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00:46:47 <seancorfield> debasishg,martinpaoletta: I wonder if #clojure will see a similar trend in a year or two? (relative growth) | 226478293258485760
00:55:48 <JayRWren> yes, but i prefer ocaml or F# :) “@rickasaurus: Oh wow, did you know there's SML for .NET? #fsharp #sml” | 226480563383595008
08:43:13 <camlspotter> Surprized at Opa ppl do exactly the same thing I am doing in OCaml type checker: | 226598193561997312
08:44:03 <camlspotter> My implementation of better ocaml type errors: hg clone -b typeloc | 226598399674298368
11:39:51 <vikasdp> Scala job trends seem to be skyrocketing .. | 226642643638173696
11:50:55 <vorushin> protobuf already has 3rd party OCaml backend #fprog | 226645427959758850
12:16:49 <pmanvi> debasishg: relative graph shows, its Clojure & JRuby that's moving fast | 226651945409073152
15:50:22 <camlspotter> eriangazag: Now against OCaml svn rev 12755. In hg repo, you can get the diff by hg diff -r ocaml-svn-copy -r typeloc . Its experimental! | 226705686069923840
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