[<status-number>].


Hackwork has a simple error thrower.

Exit status codes

  • EXIT_SUCCESS: no errors
  • EXIT_ERROR: generic error
  • EXIT_CONFIG: configuration error
  • EXIT_UNKNOWN_FILE: file not found
  • EXIT_UNKNOWN_CLASS: unknown class
  • EXIT_UNKNOWN_METHOD: unknown class member
  • EXIT_USER_INPUT: invalid user input
  • EXIT_DATABASE: database error
  • EXIT_AUTO_MIN: minimal automatically-assigned error code
  • EXIT_AUTO_MAX: maximal automatically-assigned error code

Error thrower

To throw an error, set consistent headers and terminate script, use throwerr($header_status, $exit_status, $msg, $header_msg).


Want to contribute? Check out contributing guide.


MIT © Zlatan Vasović


🔧 Layout-based PHP micro-framework for full-stack HTML5 sites





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