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+title: 2012/05/26/IRC
+layout: irc
+{% highlight irc %}
+00:07:43 <bjorkintosh> yeah.
+00:09:13 <johnnowak> bjorkintosh: just.. wasn't.
+00:09:21 <bjorkintosh> :)
+00:09:24 <johnnowak> don't think the printing in repls is generally customizable
+00:09:46 <johnnowak> shame the same thing isn't accessible from code.. would be nice to be able to print something if you knew the type
+00:10:07 <johnnowak> wouldn't require data representation changes
+00:10:08 <bjorkintosh> why wouldn't it be accessible?
+00:10:24 <johnnowak> am under the impression there's no way to print things like that
+00:10:28 <johnnowak> is only in the repl
+00:10:34 <bjorkintosh> i'm lost man.
+00:10:41 <bjorkintosh> i don't see why not.
+00:10:49 <johnnowak> then.. how do I?
+00:11:40 <bjorkintosh> what precisely do you want to print?
+00:11:54 <johnnowak> an arbitrary value like the repl can
+00:12:02 <johnnowak> .. without writing a printer
+00:12:02 <bjorkintosh> eg?
+00:12:04 <bjorkintosh> oh.
+00:12:07 <bjorkintosh> hmm.
+00:46:12 <thelema> johnnowak: can't print arbitrary values
+00:46:21 <thelema> at least not like the repl can.
+00:46:29 <thelema> The repl cheats and knows the type of every value
+00:46:36 <thelema> compiled programs have no type information
+00:48:03 <thelema> also, the repl has a bunch of value printers registered in it, so it can't really print anything
+01:07:06 <johnnowak> i konw, but bjorkintosh seemed to be saying otherwise
+01:07:09 <johnnowak> *know
+01:07:28 <bjorkintosh> yes. i thought you meant something else.
+01:08:30 <johnnowak> i'm not sure why it couldn't though -- it's not like it doesn't have the type information at compile time. you'd think there'd be some way to locally generate appropriate print functions and just print up to the point where it has insufficient information due to polymorphism
+01:08:52 <johnnowak> wouldn't require data representation changes
+01:10:27 <thelema> that "insufficient information" clause makes things much less useful.
+01:11:26 <johnnowak> there are plenty of times i want to print monomorphic stuff.. now would be a good example. just want to print this syntax tree but there's no way to do it without writing a printer (or using sexplib or something)
+01:12:25 <johnnowak> i'd rather be able to derive printers a la haskell, even if they do require manual instantiation
+01:12:27 <johnnowak> but it is what it is
+01:25:18 <thelema> no reason to just special case printers, also really useful to have custom compare and = and other functions
+10:31:35 <Drakken> why is ocamlbuild looking for when I have a foo.mlpack file?
+10:57:13 <Boney> Hi, I already know Haskell and I'm ready to learn ocaml. Is there a "ocaml for haskeller's?"
+10:57:31 <Boney> Or a book similar to "Real World Haskell" but for ocaml.
+10:57:58 <Boney> I guess what I'm after is a tour of some differences (I already know that there are references and there are no Monads and it's eager)
+10:58:12 <Boney> and a tour of some libraries and how to get stuff done.
+11:09:53 <wmeyer``> hello
+11:12:11 <Kakadu> Boney: I don't think that there no monads on ocaml. Maybe you're talking about typeclasses?
+11:14:15 <Drakken> Boney have you seen the manual?
+11:14:17 <Drakken>
+11:15:31 <Kakadu> I'm a forget how to make right linking with C .a files.... :(
+11:23:32 <Boney> Drakken: AH, I was reading something else. (another introduction thing)
+11:23:37 <Boney> tht looks good to.
+11:23:52 <Boney> I just got to module polymorphism (functors), looks good.
+12:44:32 <Drakken> Can anyone explain why this isn't working?
+12:50:23 <thelema> Drakken: in _tags: "foo": include
+12:50:52 <thelema> Drakken: no reason for it to look in foo/ for and
+12:51:34 <wmeyer``> perhaps ocamlbuild needs some more love wrt. of error messages
+12:52:08 <wmeyer``> I hit solver problems many times and I got used to to that - but it's never obvious
+12:53:28 <thelema> wmeyer``: agreed
+12:53:44 <thelema> bbl
+12:54:27 <Drakken> thelema thanks.
+12:55:05 <Drakken> wmeyer`` yep
+13:05:37 <Drakken> the ocamlbuild manual could use some help too.
+13:06:30 <Drakken> Apparently -I foo applies to compilation and -cflags -I,foo applies to linking.
+13:09:16 <Yoric2> Drakken: I don't think anybody contributes to that manual atm.
+14:21:13 <wmeyer``> AFAIK un-official ocamlbuild manual will become part of the official manual soon. It might mean that the ocamlbuild manual might improve somewhat. I really think ocamlbuild is a great tool - it just needs some additional work to do to make it less cumbersome to use - wiki is helpful.
+14:22:35 <wmeyer``> In particular dynamic automatic discovery of dependency is great
+14:22:59 <Anarchos> wmeyer`` i compile only with ocamlbuild now :)
+14:23:14 <wmeyer``> + you have declarative language for defining options through tags, none of the tools I know have it
+14:25:21 <wmeyer``> Anarchos: I tend also to build everything with ocamlbuild, even if I need to write some plugin it's very convenient, however I think there will be always gap to make it use widely for production in non OCaml projects - still you need to know ML to write some more serious plugin
+14:26:32 <adrien> Date: Thu May 24 16:26:07 2012 +0000
+14:26:38 <adrien> " ocamlbuild's manual is now part of the "official" OCaml reference manual"
+14:27:21 <wmeyer``> Adrien: Thanks :-)
+14:27:33 <wmeyer``> so i was not wrong, but a bit late with that statement
+14:28:06 <adrien> =)
+23:39:31 <Qrntz> a seemingly simple task I can't grasp how to do: how to make ocamlbuild produce a .cmxs shared lib for every .ml file in a certain directory?
+23:40:35 <Qrntz> (converting a project from makefiles to ocamlbuild, it used to be done with make suffixes but nothing similar to that works in ocamlbuild)
+23:55:04 <wmeyer``> Qrntz: I don't have answer for your question unfortunately - never have done that before - but almost everything is possible with a plugin, if you want to see how the plugin look like and what it can do: HTH
+23:56:26 <wmeyer``> Qrntz: This contains also mlpacks, production rules for *.js and workaround for copying files
+23:58:26 <wmeyer``> Qrntz: This should be as simple as putting the list of files into mllib and setting up right tags
+23:59:39 <wmeyer``> if you want this to by dynamic i.e. provide list of files from the directory itself then you can write a plugin which uses Unix module to list the files, then add them to the dependencies in the "rule" function
+{% endhighlight irc %}
11 _posts/2012-05-26-twt.log
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+title: 2012/05/26/Twitter
+layout: irc
+{% highlight irc %}
+02:27:42 <planet_ocaml> prove functionality and associativity of plus: m testsuite/tests/typing-gadts/ m t... | 206209967152300033
+05:30:21 <igorgue> Scala, Groovy, CoffeeScript, Clojure, F#, Haskell, Erlang, OCaml, Go are growing in Tiobe the same way Ruby and Python did years ago! | 206255934811545600
+18:43:46 <yrysuramy> Practical OCaml (Hardcover): Objective Caml (OCaml) is an open sourced programming language that allows a progra... | 206455604263403520
+23:18:05 <planet_ocaml> Tool Demo: Scala-Virtualized: Tool Demo: Scala-Virtualized This paper describes Scala-Virtualized, which extend... | 206524640418476032
+{% endhighlight irc %}

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