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Security Token Exchange module for NGINX
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Signed-off-by: Hans Zandbelt <>
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A security token exchange module for the NGINX web server which allows for exchanging arbitrary security tokens by calling into a remote Security Token Service (STS). For an overview and rationale see the Apache version of this module at:


WS-Trust STS with HTTP Basic authentication and setting the target token in a cookie.

       location /sts/wstrust {
            STSType wstrust;
            STSSSLValidateServer Off;
            STSWSTrustEndpoint https://pingfed:9031/pf/sts.wst;
            STSWSTrustEndpointAuth basic username=wstrust&password=2Federate;
            STSWSTrustAppliesTo urn:pingfed;
            STSWSTrustTokenType urn:bogus:token;

            STSVariables $source_token $wst_target_token;
            proxy_set_header Cookie STS_COOKIE=$wst_target_token;
            proxy_pass http://echo:8080/headers$is_args$args;

OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials based Token Exchange with client_secret_basic authentication.

        location /sts/ropc {
            STSType ropc;
            STSSSLValidateServer Off;
            STSROPCEndpoint https://pingfed:9031/as/token.oauth2;
            STSROPCEndpointAuth client_secret_basic client_id=sts0&client_secret=2Federate;
            STSROPCUsername dummy;
            STSVariables $source_token $ropc_target_token;
            proxy_set_header Cookie STS_COOKIE=$ropc_target_token;
            proxy_pass http://echo:8080/headers$is_args$args;            

OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange with client_secret_basic authentication.

        location /sts/otx {
            STSType otx;
            STSSSLValidateServer Off;
            STSOTXEndpoint https://keycloak:8443/auth/realms/master/protocol/openid-connect/token;
            STSOTXEndpointAuth client_secret_basic client_id=otxclient&client_secret=2Federate;

            STSVariables $source_token $otx_target_token;
            proxy_set_header Cookie STS_COOKIE=$otx_target_token;
            proxy_pass http://echo:8080/headers$is_args$args;            


Source Token Retrieval


	map $http_cookie $sts_source_token {
		default "";
		"~*MyCookieName=(?<token>[^;]+)" "$token";


	map $http_authorization $sts_source_token {
		default "";
		"~*^Bearer\s+(?<token>[\S]+)$" $token;


	if ($args_token != "not found") {
		$sts_source_token = $args_token


	# use form-input-nginx-module
	set_form_input $sts_source_token access_token;

Source Token Removal

Remove the source token from the incoming request so it is not proxied to the backend.


	set $new_cookie $http_cookie;
	if ($http_cookie ~ "(.*)(?:^|;)\s*source_token=[^;]+(.*)") {
		set $new_cookie $1$2;
	proxy_set_header Cookie $new_cookie;


	proxy_set_header Authorization "";


	if ($args ~ (.*)source_token=[^&]*(.*)) {
		set $args $1$2;
	# cleanup any repeated & introduced 
	if ($args ~ (.*)&&+(.*)) {
		set $args $1&$2;
	# cleanup leading &
	if ($args ~ ^&(.*)) {
		set $args $1;
	# cleanup ending &
	if ($args ~ (.*)&$) {
		set $args $1;

Target Token

Environment: set the target token as a CGI environment variable e.g. for PHP applications:

	fastcgi_param STS_TOKEN $sts_target_token

Header: pass the target token in a header to the proxied backend:

	proxy_set_header Authorization "Bearer $sts_target_token"

Cookie: pass the target token to the backend with:

	proxy_set_header Cookie STS_COOKIE=$sts_target_token

Query: pass the target token in a query parameter to the proxied backend:

	set $sep "";
	if ($is_args) {
		set $sep "&";
	set $args $args${sep}token=$sts_target_token;

Post: pass the target token in a POST parameter to the proxied backend:

	proxy_set_body $request_body&token=$sts_target_token;


Community Support

For generic questions, see the Wiki pages with Frequently Asked Questions at:
Any questions/issues should go to issues tracker.

Commercial Services

For commercial Support contracts, Professional Services, Training and use-case specific support you can contact:


This software is open sourced by ZmartZone IAM. For commercial support you can contact ZmartZone IAM as described above in the Support section.

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