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Commits on Jul 12, 2012
@Florin65 Florin65 poppler: version bumped to 0.20.2.
Bugfixes release.
Dennis Veatch rdflib: Readding to moonbase and bumping to 3.2.0. 0d6f8e6
Dennis Veatch onig: Readding to moonbase. f95ec4e
Dennis Veatch devil: The optional_depends allegro has been renamed to allegro-4. 706045c
Dennis Veatch dumb: Adding optional_depends allegro-4. 7c85b21
Dennis Veatch docbook-profile: Readding to moonbase. I take it profiles are now put…
… in the areas

to which they relate?
@v4hn v4hn feh: resurrected 3d5bf70
@v4hn v4hn gnugo: resurrected and version bumped cdc5289
@v4hn v4hn gnuchess: resurrected and bumped 5dddb01
@v4hn v4hn xboard: resurrected and cleaned 63715f6
Dennis Veatch pulseaudio: Adding a patch to fix the compile with current version of… e93dc60
Dennis Veatch cln: Readding to moonbase. 615c9cd
Dennis Veatch libqalculate: Readding to moonbase. 3fa36c1
Dennis Veatch libssh: A slight adjustment to DEPENDS for openssh (filling in the bl…
Dennis Veatch gts: Readding to moonbase. a547dd1
Dennis Veatch ilbc: Readding to moonbase. 3dbd74f
Dennis Veatch libmsn: Readding to moonbase. 2f6fe30
Dennis Veatch msilbc: Readding to moonbase. c0a1173
Dennis Veatch pulseaudio: Fixing my screwup. e648237
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 02aac60
@Florin65 Florin65 tomcat7-bin: version bumped to 7.0.29. 3c65ec5
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge branch 'master' of 2d710b7
Dennis Veatch tbb: Readding to moonbase and buping version to 40_20120613oss_src. 661718f
Dennis Veatch Merge branch 'master' of e23dd32
@Florin65 Florin65 phpMyAdmin: readd it to the moonbase. version bumped to 3.5.2. f42f332
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge branch 'master' of c1d7aae
@v4hn v4hn xboard: fix some wrong locations e125084
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