Working on creating a more library like version of my xinput code for the fightstick
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Merged in DJQuardaboff pull request.  Updates for use with teensyduino 1.42

Confirmed working with teensyduino 1.43 and arduino 1.8.6
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MSF XINPUT UserGuide V1.pdf Teensy 3.1 and 3.2 support Nov 23, 2016


Working on moving the work I did in our FightStick project into being an easier to use generic xinput controller library.

This should assist in creating some really cool and unique controllers. Especially with VR headsets coming out all year.

I have updated the board.txt file to include the menu option for the Teensy 3.1 and 3.2 platform! Support for these boards is now working! Huge thanks to Luis Salvador from PinballSP for figuring it out and sending the code snippet to my email!

The first version of the user guide for this library has been completed. This should provide a decent explanation of the functions available to the user from the library.

The work has been done. This library is currently a full functioning library. I have ported my fightstick over to using this library and included it as an example inside the arduino IDE. I will continue to update this library as peoples needs arise. I am sure there is plenty of functionality that can be abstracted from the user.

I will be spending my time working on documentation. I would like to create a nice API guide for the library as well as create a series of "the making of" esque blog posts similar to the originial fightstick posts.

I really do hope people make some cool controllers for their VR headsets using this. Maybe I can work out a contest of some sort with a larger website.