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Bumi takes any project stored in git and loads it into a Titan graph database.



I noticed that git projects form social networks. In particular the Linux kernel has a style of commit message that lends well to measuring and quantifying relationships between developers and maintainers. Bumi loads the graph of commits into Titan as well as any connections specified in the Linux style. I thought others would be interested in analyzing their git repositories, so I put this up on github.


So far Bumi has been used to load the Linux kernel into a Titan database. It seems to work, but I'm tweaking the code and making all this up as I go.

Getting started

Grab a largish instance on AWS and install git, R, leiningen, etc. until everything works.

Clone your project locally.

Clone bumi locally.

Set BUMI_GIT_DIR in bash to the git project you want to load.

Run lein run load to load up the database.

Run lein run analysis to run whatever analysis I've been messing around with as of late.

Yell at me if it doesn't work.


Bumi doesn't actually upload any of the code into Titan. It was affecting performance and storage and I have no intention of using the actual content of the messages or commits anytime soon.

This has only been tested with the Linux kernel. Don't think of it as being untested though. Rather, consider yourself a software explorer. You'll be discovering uncharted land, chatting with the natives, and abusing computers all at the same time.


Copyright © 2013 @ZackMaril

Distributed under the MIT license.