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+06:28:46 <DimitryKakadu> hallo!
+06:29:33 <DimitryKakadu> Can I write in OCaml something like `class ['a; 'b] aaa =object end ` ?
+06:30:03 <_habnabit> I won't stop you.
+06:30:49 <adrien> DimitryKakadu: ['a, 'b] is ok, but ['a; 'b] (with a semicolon) doesn't work
+06:30:54 <adrien> what did you _mean_?
+06:32:15 <DimitryKakadu> adrien: ooh, thanks.
+06:32:43 <DimitryKakadu> I didn't found this syntax in, so I have come to you.
+06:33:32 <adrien> it's like type ('a, 'b) t
+09:30:38 <mfp> ugh if I have an "empty" (as in std::string v;) C++ string in a scope which is left by raising an OCaml exception (caml_raise_constant), will that leak?
+09:31:48 <flux> I'd guess it could, but not likely. depends on implementation?
+09:32:01 <flux> can't you avoid doing that?
+09:32:36 <mfp> hmm I'll just copy to a char[SIZE] on the stack
+09:33:11 <flux> if you know when you're doing to raise it, you could explicitly destruct it
+09:33:32 <flux> but sure, char[SIZE] will work :)
+09:35:00 <mfp> oops, actually, I can't
+09:35:09 <mfp> it's for
+09:35:35 <mfp> I have a Get method that wants a std::string & to return the value
+09:35:49 <flux> the comments.. they are plentiful!
+09:37:12 <flux> mfp, how about: { std::string v; db->Getblahblah; copy_v_into_safety(); } RAISE..
+09:37:23 <flux> mfp, or, before doing raise, s.~string(); ?
+09:38:10 <mfp> the latter sounds better
+12:52:48 <flux> mfp, ..did it work?-)
+12:57:06 <vivanov> i want to read from a file when smth is written into it. select [fd] [] [] ( -. 1.0 ) ;; returns [f_d] [] []. read f_d s 0 100 ;; returns 0
+13:06:06 <flux> select typically (ie. in linux) doesn't work with files in a useful fashion
+13:06:39 <flux> the way to do it is either: a) poll with stat when the file grows, read the new data or b) use inotify for asynchronous messages about file changes
+13:11:39 <mfp> flux: s.~string() seems to work fine, thanks
+13:16:25 <vivanov> flux: thx :)
+14:58:01 <mwm1> 0
+16:52:38 <accel_> does ocaml have cocoa bindings?
+16:54:14 <hcarty> accel_: I think someone did something for using OCaml to write iPhone applications. I don't know if that involves cocoa.
+16:54:24 <accel_> that japanese team
+16:54:29 <accel_> that cross compiled ocmal onto the iphone?
+16:54:32 <accel_> that was pretty badass
+16:54:55 <hcarty> Whoever it was released their code/patches
+17:01:47 <adrien> there are others cocoa bindings too I think but they're maybe not in a perfect state
+20:18:46 <_habnabit> looks like oasis is down again.
+20:18:51 <_habnabit> does this happen often?
+20:33:07 <_habnabit> hm, and gildor isn't here.
+20:33:35 <thelema> _habnabit: he's on vacation at the moment
+20:33:42 <_habnabit> drat.
+20:33:48 <thelema> otherwise it'd probably be back up now
+20:34:23 <_habnabit> trying to write a build script to do a full bootstrap of the environment necessary to build our software.
+20:34:33 <_habnabit> and it uses to install some things.
+20:35:15 <thelema> odb servers are pretty simple things - one directory of tarballs and another directory of metadata files
+20:35:29 <thelema> you could probably host this locally
+20:35:35 <_habnabit> yeah, it's a possibility.
+20:35:42 <_habnabit> is there an existing mirror?
+20:35:59 <thelema> I think there isn't.
+20:36:10 <_habnabit> hmm.
+20:36:19 <thelema> it's on my todo list when oasis is back up
+20:36:26 <_habnabit> well, I don't know what format the metadata has to be in or anything.
+20:37:49 <thelema> key=value\nkey=value
+20:38:13 <thelema> deps=camomile(>=0.7.0)
+20:38:13 <thelema> tarball=batteries-1.3.0.tar.gz
+20:38:13 <thelema> is_library=true
+20:38:18 <thelema> That's the info file for batteries
+20:38:23 <_habnabit> hmm. maybe I should just store all of these things in our cdn.
+20:38:38 <thelema> I originally ran odb server off my lab computer
+20:38:38 <_habnabit> i.e. godi rocketboost,, etc.
+20:39:41 <thelema> still has commented out a second webroot that points there.
+20:40:00 <thelema> the server seems to still be listening, even.
+20:44:04 <thelema> it's got old packages, though. not up to date
+20:44:13 <_habnabit> okay, so I have the go-ahead to do a minimal local odb mirror.
+20:44:22 <_habnabit> while I'm at it, I could put the latest ocaml-csv in there.
+20:44:35 <_habnabit> are these info files available somewhere?
+20:45:05 <thelema>
+20:45:19 <_habnabit> aha.
+20:45:50 <_habnabit> and 00list is just a space-separated list of packages?
+20:46:03 <thelema> yup
+20:46:09 <_habnabit> okay, great.
+20:46:22 <thelema> not needed except for the no-args execution of odb to list available packages
+20:46:28 <_habnabit> ah.
+20:47:33 <_habnabit> oh, webroot isn't specifiable on the command line?
+20:47:53 <_habnabit> guess I'll have to make a local copy of too.
+20:55:36 <thelema> _habnabit: it'd be trivial to do so, but there's no real need
+20:55:50 <_habnabit> well, once you have mirrors, ...
+20:58:36 <_habnabit> did you fold the 1.4.1 batteries updates back into 1.4.0, or is the ocamlforge page just not up to date?
+20:58:46 <thelema> that page isn't up to date.
+20:58:51 <_habnabit> ah.
+20:59:01 <_habnabit> so where can I find a 1.4.1 tarball? github works, I guess.
+20:59:17 <thelema> I'm pretty bad about updating it - I should probably remove the "latest version" links and just point to github/ocamlforge
+20:59:47 <thelema> oops, I didn't even upload 1.4.1 to the forge download page...
+21:11:52 <_habnabit> okay, cool, it's all set up now.
+21:11:56 <_habnabit> let's see if it does a thing.
+21:12:11 <thelema> the -d flag might help debug what urls it's requesting
+21:12:22 <_habnabit> I got it figured out. thanks, though.
+21:12:33 <thelema> great
+21:12:56 <_habnabit> haha, awesome. the cdn is way faster than ocamlforge and godi's site and everything else, really.
+21:13:01 <_habnabit> but it's a cdn, so that's expected.
+21:13:22 <thelema> :) public mirror: donate?
+21:14:02 <_habnabit> I might consider setting up a full public mirror soonish. right now I need to get this working for our stuff.
+21:14:09 <thelema> no problem.
+21:14:20 <_habnabit> but it seems like it would be a useful thing to have.
+22:18:46 <_habnabit> do you know if you can tell godi to only build static libraries?
+22:19:05 <_habnabit> alternately somehow pass -no-curses to the ocaml it builds.
+22:19:11 <_habnabit> the libcurses on this machine is broken.

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