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VIM plugin for Code::Blocks.

It's based on and improved in my own way. So It still retains the name of cbvike.

Currently build and tested on stable version 12.11, 13.12 and svn trunk

Basic Function

It can emulate the basic functions of VIM. Tested functions are as follow:


  • Most of the commands can start with a number which means the times of the command to execute repeatedly.

###Motion Commands

Motion Commands can move the caret.

h, j, k, l
w            -- goto next word
b            -- goto previous word
e            -- goto end of the word
gg           -- goto start of file
<num>G       -- goto line <num>
G            -- goto end of file
0            -- visiable line start
^            -- line start
$            -- line end
f<character> -- find next character
F<character> -- find previous character
t<character> -- till next character
T<character> -- till back character
n            -- next match case
N            -- previous match case

###Operator Commands

Operator Commands are the ones that can be follow by Motion Commands. There are 3 Operator Commands:

d -- delete
c -- cut
y -- yank(copy)

All the Operator Commands can used like <Operator> <Motion>


2dw: delete 2 words
c2j: change current line and 2 lines below
2yfa: yank from the caret to the second occurence of 'a'
2d3l: equal to 6yl or y6l, delete 6 characters start from caret in current line
d/abc: delete text to next searching result of /abc

###Other Commands Mode Swap

i            -- insert at current position
I            -- insert at line start
a            -- append at current position
A            -- append at line end
o            -- new line after current line
O            -- new line above current line


r<character> -- replace current position by character
u            -- undo
Ctrl-r       -- redo

Cut and paste

x            -- delete
X            -- backspace
cc           -- change (num) line(s)
C            -- the same as c$
yy           -- yank (num) line(s)
Y            -- the same as yy
dd           -- delete (num) line(s)
D            -- the same as d$
p            -- paste below
P            -- paste above


zz           -- scroll line to centre of the screen
zt           -- scroll line to top of the screen

Bracket related

ci<bracket>  -- change in bracket -- such as ci(, ci), ci{, ci}, ci<, ci>, ci[, ci], ci", ci'

###Extra Commands

/<something to find>
:nohl        -- no highlight searching

Known Issues

  • When the key shortcuts are defined in the keybinder plugin like Ctrl-r, it won't take effect. So if you want to used such shortcuts, ensure it is not defined in keybinder. Maybe I'll provide a script to undefine such shortcuts in keybinder later.
  • Split and unsplit is fully supported after Code::Blocks svn trunk 9835 and is not supported before it.


Currently It has been built under Windows 8 64 bit with Code::Blocks svn trunk and TDM-MinGW including GCC 4.7.1

  1. You can build the plugin with or without building Code::Blocks and wxWidgets. But any way, you need to download source code for Code::Blocks and wxWidgets, at least for the headers.

  2. You need to set following variables in Code::Blocks before compiling

    • wx -- the source directory for wxWidgets
    • cb_path -- the source directory for Code::Blocks
    • cb_dll_path -- the binary directory for Code::Blocks including cb and wx libraries. This can be either the directory where you build source yourself or the directory you installed Code::Blocks from a pre-built binary.
  3. Build target All or release for users and debug for developers.

If you have ideas or need help, feel free to contact me by