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01:21:42 <steshaw> Very nice LLVM/OCaml tutorial Highly recommended. On Mac OS X, do compile llvm from sources to get the OCaml bindings. | 195321724588396544
02:36:04 <corbibakelook> HTML5 web application development in OCaml | 195340440579489792
03:04:58 <Yuichiro_S> emerge'd 3 packages (in 8m30s): dev-lang/ocaml-3.12.1 etc. #GenTwoo | 195347713133514753
04:39:45 <garriguejej> GADTs in OCaml 4.00 are going to be great, but how can we explain their real power. Still thinking. | 195371563443433472
07:32:45 <debasishg> GADTs in OCaml, now merged in trunk via @prismatic | 195415100172140544
08:17:05 <planet_ocaml> PR#5531: Add Changes entry: m Changes PR#5531: Add Changes entry git-svn-id: | 195426258526547968
08:30:17 <eriangazag> garriguejej: too bad ... I find your original syntax to be something closer to OCaml :-) | 195429580264325120
08:40:14 <camlspotter> garriguejej,eriangazag: I prefer ocaml style syntax too. The current one is as if gadt constructors could be curried. | 195432082523176960
08:47:40 <garriguejej> camlspotter,eriangazag: Actually there was another problem: existential variables. OCaml style prefers them explicit, now they are implicit | 195433953405059073
10:18:29 <include_memory> Haskell→OCaml→C++→ (whitespace) | 195456808058499072
13:29:29 <ncannasse> internetsurfing: because it uses Ocaml which is great to write compilers in. Java is bad for compilers speed and maintainability | 195504874354507776
16:11:10 <brettsky> wickman: Thanks for the link, but I need support for stuff like Clojure, OCaml, etc. IOW something low-level like Make, not built-in support | 195545565315076096
17:07:31 <lumpenproletar> #catastroica ( and ocaml debbugging! ain't life great? | 195559745019588608
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