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Boilerplate to help speed up d3.js development
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d3.js boilerplate - basic template

This is a basic template for using d3.js. See the master branch of this repository for more information for the template system and philosophy behind this project.

Click here for deployed example.

Types and purpose of files included


  • index.html - This is what your webpage will be serving.


  • js/ - The javascript file that tells d3.js what to do
  • js/vendor/d3.v2.min.js - Minimized d3.js file.
  • js/vendor/jquery.min.js - Everybody needs a little jQuery
  • js/vendor/underscore.min.js - Underscore is small and useful.


  • css/index.less - TODO: make this file

Quick start

Get the right template

  • Clone - git clone
  • Rename - mv d3.js-boilerplate my-ballin-document
  • Checkout - git checkout basic
  • Clean up - rm .git (This gets rid of a bunch of files you won't need. Think of it as wiping clean all of the branches of this repo.)
  • Restart - git init

Develop locally

  • Move cd my-ballin-document
  • Host python -m SimpleHTTPServer or pyserve &
  • Navigate to localhost:8000

Deploy Globally

  • Host - heroku create my-ballin-document --stack cedar
  • Commit - git commit -am "Totes my goats"
  • Push - git push heroku master

Current TODOS

  • Change example to something cool to attract more people to the project.


Major components:

  • d3.js: License
  • jQuery/jQuery-ui: MIT/GPL license
  • underscore: License

Everything else:

Public domain.

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