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01:06:28 <udevd> complete: ocaml-facile-1.1-15.fc17, target: f17-candidate: * Sat Jan 07 2012 Kevin Kofler - 1.1-15 - Rebuild fo... | 155455224478318592
02:43:03 <yminsky> Core (our #ocaml stdlib replacement) is now on bitbucket. Let the forking begin! | 155479531858305024
02:46:16 <yminsky> Whoops. Forgot the link. | 155480341379956737
03:25:27 <psnively> philtor: BTW, I'm currently building the OCaml iOS cross-compiler. :-D | 155490200552873984
03:36:39 <psnively> My product with #vmware just went Final Candidate! I'm celebrating by building #ocaml cross-compilers for Android/iOS. #sendprofessionalhelp | 155493018949001216
03:43:54 <psnively> nraychaudhuri: My Ocaml for Android binaries are at | 155494843458666498
05:15:36 <nickmain_> psnively: I'm interested in OCaml for iOS - do you have a link to instructions ? | 155517919638466560
05:16:30 <psnively> nickmain_: but I'm working through changes to build #ocaml 3.12.1. | 155518148924276736
05:23:35 <psnively> nickmain_: Not so much many, rather that the few there are make me need to learn the #ocaml bootstrap process better. :-) | 155519930433941504
05:27:11 <ronald_duncan> Holy crap, so happy to have tracked down this #ocaml memory leak | 155520834813964289
09:20:41 <Mixailovich> ZenPsycho: damn, one of my favourite games and it's written in ocaml, the binary runs if you install the libs, try it out :) | 155579597885419520
09:23:55 <ZenPsycho> Mixailovich: ocaml is an unusual choice | 155580412742221824
10:28:05 <planet_ocaml> 2012/01/06/IRC: 00:55:22 <NaCl> In batteries, am I supposed to open BatString as String? 00:55:38 <thelema> Na... | 155596559965356032
13:27:40 <refold> #Ocaml toplevel requires me to *manually* byte-compile and #load all dependencies of a module. Why can't it do it automatically, like ghci? | 155641751959375873
15:36:46 <amugessi> ycombinator - Making OCaml native code 0.5% shorter on Mac OS X | 155674241289818113
16:09:19 <akoprowski> antonio_silva: I see your point; this is just not what Opa aims to do. For legacy you can mix Opa with JS, C, Ocaml... maybe PHP one day? | 155682436141957120
16:54:29 <refold> Tryocaml has a nice feature: the trailing ';;' is added automatically. This should absolutely be added to the official #Ocaml toplevel. | 155693802525429761
18:20:10 <tek_news> HNews: Making OCaml native code 0.5% shorter on Mac OS X #mac | 155715364414697473
20:20:38 <psnively> This means I now have Android & iOS #ocaml 3.12.1 cross-compilers. | 155745679363420160
20:30:03 <newsyc20> Making OCaml native code 0.5% shorter on Mac OS X ( | 155748048276955136
20:34:01 <psnively> debasishg: Thanks! So you should be able to build the sample apps at the bottom of for example. | 155749048979165185
20:38:00 <lobrien> psnively: Seriously? OCaml for mobile? What's your native OS binding strategy? ala Mono? Or will you just use Mono? #excited | 155750052399300608
20:52:00 <psnively> Hysterical. I'm thinking "now to read up on that Cassowary constraint system for UI stuff so I can use it in #ocaml Android/iOS..." | 155753573832069120
20:54:49 <anrizal> I put "learning #ocaml" as my 2012 resolution, and suddenly I see OCaml tweets all over the places :-) | 155754284397494272
21:22:22 <psnively> nraychaudhuri: Updated. Now "cd ocaml_ios/OCamlXARM && sudo make install" puts cross-compiler in /usr/local/ocamlxarm. | 155761217997246464
21:35:20 <tek_news> Reddit/p: Jane Street's Core library now on bitbucket | 155764480679219200
21:43:08 <amugessi> ycombinator - Jane Street releases open source alternative to OCaml's stdlib | 155766442673971201
22:50:57 <robertbrook> I like the jane street ocaml core thing. clever. very clever. interesting ideas. | 155783508839772161
23:13:19 <lluccipha> newsycombinator: Jane Street releases open source alternative to OCaml's stdlib | 155789139109875712
23:17:48 <psnively> #ocaml 3.12.1 cross compilers from Darwin to Android & iOS for those who missed separate tweets. | 155790265418911745
23:34:07 <jinnli> Jane Street releases open source alternative to OCaml's stdlib | 155794373957783553
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