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Blocky: Client-side QR codes with <canvas> and CoffeScript!
Author: Zach McArtor
(C) CopyRight Zach McArtor
Licensed under the MIT license:
v1.0 17/6/2011
To use, you will need to include the awesome QR library from Kazuhiko Arasé
The JS library after the 11/5/2011 update is included within this project.
The compiled javascript is included from the associated .coffee file.
Include this in your page after qrcode.js (Kazuhiko's library)
All you need to do is make a new Blocky!
<script type ="text/javascript">
new Blocky('' ,'funfun', {cell_size:11, scriptheme:'watermelon'})
Constructor Arguments:
new Blocky( QR_code_message, id_of_container , config_object)
A <canvas> element is appended to the container.
The config object takes the following values:
cell_size: the size of the QR cells. Generally just think of it as the size of the QR code. Default 4.
black: the color to use as 'black' in the QR code. pass as a quoted rgb value like "rgb(1,2,3)"
white: just like black, only... white.
error_level: the QR error level to use. Acceptable values: M , H , Q, L. Default H
Color schemes
There are a couple pre-built color schemes for fun.
try scheme names watermelon , wedding, arctic or spicy
Have fun!