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A module for Apache HTTP Server 2.x that makes the Apache web server operate as a OAuth 2.0 Resource Server, validating OAuth 2.0 bearer access tokens and setting headers/environment variables based on the validation results.


Reference Bearer Access Token validation using RFC7662 based introspection:

AuthType oauth2
OAuth2TokenVerify introspect https://pingfed:9031/as/introspect.oauth2 introspect.ssl_verify=false&introspect.auth=client_secret_basic&client_id=rs0&client_secret=2Federate

JWT Bearer Access Token validation using a set of JWKs published on a jwks_uri:

AuthType oauth2
OAuth2TokenVerify jwks_uri https://pingfed:9031/ext/one jwks_uri.ssl_verify=false

RFC 8705 Mutual TLS Certificate (optionally) Bound JWT Access Token validation with a known JWK

AuthType oauth2
OAuth2TokenVerify jwk "{\"kty\":\"RSA\",\"kid\":\"one\",\"use\":\"sig\",\"n\":\"12SBWV_4xU8sBEC2IXcakiDe3IrrUcnIHexfyHG11Kw-EsrZvOy6PrrcqfTr1GcecyWFzQvUr61DWESrZWq96vd08_iTIWIny8pU5dlCoC7FsHU_onUQI1m4gQ3jNr00KhH878vrBVdr_T-zuOYQQOBRMEyFG-I4nb91zO1n2gcpQHeabJw3JIC9g65FCpu8DSw8uXQ1hVfGUDZAK6iwncNZ1uqN4HhRGNevFXT7KVG0cNS8S3oF4AhHafFurheVxh714R2EseTVD_FfLn2QTlCss_73YIJjzn047yKmAx5a9zuun6FKiISnMupGnHShwVoaS695rDmFvj7mvDppMQ\",\"e\":\"AQAB\" }" type=mtls&mtls.policy=optional
SSLVerifyClient optional_no_ca

For a detailed overview of configuration options see the oauth2.conf Apache configuration file in this directory.


As provided by the liboauth2 dependency, including:

  • per-directory configuration over per-virtual host
  • flexible cache configuration per cached element type
  • specify multiple token verification options, tried sequentially (allow for key/algo rollover)
  • etc.


Community Support

For generic questions, see the Wiki pages with Frequently Asked Questions at:
Any questions/issues should go to issues tracker.

Commercial Services

For commercial Support contracts, Professional Services, Training and use-case specific support you can contact:


This software is open sourced by ZmartZone IAM. For commercial support you can contact ZmartZone IAM as described above in the Support section.