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19:21:55 <DimitryKakadu> My lablqt is alive, I can prove it )):
19:22:23 <raphael-p> DimitryKakadu: gz
19:23:27 <asmanur_> DimitryKakadu: how do you generate the boilerplate code ? once we tried to attempt that goal with a friend, but we failed because of C++/Qt's complexity ?
19:23:42 <asmanur_> -?
19:23:59 <DimitryKakadu> asmanur_: qtjambi parses C++ and generates xml
19:24:33 <asmanur_> oh
19:24:35 <asmanur_> i think we used KDE's smoke
19:24:54 <asmanur_> 'm gonna look into it
19:27:45 <DimitryKakadu> asmanur_:
19:28:20 <asmanur_> thanks
19:30:11 <DimitryKakadu> asmanur_: I don't beleive that my bindings are compilable not on my computers. I'm glad that another person can test it.
19:30:25 <DimitryKakadu> asmanur_: If it will be needed You can open some bugs on github
19:33:52 <asmanur_> hm
19:34:21 <asmanur_> i will try to find some time to test it
19:40:10 <flux> dimitrykakadu, congratulations! btw, you should take a look at QML at some point, that's where the qt is at these days :)
19:41:14 <flux> (I guess the basic machinery may need to be there to do it, but perhaps not to the same extent providing plain Qt bindings would)
19:41:22 <flux> but, sleep &
19:42:29 <DimitryKakadu> flux: I have it in plans, but there is big probability that in current bindings there are many bugs
19:44:04 <DimitryKakadu> but I think that next little step is to upgrade by code for the latest version of core
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