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+03:03:52 <tomprince> What would people suggest for building an irc bot in ocaml?
+05:01:51 <dgbaley27> First timing writing .mli/mly. Having some trouble. Is there a way to dump the lexed input to make sure the correct tokens are being generated?
+07:52:54 <flux> tomprince, there is the ocaml-irc module. unfortunately, it's not quite complete and its design has somethings to hope for.
+07:53:05 <flux> however, one can succesfully write bots that respond to messages with it
+14:41:38 <hcarty> Has anyone here built camlspotter's ocaml-indent?
+14:41:59 <hcarty> It may not be ready for general use. But it looks interesting.
+14:42:35 <adrien> what is it
+14:42:37 <adrien> ?
+14:43:03 <hcarty> adrien: An OCaml code indenter, using OCaml's own lexer
+14:43:27 <hcarty> And it is apparently camlp4-safe
+14:43:31 <adrien> hmmm, ok, never tried it
+14:43:36 <adrien> never heard of it*
+14:43:47 <adrien> ocaml-lint? :-)
+14:44:16 <hcarty> I came across it on camlspotter's bitbucket site
+14:44:41 <hcarty> adrien: :-)
+14:44:44 <hcarty> adrien: O'
+14:44:54 <hcarty> adrien: I'm hoping for something closer to perltidy
+14:45:08 <hcarty> Or the potential for something closer to perltidy...
+14:45:28 <hcarty> That's an unfortunate missing component from OCaml-land
+14:46:00 <hcarty> adrien:
+15:50:46 <adrien> when creating a .cmxa, would the order of .cmx files on the command-line matter?
+15:59:30 <adrien> "man ocamlopt", "/order"
+15:59:36 <adrien> yes, it is relevant
+15:59:38 <adrien> ****
+16:00:08 <adrien> (I don't know how to sort them)
+16:06:07 <zorun> use ocamlbuild?
+16:06:53 <zorun> afair, it was a complete nightmare when I was using the official Makefile to compile big projects
+16:10:45 <adrien> I'm using ocamlb and oasis but having issues with them for the final step
+16:10:56 <adrien> the best way is most probably to fix that, yaeh
+16:11:03 <adrien> official Makefile?
+16:15:04 <zorun> old, deprecated, dirty :)
+16:15:05 <zorun>
+16:15:07 <adrien> but my main issue is that there is no file for gWebkit.cmxa: it's really a bunch of .cmx files that are put together
+16:15:10 <adrien> oh, I see
+16:15:35 <zorun> I guess ocamlbuild started off from people being fed up of that ;)
+16:15:57 <zorun> mmh, ok
+16:16:24 <adrien> well, oasis gives the ability to create a "Library", but I'd need something like "Object" instead
+16:16:39 <adrien> that would be the first step
+16:19:27 <adrien> hah, huge kludge, let's see if it works
+16:25:05 <adrien> kludge \o/
+16:25:08 <adrien> can you spo it
+16:25:10 <adrien> spot* it
+16:25:18 <adrien> find . -mindepth 2 -name "gtk*.cmo" -o -name "ogtk*.cmo" -o -name "g[A-Z]*.cmo" | xargs ls --sort=time -r | xargs ocamlc -a -o g${lib_name}.cma gtk${lib_name}Types.cmo
+16:26:35 <zorun> :o
+16:27:58 <adrien> found the kludge? :-)
+16:31:43 <zorun> I don't really understand where the $lib_name comes from
+16:32:30 <adrien> from earlier, here lib_name="Webkit"
+16:38:36 <adrien> ah, crap, ocaml{opt,c} record the full paths to .a files
+17:04:15 <adrien> I still need to have .o/.a files picked automatically
+17:36:25 <adrien> at last \o/
+17:36:41 <adrien> I had to call "ocamlmklib" and not "ocamlopt -a" for that last part

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