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09:27:17 <stackfeed> Which English tutorial would you advise to learn OCaml?: I want to advertise OCaml to beginners, and I am lookin... | 171526324924579840
12:10:48 <mrkkrj> my reaction to #haskell is stiil like "too weird", even after OCAML and F# exposition... #sigh | 171567475471818752
14:13:34 <michael_pichon> Does anyone have relevant resources for #OCaml beginners ? | 171598370098528258
18:20:14 <msimoni> The only two languages with delimited control, dynamic binding, and exceptions are #Racket and #OCaml. Everybody else is stuck with call/cc. | 171660445856448512
18:30:01 <planet_ocaml> Optimize away compile-time beta-redexes, as found sometimes in generated code, by Coq's extraction in particular... | 171662909955510272
22:35:29 <planet_ocaml> Reverting "PR#5504: Add Changes entry". For time being - sorry.: m Changes Reverting "PR#5504: Add Change... | 171724682951786496
23:10:39 <importantshock> eridius: Yes, except Oleg implements things in Scheme/Ocaml/Agda, too. Oleg is, in my estimation, probably the best programmer alive. | 171733530940932096
23:52:04 <jonharrop> andrejbauer: F# has fslex and fsyacc but they're not as good as OCaml's. I do like active patterns for parsing though... | 171743956042911744
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