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Zombie Master, an RTS/FPS game on the Source 2013 engine.
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Zombie Master: Reborn

An FPS/RTS hybrid game on Source 2013 engine, supporting Linux and Windows.


You can read it here.


  • Follow this tutorial in Valve wiki for Linux building steps.
  • Download Visual Studio 2019
  • You need components: MSVC v142 and Windows SDK 10.0 .
  • Run mp/src/fix_vcxproj.bat and mp/src/creategameprojects.bat, preferably in cmd with admin privileges. (right click Windows icon -> Windows Powershell (Admin) -> cmd -> cd your way to project folder)
  • If you're having problems, just ask Mehis in Discord.


Is Linux compiling really this convoluted? Yes.

Opening the solution says something about upgrading. Run mp/src/fix_vcxproj.bat. If it still complains about upgrading, see below.

Project refuses to compile, says something about wrong/missing toolset. Open project settings and make sure Platform Toolset is v142 and Windows SDK Version is 10.0 (other 10.X versions should also work). If it says one of them is missing, you need to download them from Visual Studio Installer (Tools -> Get Tools and Features)

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