A repo full of data that is useful for visualizing other data.
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Visualization Data

This contains information that is generally useful for visualization purposes. It started off mainly by pulling data from d3.js's examples and then adding in general data as it was found. Below, are some comments on each data set. This is a sister project to the d3.js-boilerplate in terms of scope and purpose.

World Boundaries

These are derived from the public domain Natural Earth cultural vector files, 110m resolution. Then, ogr2ogr was used to convert to GeoJSON. Lastly, the data was cleaned up slightly, removing extra properties and a degenerate edge from Antarctica.

collection.features.forEach(function(d, i) { d.id = d.properties.ISO_A3; d.properties = {name: d.properties.SOVEREIGNT}; });

United States Boundaries

These are derived from the cartographic boundary files from the 2000 U.S. Census. Then, MapShaper was used to simplify the geometry, and ogr2ogr to convert the shapefiles to GeoJSON. Some additional work was done to preserve the FIPS codes, which are dropped from the shapefiles by MapShaper.