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#ToriOS Manual V 2

This is the page for the new ToriOS Manual. You can find our current version here.

ToriOS Logo


Lanugage : English Created in : LaTeX Using : Overleaf


In order to contribute to this manual you need.

  1. Access to a computer (PC or Laptop)
  2. Access to a 2nd computer you can use to Test ToriOS
  3. Access to the Internet
  4. Access to e-mail

Firstly please sign up to Launchpad and Join LaunchPad Torios Team From here you can join the mailing list and get updates on the ToriOS project.

As well as the ToriOS Develpers Team

Again there is a mailing list where you can discuss development of ToriOS.

Ideally you will be familar with Github, or at least be able to : Git clone the project and see what the progress is so far. You may want to also read up on Bazaar which is similar to github.

=== Where help is needed ===

Projects based on GNU Linux generally pull togehter other projects to create a distribution. ToriOS is now based on Debian. ToriOS uses OBI One button Installer JWM Window manager

Contributing to the documentation also helps the ToriOS project documentation, and also keeps all these manuals small and specific.

What I would like help with in terms of the ToriOS docs is content.

It may be easier to just send plain text files, along with any screen dumps (screen shots) to go along side the text.

I can then integrate to suit.

If you want to learn LaTeX anyway, perhaps then contribute to related projects, then a good place to start could be