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No couches in woodshop article

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+title: "There are no couches in the woodshop"
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+#There are no couches in the woodshop
+Dont waste time ‘thinking’ at a computer. Step away, and draw out the idea on paper, a whiteboard, lipstick on a mirror - whatever. This media is static - which is important if any thinking is to occur. Only after there’s something to say should the computer be in use. Remember, a computer is a distraction machine. You can’t check twitter while using a belt sander or Miter Saw.
+The woodshop is for DOING things. There is a reason people don’t hang out in the woodshop on a couch chatting or browsing catalogs. Treat your time at the computer as you would sitting at a workbench. You are paid for your thoughts. It just so happens you also know howto express your thoughts as executable code to a machine.

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