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Corduroy v .1
Zach McArtor
Corduroy is a lightweight, organizational framework written in CoffeeScript that adds MVCish file organization on
top of the robust ExpressJS featureset
[+] Why ?
Instead of placing all your functions into a single app.js file , Corduroy allows you to separate your controllers and models into
discrete files which are loaded at server start. This keeps development clean and helps enforce good MVC practice.
Add the core, these are all still Express app.get('/' , callback()) type functions.
[+] What about views ?
Corduroy doesn't enforce any convention around views. Hopefully all your views are within the 'views' folder. You can
still render whatever the hell view you'd like within each function..
6/7 - first commit, mostly as a PoC right now. :S
Support multiple HTTP verbs function declaration in a single statement
Configuration framework
Model loading
Controller loading
Thanks for looking!