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require "harvested"
subdomain = 'yoursubdomain'
username = 'yourusername'
password = 'yourpassword'
harvest = Harvest.hardy_client(subdomain: subdomain, username: username, password: password)
# Print out all users, clients, and projects on the account
puts "Users:"
harvest.users.all.each {|u| p u }
puts "Clients:"
harvest.clients.all.each {|c| p c }
puts "Projects:"
harvest.projects.all.each {|project| p project }
# Create a Client add a Project to that Client, Add a Task to the Project, track some Time against the Project/Task, and then Run a report against all time I've submitted
client = 'SuprCorp')
client = harvest.clients.create(client)
project = 'SuprGlu', client_id:, notes: 'Some notes about this project')
project = harvest.projects.create(project)
harvest.projects.create_task(project, 'Bottling Glue')
task_assignment = harvest.task_assignments.all(project).first
time_entry = 'Bottled glue today', hours: 8, spent_at: "04/11/2010", project_id:, task_id: task_assignment.task_id)
time_entry = harvest.time.create(time_entry)
entries = harvest.reports.time_by_project(project, Time.parse("04/11/2010"), Time.parse("04/12/2010"))
puts "Entries:"
entries.each {|e| p e}