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Keeping your self safe while using the Internet is important, to that end I have collated some resources below that will hopefully help you stay safe.

  • Switching Social Hello! This is a dedicated account for the website. is a guide to ethical social media, sites and apps, and is aimed at non-technical people who are concerned about their privacy online.

If you know someone who is worried about the behaviour of #Facebook / #Google / #Microsoft / #CambridgeAnalytica but thinks the alternatives are all scary and techie, try sending them a link to our site. All of the sites and apps we suggest are easy-to-use #ethical #alternatives:

E-mail services



While encrypting e-mail is good to stop people reading your private information, there are other reasons you may want to do this, I can send you a password in an encrypted e-mail for example, or send my team private financial data on the project we are working on.


If your using gnupg (GNU Privacy Guard) to sign e-mail then the recipient, having seen your ID and been given a printed copy of your unique fingerprint, then they can be more confident that that e-mail is from you.

Web Browsing

Social media

Alternatives to the bigger players

Multi services These provide more than one service, such as mail, chat, file storage

The advantage with a DIY solution is you are in control of your own data.


Search the web, without being tracked or revealing data.


  • Create good passwords

  • Nothing to hide This links back to a blog post which then links to the video. It looks at, among other topics, privacy and how much data is leaking out there for people to use, governments, private companies and advertisers. Also looks at how meta-data from websites and other technology can help build up an accurate picture of where you have been etc.

I think the point here is that while there are companies that track you, and collate and use the data to improve, for example search results, the data can also be mis-used.

A recent news report on the BBC, covered how fitness trackers showed where soldiers had been running, but as this was within army bases, it exposed locations of those bases. This could pose a risk to them and others. There seems to be advantages and disadvantages to these products. As always features can be turned on / off so it is important to consider this before use.

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