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5 2012-06-17-irc.log
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+11:49:28 * CaCtus491 starts the 1.5 beta ISO mounted via IPMI on 4 machines......
+11:53:22 <CaCtus491> ...previously when testing on these machines, I was experiencing all sorts of weird with network bonding... If I configure a bond with active/active (with two interfaces, each going to a port on physically different, but logically one stackable switches), all would work well until I unplugged power to one switch, then reconnected it. I'd see packet loss until doing an ifconfig down / ifconfig up on one (both?) interfaces making up the b
+11:54:06 <CaCtus491> this time I'll try with 802.3ad even though it doesn't seem to be officially supported - perhaps I'll have more luck this way
+11:55:08 <CaCtus491> is it safe for me to assume that any non-standard config I do will persist across upgrades, provided I do them all with the xe command line tool?
+11:55:24 <CaCtus491> (ie, 802.3ad bonding and placing the management interface on a vlan)
2  2012-06-17-twt.log
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+16:32:49 <bruntonspall> bitfield: It was an older ubuntu installation and they upgraded the xen hypervisor at LiNode, so I suspect the problem lies there somewhere | 214395183557656578
+22:38:08 <vorreicomprare> The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor | 214487117634605057

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