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Burnham Forensics ELK Deployment Files
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Burnham Forensics ELK Deployment Files

Relevant configuration, filter, and rule files pertaining to installations of ELK used by Burnham Forensics. The contents of this repository are dynamic; constantly updated with respect to new threats and Elastic Stack updates.


The contents of this repository include:

  • Logstash Pipeline Files (SSL & Non-SSL)
  • Microsoft Sysinternals' Sysmon Configuration Files
  • Winlogbeat Configuration Files
  • Generic Elastalert Rules


This work would not be possible without the work of others. While their work is credited where seen, below is a list of contributors and their respective projects:

Roberto Rodriguez - (@Cyb3rWard0g)

HELK Project - Logstash and Winlogbeat Configuration/Pipeline Files


Sysmon-Config - Crowd-sourced Sysmon configuration file template for high-quality event tracing

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