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Welcome to the fish-nuggets wiki!
The fish nuggets project contains various completions and functions for the amazing Fish shell.

Git features

  • Provides completion for git commands (eg. git ch completes for you)
  • Provides completion of branch names for git branch

Rake features

Completion of rake tasks with task description. The first time you type rake we will create a file containing the rake tasks in /tmp giving you tab completion of rake tasks. This supports several Rakefile locations, so you can use it for different projects.

Capistrano features

Like Rake, lets you use tab completion for Capistrano tasks.

Rubygems featuers

  • edit_gem with tab completion for gem name lets you view the source for installed gems
  • gem_doc with tab completion for gem name lets you view Rdoc for installed gems


$ cd ~/.config/fish
$ git init .
$ git add .
$ git remote add github git://
$ git pull

Go into ~/.config/fish and add this repository, then pull. This will add the scripts in this projects for you to use.

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