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+title: "Why I still buy paper programming books"
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+#Why I still like programming books
+I have a secret , I still pay money for and read *paper* programming books.
+When I’m reading a book, I’m the mood to learn something. Distractions must be eliminated. Electronic books exist on the computer, which is pretty much a massive sucking vortex of distraction.
+Books dont have hyperlinks. There’s only one thing to do with a book, read it. (and maybe throw it at a raccoon. but that’s different.)
+It’s impossible to cut/paste code from a paper book straight into an editor. (An urge that is sometimes hard to suppress with electronic books.) Typing in the code myself improves muscle memory and really makes the memory ‘sticky.’
+Books are also fun to lend out. And if you get a bunch of them on your bookshelf, people will think you’re smart* ;)

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