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# File: project_create_script.rb
# Date Created: 2012-10-08
# Author(s): Mark Rickert ( / Skookum Digital Works -
# Description: This example script takes user input from the command line and
# creates a project based the selected options. It then assigns tasks from Harvest
# to the project based on an array. After the tasks are added, it addes all the
# currently active users to the project.
require "harvested"
subdomain = 'yoursubdomain'
username = 'yourusername'
password = 'yourpassword'
harvest = Harvest.hardy_client(subdomain: subdomain, username: username, password: password)
puts "\nPlease search for a client by typing part of their name:"
cname = gets.chomp
# Filter out all the clients that don't match the typed string
client_search_results = { |c| }
case client_search_results.length
when 0
puts "No client found. Please try again.\n"
when 1
# Result is exactly 1. We got the client.
client_index = 0
when 1..15
# Have the user select from a list of clients.
puts "Please select from the following results:\n"
client_search_results.each_with_index do |c, i|
puts " #{i+1}. #{}"
client_index = gets.chomp.to_i - 1
puts "Too many client matches. Please try a more specific search term.\n"
client = client_search_results[client_index]
puts "\nClient found: #{}\n"
puts "Please enter the project name:"
project_name = gets.chomp
puts "\nIs this project billable? (y/n)"
billable = gets.chomp.downcase == "y"
puts "\nAny project notes? (hit 'return' for none)"
notes = gets.chomp
puts "\nWhat sorts of tasks does this project need? Type \"p\" for project tasks or \"s\" for sales tasks.\n"
task_types = gets.chomp
# Determine what task list to use based on the project type.
if task_types.downcase == "p"
# These are names of tasks that should already exist in Harvest
use_tasks = ["Client Communication", "Planning", "Design", "Development", "Testing/QA", "Documentation", "Deployment"]
use_tasks = ["Sales Calls", "Client Meetings", "Travel", "Estimating"]
# Filter the list of actual tasks we want to add to the project.
tasks = { |t| use_tasks.include?( }
# Create the project
puts "Creating new project: \"#{project_name}\" for client: #{}\n"
project = project_name, client_id:, billable: billable, notes: notes)
project = harvest.projects.create(project)
# Add all the project tasks to the project
tasks.each do |t|
puts " Adding Task: #{}"
task_assignment =, project_id:
task_assignment = harvest.task_assignments.create(task_assignment)
# Add every active user to the project.
harvest.users.all.each do |u|
next unless u.is_active?
puts " Adding User: #{u.first_name} #{u.last_name}"
user_assignment =, project_id:
puts "\nProject successfully created."
puts "You can find the project here: http://#{subdomain}{}/edit\n\n"